Slacker and Steve - Road Rage 10/23

Monday, October 23rd


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Staying on the it's been a bit we used to talk about Cramer road rage all the time and I think it's usually your the reason we talk about right it's been a long time what's going on with you lie you supplement chilled out. Haziness it's no different does not inciting violence. Seriously. It was one of the things I lives for you come into working now I so here's what happened yesterday I know I drive like 600 miles away from my house to throw this guy out Petraeus. That's UH oh yeah. Guess eventually and Alfredsson I don't know goes I know what then why aren't you rage in his usual wise it's not because I'm getting older and everyone else around me is getting worse so you think I would be can be worsened as they wait. I don't know I southern conforming and doing whatever what program do you talk I know there's tension had camped that I just I don't know I don't know. It's it's because there's been a couple of stories lately where. There's been firearms involved you don't know what all happens when you don't want your your brain. Distant well. There's people that he's had the potential write or talk to it or something and help. The time somebody followed you all leave your driveway. That's one of those things there's a broad not a guy who knows where you did exactly. And then you have threatened to drive oracle are dealing stopped you was an avenue is different car. So you're right a mental state of somebody you Rhode raging whisk or against or however you want to look at it a good point should be. Clearly a new to approve quickness I think they're pass a song while Simon and it is read this in an article that if you really want Illinois somebody jointly on your foreign solid like boy. A national suit local local local local business and you'll all over the past SaaS short and aren't as short burst fast track that is the most effective way does it. Definitely gets your attention but if you wanna. Cancellations are range just you know maybe not as opposed to one long. I was actually do pretty you know. Yeah yeah ruled there Farrah. You know much tips for escalating her rich and adds I've said this clears it dual not slip them off though June I just. Blow them a chance to smile. Some waves kill someone and who wants to broad range with you with kindness trust me that will escalate be ten times and then it's. Oh Swiss consulate. A. So it isn't an Illinois an all out brow between the couple browse some ground bills bills. I've got to go back to school student to read it all out brawl between two women. Politics would you see this nobody knows where one woman cut another woman an up offs so the one woman gets out of her car. On many other woman said she was going to call the police first woman got in her car in last now there's a certain woman who's not cloned. It was still do to me is you rolled brief she told woman number one out of her car it's on the navy. Ground. Guys. So. Few minutes later and soon in an off duty police. Serb pull them apart. You see that's the part I hate OK so all these other cars slow down or stopped to watch throughout the road rage brawl if I'm one of the ones caught myself. Now does that. I did you come on I the only one real girls who donating in the row I'll tell give you don't know why did not the keys but hey. Yeah hold on to its don't pick a new job wish. I am here only driver. That when I see emergency lights or little fender Bender an accident I do not even more core slowdown we've all seen emergency lights and believe you. What camera and look who's. Only if it is saying I wanna senate to go pro in your car. And it tests just randomly senate and you're like your eyes will be like yeah. Package won't. I Locke high seas of fire engines and cop cars before what is what is the overturned vehicle says. Bikini model search. At all. And her wound. Powell now. It's tough to say that no man himself. With this car horns once during a bizarre road bridge saying apparently what happened was. He heard there escalating or whatever and you get to that point source and really take your road bridge stories. What we're not encouraging necessarily this kind of behavior but you know when you get to the point where you're. Getting out of your car you made a mess do you have your now. How that is you write rights you're not saves in so this guy gets a point where he's ready to rage she's ready to get out of his car he gets out. But doesn't putting impart follows that it's so arms. You he starts walking back to the other car or whatever in the car starts rolling backwards he and his door is opened the door takes him now has its. Man runs him over essentially an in his car careens back in his other cart yeah I Canada's. He was dramatically knocked to the road with this heat up here before it manages to get backup tasks. Just a road race very well he's now. These steps oh why it. I watched the video he also lost to shoot a home in the middle of it like you see all of a sudden he goes out of view on the door comes. Line pass him in and his feet come up in one single missing his shoes. And chases cars that you ladies just letting Daniel let's go to crashes into the car behind me literally get companies is like it's your fault only wives and so we need we need we are on the horror. Had some. Road rage may be a crash media violent incidents. Again we're not encouraging it but we want to hear your best road rage stories Nicole. To ask you this guy he's. Just. I tried LR what I ten year old daughter and my heart I practice at least to touch somebody option. And that's urging got very angry with eighteen and went around the trust in antitrust expect it out the window it but I'm apps but at the very sarcastic arms wrapped but my daughters so I changed at army did get some do you keep driving really well. Well honey let's say that it is. It's so cute before they learn about sarcasm thighs. Another thing I. Did you run him off the roads shoot out his tires are you was at the end of the U certainties we do you know the idea. I did change into direct to the whale is a perfect drive very great example for my daughter. Oh yeah you know I don't like people like that well honey you're amazing but absurd is my chance you know you're a road rage or when your kids like. And yeah. All I would learn is screaming idiot like Bermuda. If you look on the goal Liz. Yeah I road rage in this. Yeah so I would parliamentary jurisdiction and can this guy I would not happy and we did try to Betty LL JJ collapsed I wouldn't want to enjoy it oncoming traffic on the radio and that he would not adopt or lead. You know we can be and it potentially running a red. As he would as we're pulling out here and extranet it was too late arid Tulane cash and the tackle that excuse throwing all of garbage out bad lawns I. I see your window at each so might not gonna play and I noticed I'm not gonna give him anything you know you're seeing actual what I meant to my I'm not even and it turned up if I. The next nearly derailed. All cop and something like some kind of opera some bench at my car window and it exploded aren't as I do my card it's gonna be hard you know. I couldn't I train at a clinic and it might occurred at an and a good to eat a lot colder on the. Aren't shrew who. What are they clear out when there's going to be ans and months and blacks yeah you never. You know older and don't just a couple of like some sort of kick out during QL 2 o'clock this faltering governor reverie. I should not and actually followed me I drove Alter read them and I'll let out. All you now it was you know there's been there I have doing their Microsoft's DSL nasty to other hard every you know. Anyway I had him on side street drugs just drive to the top job dude that's for you gotta details I was so you. Yeah on the wrong side to chow on the back Larry if I didn't act like we're not gonna see how long I'll teach you at a party that you treat mild. Alternate red everything's talking this morning it's being adult language and I just forget integrity MGM. That's where you pray that you have enough gas yes is if you don't your opponent like eventually these competitions coming out. Had to pay you really call Liz what I would like so many. Through the rest of their day to follow you could sort of do you do Rais. I Nicole's. Yeah I you Rhode agents. So when I don't little my grandma picking up from all one day and I found out later this year action at the end of never allowed to check yet again because a car that was blocking her and she moved it with her own car. That's I like her I ain't why I love her and help because I'd as a as a person who drops his kids off to school. And I he's using Steve words but I am gonna use many of these people. They don't know the program you do oh the program TARP program I'm talking about is my program that's. What do you don't drive I hit driver and a doctor he did drive looked up it's like it did. It's watching what's the children are we do. Remembered and grandmother is did you I'll show your car out. So that was its first that was our last times that it. No well yeah I picking up from wall but she had many more led region it and she actually ended up on an ankle monitor because she's. I'm trying to run somebody over that old. Leaving a spot downtown liquor Powell. Although since you bring it over the purse. You know away. I gotta side man. I didn't run somebody over but you really shouldn't be allowed to see the spot with your mind because. Oh you woman avalanche of polling showed up on her door and enhanced tool I didn't music yeah they usually show.