Slacker and Steve - Road Rage 2/7

Tuesday, February 7th

What do guns, grandmas, and Forbes magazine all have in common? They’ve all recently been part of a road rage incident! We want to hear your best road rage stories.

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Stay on the day. Tom this is this this is the day we're Steve gets to judge you Ecstasy but if you are at the ash is low. Yes or my level yeah form I'm a master road gray jerk. Surely I discovered that you get better you didn't know I just I verbalize a lot of stuff some can and that arm. You know I take my kids to school. In the mornings. And then I yet and played recently you and I had a trip in my wife had to take these kids now. And she got to hear them say let's sit like in the and refugees like them. Yet she had a should pull me aside Hamas. No he sent a lot of Earth's. Her and school. And I need to please its only want to cause the experts that's when you drive your kids as schools that could see that. So my level of road raged just beamer bowl finally is enough I I think. Aspiring to be you. We don't hear a bunch of calls from people like go at one time my verbally said something burden to my eyes yeah I don't know retirees yeah. Yeah Seoul on regular. Proud of it necessarily just snaps we all do you almost all he'll call the police department is that Florida got a beaten. So he should do dirt road rage and somebody cut somebody off whenever. Com. They didn't this fight and no one dude. My kid punched the other dude or something and NA so they're fighting back and forth and in the dude. There's a diner car guy in my truck and I just picturing easing grave digger for some reason right. Because. They do in the car whatever it is like. I'm gonna go back to my car to my vehicle and I'm getting it done. And so the guy in the truck whose girlfriend is also in the Trenton and also is intent to start your business. Don't be a common theme today in today's brokerage stories. If you have your child there did you stick to soccer style road raging. Because. It's not good. Just that you're gonna endanger your child's your wife's. Lives because we can't do long. Road rage and if you see him there to in the car do you continue to road rage or do you. The worst road rage incident I was involved with was a dude with like his eight year old sitting in the front seat who witnessed it all I was this close dude I was this close to throwing my truck in reverse and flooring and his driver right up the front of his car that's exactly what this kid wasn't sitting their regular Donna you would have done I want it done it. She Maxima yeah well we just the other guy was original murder than me. And I was stuck and you just wanted to end I did and that's one way to end it anyway that is. Could this guy thought he set I don't know what does he see this guy is threatened to go back to his car to get it done. And I are always gonna do so we put his truck to reverse and drove his truck. Grave digger style pop onto the other guys write to grow trying to prevent him from him is gunned the only weapon the guy truck I had was struck. Somebody used my along west goodness that's a local road rage here coal or has been on top of another whereas. Teams. This is that you're you first I can't believe you consider him the day but. And decorum and them you just decided that the kid in the car was enough reason to not do it yeah because I was looking in my rearview mirror. And I saw a kid he's looking his dad knowing he has just what he's doing the right just free kit ala. Yes but if he wasn't there I think don't have done it. Yeah dude you go to jail for like this particular. Well our particular assault no I was just I thought I had him drive and also in the first. I'm sure it's my parents should tell us. It's. Hard I've worked as an that can I. I lose dude cool com he's an ex Forbes publisher oh. Who got a confrontation went to school bus driver right needs to do like the wages are that. She. I I think the boss has right of waiter or something it's everything it's just tell. Situation and you don't they have every right to what he's doing must never read. I and you have a green light but still. I don't exactly as she. Ass is right so this didn't like to. Follows them. The next stop its oh start raising on the driver now who have the driver goes sorry got to go to my next stop there. It's brackets follows the the bus in the next bus stop and did saudis Cianci little BMW I'm not dude it's all good you've got to be an unlucky for it I think I'm not eat it lets you urge you stick tell what his sore thumb. Your rules of road rage we've already covered 11 it never kids don't try not to be true if you don't have anything nice or. And I shattered. He don't dot Ford Focus plea deal. Hyundai should not good I don't like him. You Tina did it all stop I don't know it's huge. He drives her car morals and you're you're not allowed just yeah didn't do Europeans but it's always been attacked you would just the yeah. So especially I don't I parents had to jump you're actually got to people like take their kids bus outside. Aren't you the editor of Forbes and reheat it erode it. This is with. Us and our cause more. It doesn't just. Part the other guy got his shotgun out to scare driver you out this loan is the only one guy got. Great another guy he denied playing in the shotgun but who's neutral for an rhetoric of the fire around the instruments like Byron and drivers I wish you got other drivers chuck why we. Actually it's. I did you are mad at damn boat and what we eat is. Is it to somebody is road raged against me. Analysts say eight out of ten times. I had made a mistake searched Udoka you accidentally cut somebody up. But I never go out and cut somebody off on purpose probably like. You know driver in my trunk from in somebody's in your blinds on you don't see it newly don't you like she's out you let you do that terrible and it adds up ahead by eight point in my head I think most. Any deaths and it here they are ninety miles announced that. Clearly had a lot to me like. Do you sense you've already there was an accident I owned it lets all get on their ally you wake up this morning go under makes this Joseph Moakley a shotgun that it exactly. You know we Steve and I were talking about is like somebody threw something into a car. Yet there's a road rage incident between a guy up for his wife and there's a kid. With these you do another car so his submit a mixup on the road to pull over. Those silly pulls over to the gas station ICC guys follow into the gas station so grabs a metal objects accident to film his car smashes a window. Dad attempts to run after car just really just your car and your kids inside so I was asking you as a father. Oh yeah you go check on your kids like you said you got your so called 911 on one hand and your checking out your kid and I don't. And end this road rage incident is over yes he goes after it goes after. Eto'o or do you I was gonna ask is that the dads for this fight sort of Floyd Little bit of like you maybe heard my kids but I'm definitely gonna make sure much. That's sure she SOK I just I didn't let it go and I mean here's the bottom line we can give you Rhode great stories in the news all day but yours are going to be more and some we won and now. What started it what happened did you get ranchers involve guns involved. The grave digger style monster trucks if you better road rage incident go too far we won't hear your story Colin. Not run rich Williams. So are on the interstate I had bits I group of I street racers are bumping behind me. And I would do it out of it limit probably a little over and I had my got on you when I'm on the highway Mary played a lot gets duped. And what Obama decided to go up and start screaming get me to pull over on the side at I would take get out. Oh I'd pull my gun arm either you shot not keep it base load. Will. Soon. Who could see you'll literally have blanks just so you can fire rounds not to and people will like to do what I. What is face weren't thinking they're getting shot at and hit a median and died. They don't view that is right. That put the put but that's all you've done this more than once then Colin. OK. Unleash. It you I'm trying to they check in tell you. You stop the escalation in Stanley and what happens if they have a gun and they don't have blanks. If that's the that's good is such a little Leo I really all about isn't it good for you go home. So you didn't go pleasing nobody ever came looking for you know we took pictures or anything. Not that I'm aware of ever and always stopped being pulled over for legitimate. They'd get shot. Usually you may look similar Carner she's my second storm trooper reason so bad he didn't hit anything the while. Good for you Colin sort of I don't work in doting now though I don't IDS means though it's. They feel like we can be deposed for that weren't high enough hasn't heard that yeah. Road rage. All we're on vacation in California now I was in light up but I would need ten years old he is driving her theme of the we're putting my opinion have hire somebody stole all of us are better than we aren't going far apparently she keep playing the current. Well I just don't. Point something out to Steve who's never done tests so what's up so I don't on the Disneyland sang no gun and they do dry there are and they tell you go parked here all the signs say go park here but I think by the time you get to where here is. There's so vineyard uranium reside detours or I would why did you come here there's no space here's a did you come here. So. Each under our plot suspect that all dating parking and then the music market out why did Brett. And redirect teed Slorc doesn't broke I'm not a road bridge persons that part I love you what do you. Literature between different part you watch any tennis which enjoy first here's thanks worries singer now well now. Directly here and would you just you're just so Matt didn't tell you the truth is we are excited to have the Backstreet though he would never say what happens. Though my dad put the contract. I did not. Go then Jack boot cut edit I am beat to it good bloody pulp. He has a bad thing Yeltsin hit a guy in on his car. You know he got there and had to happen is placed on her right weeks. You try to be an apparently a low pressure reading a part in fact trying to get this year yeah. Armed with more did anybody sought him like. I would think typically regard it would take probably. You can go to jail and all thing yet the public problems. Battles yes I don't I don't wanna say it's bat I but I feel like you can tell owner Soo. The heart for what they do date. Do there's no brainer that's got to audit yes oh yeah that that is any sort of it's just how older you have got a yeah that's a little watching your dad beat somebody down with a baseball Al junior yeah ask Linux ran out since the liberal Brookings to its agent the car better. That's a little room rates and even you're not ready support could become. Which is also just mean you're in baseball you never combining its first time had to leave the yeah I got a road rage. Are right now I went and Elaine that would end team and try to hack to get over it completely backed up. Gary didn't totally sped up so like cunning get over. It's kind of you know groups and so I had to get in behind him a few and that my hand up like what the heck keep you know you can't rep well equipped to detect any scrutiny off and then I clips came off yeah. And. So over the next slaying at that next light to you to roll the window and tell a water bottle at my car. OK no that slugger classic water bottles used to teach you a little old minivan and I every kid and my car. Scrutiny and you shoot your your hands down since the oh I don't I don't my husband's like don't provoke creating. Hello Soledad yeah he didn't do any and resume right Betty I mean it's just yeah. Oh yeah but you would like you know do you have a problem coming like yeah now and we need. It is just south. You lose but has he beauty became dehydrated after that Palestinians were all crowd pleasing and yes you won the later that day when he was hard season. A lot of our whole whole staff figured. He's so they really go medley days get a ride up that whole road raged until the end and get him behind Andrew. Oh hole oh. Re easing into. Wrote rich when he got. Okay tired what prime time machine Gunner that he would be Redick gas station here now. And they speak out from Africa and actually upset and took some people the next what are finished pumping gas. People a little too hard so we were able weeks my mom really asks what I need with a girlfriend. And they're in our twentieth or thirtieth and he should I can you just clear acrobat I can leave immediately cattle problem while. It's appropriate out of the car and start typing and how. Like it's the biggest killer in the world. And I Gartman an open and I'm like are you gotta be kidding plus years shinji turned my mom and start trusting my mom my own my own little grid search if you try girl mom. And my mom all the sudden pops up because I'm pretty props etched. If you don't hours to get back to her. That's a large for your family I just yeah but does it just save this city a year from. I don't I really works for Steven's idea. Who got it yeah. Sure he's gonna he's excited which. So it looks at all. But it takes you all day do for the railroad tour and we're all be good yeah. Bob. Yeah I cannot bridge. I have a friend and I were today and it's inherently yeah I got a new converter also launched its editorial can take Turkoglu. On the way back to work or on ma. The broker in the left turn only lane when you look slow look long and surely you know much of the track clinics when another car convertible pulled out the scientists. And they split forty tried to bring focus switches between us and the traffic's like. They wanted to be in the last plane that one week traffic. Behind. Sort of look like two kids just need to nails into she knows. If you don't look actor auto promptly they were dressed tried dislocated little. What do you get to restore an additional program that you can't compete ticked off when he finds Italian gardens color. He turned around pulled a gun out and talk a little BitTorrent it's not my dad's car. Whoa. Oh. So so we just pertinent to take little tension on an unsteady start outlet in eagle or. Always smooth. You guys are gonna say. Yeah we were just look at what's in two blocks in this building. Home. Battled convertibles and you just let gunplay. Good Plato was so Ahmadinejad real well yeah. It's always a hot CNBC so yeah. I ever picked up did you called lazy just let it go attack. And now we when we got our we've reported that they basically I do know eight. Did you get allies not to quit at anything we just knew it was a Mercedes convertible if you don't force sharp press kits and saw. Where you well you did the right things don't go thank you become clubs Jim. Yeah yeah road rage. Yeah I guess I'm. I'm about thirty years ago and driving through Mississippi and a truck driver and me and the guy who kept in bright lights on all the way. Knew him. They might midnight there on I did everything to get him to go around me and stuff like that good why didn't mean I stopped the truck. Yeah I'll check my entire to have my hammer spent pop all four of his head like you had hoped. What are we supposed to talk but it's. You may look like you're newer vehicle maintenance right there but the engineers displayed news and his legs out. Yeah I've ever seen in my opinion that's a terror of that. So how about you know work one Molly got blinding lights and I'm sorry I didn't I didn't yeah you can do let's. Oh trucker AJ you know the cost of ice arena no but I but I lifted trucks now to compensate for their right just. And I I'm convinced now sustained a deeds. And I'm just worried as heck there one Baylor running into a gym with a sledgehammer. If he's true I take my truck. I he's still got more road rage G stuff you wanna tell us about how we'll take more news stories on the side currencies FaceBook page.