Slacker and Steve - Road Rage 4/13

Friday, April 13th


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Staying on as a sort of road rage let's get it done. I know you don't like the spotlight on new moon but I just wanna say I feel like. Still like to turn the corner man I don't was because. We used to talk about road rage on the show it to you walking in the show going. I don't have. A week yeah I cannot do this are rock solid and get what do you do is a strategy. I don't know I hope. Such a raise your hands up your union to witness a lot of and don't give you but it doesn't seem Richard Jordan more I Namibia matured maybe a dislike Chilo. I'm not. Little bit more. I still critique everybody and every Clinton told there I. The mass on the calendar coincided with pop became legal in Colorado so it's excited she'll be a little bit. Really do much and is now inevitable. Now I just I'm actually camping in the slow limits lowers your urine Jerry. I don't wanna say you're better driver you're you're around the shall know you're calmer driver she might always so that was that was my job to point out. Let people know when they're doing things wrong that's why I get on your team dealing. Do this and that it's like Steve is always felt like you the actual. Grandpa who bought the team did some. The instructor on the road you know what lets you know about it bomb so we won't hear if you've got in a road rage incidents. Whether you're DNC Gator or the victim doesn't really matter arm there was a Florida more motorcyclist. Cool got injured in a road rage incidents this person I believe was an eye Kia or something. Brown T afford or. Intentionally hit them. Now we try to take a mountain cycle so he goes to the hospital because he got hurt the guy got away in the Kia. He gets to the hospital and and pulls it brown Kia for an unrelated event and it's like. Yeah absolutely he was able to. Identify the person and the road ranger got in trouble that's. Fortuitous I mean Ricky ready to go up. You know what I love. Your broad range story doesn't have to end wis comeuppance but my favorite road bridge stories are like the ones. Let video that was going around lands softly yes well. I. Caught everybody off this everybody off. And somebody at a dash camera whenever I watched him do it and then he slipped it forty times lost control just heroic struggle is like half. Half. Are. That was where it. Auto seat this is another when this kind of fun. And they still have this guy. There was some sort of road rage attack a white jeetz blocked traffic pulled out on a side street truck the try to cross a two Marines turn right. A black car starts to run through the carbine stars meant jobs out sprints towards Jeep. Now we are doing that thing where this is a lot of road rage incidents due this sleep your windows obviously roles when their doubters like. He's function only when you know I'm so we have somebody else jumps out at the core it's it's like a melee. Everybody starts to go back to their cars and memories like there was some violence and it's over. The home that it on the big dance dude looks. Did you change shot penalty now it's. I've known cars. When did we did change our doesn't really say we took a deep breath. It towards screening bystanders in Sydney that'll learn him. Do you have any teams. I do have mine spotless there's absolutely you don't have I have nothing about it a taser and your seat I have. I you have a car coming back. You don't have. Any trust site I really have a lot of guys used to raise as much as you re right you know in the Jeep I gummery scraper. But otherwise is laid out the I have absolutely no car cover announces. The and it's Emanuel the man I need to be my favorite thing to watch a guy I chainsaw vs scraper sites. You dim and isn't. It it's cause it's gonna run. You know. It's just. That might be attached glove on the handles cover. Could you intimidate a weapon in your part I don't but I have a bottle windshield wiper fluid and it's crossed my mind a couple of times I don't know what would you go public crack it open and might try to. Pour it on the person or if I would do not the whole full bottle because there's nothing that frustrates me is the person for army decides his. Yes and so it's their wish all over reminds of that would bright that's my road rage new MI out. I have don't get your emotions inside a manager focused failure to feels my pain. Windshield wiper fluid and I am more aimed obsolete issue I don't doubt in my car but at a drive another guy behind me some help myself. You can always but at the all you can't seek the money off Michael from time. It's that others. I don't body butterfly and I would look I don't have to show us the I want everyone to recognize it's not a terrible idea is that it's. Spend your own and your tip of the plaza McGraw I don't. It is filling the reservoir with feared it takes hours just to sit there and I'm just like the yeah a lot of blues you're really good so realism can adhere to my bat I had a bad and my seats from you literally had owned aluminum or a little bat it was one that when the Rockies one of their seasons where it was like a bad that night early stage it's just didn't do it ironic that in today's politically correct so that society you don't do that anymore. Give army yeah a patriotic slogans and early coming or drink barrel there it's due to I will Arnold football they have long backed mr. You know middle through the I was so that's really use it was it was actually like on the bigger one but you'll see I was like -- look like duct tape ma'am that you had cores like doughnuts with Sousa from a constantly think I had one of those scores like rocks like over things move yeah I'm pretty sure I don't think I just did what I used to cruise Maine and long not he was nine rural counties that road rig sank and I also had a fire extinguisher. And old fashioned fire extinguisher the McLaren the liquid and squirt you know you can take the top box filled with water and then I had like to say it would've bounced a money and then you just hit it with a compress certain and crash test clowns singing that they carry like a suspect just wanna. OK okay it was like a soul searching what would you call that your brow lower your Jersey Maine and I hear it's Cubans since. A cook stuffing just somebody said some like some girls in a tab relay said some wrong. You do with your jury my usage that's at a dinner with my Jergen windshield but first it didn't work him I'd clean it also might fire extinguishers buckets and then I hurl the bat Adam like she can be cleaned. Don't own one. I'm really trying to decide if I would be intimidated if you had long month in your leather to answer that wall yeah. They are back how. It was like yeah I don't like. What it was though yeah more intimidating you know venues around the earth I was in a ten to oh that was three different colors and that's true. Deal I know about our road rage if you've been involved in some sort of road rage incidents. We would love to hear your story. I'm Laura. Yes you got my hero grades. OK Ellie is driving up with my ex husband or diet and our title. We are going kind of low and somebody cut a spot and gave us the bigger. And but right excitement opens her glove compartment and pulled out of there as well and show that add up NC did all the way through life but Alex can't. She. Does there's no cameras in the tunnel now home doing. And then we get to write another court title and a guy like eight. First egg then there and somehow we get up and that would be a bit. You scare him you know look at guys sooner he didn't describe your vehicle to the silver thorn police how. Good so I. Critic you know your husband had a gun in the gold glove box. I don't know I don't know if you didn't. Miss my dad yeah it that you want to thank you near a bridge those two people so I know things. Diana's. Yes I am I rich. I strapped to add add a lie and I turning into I'm gonna make it right hand turn at. And they can hang rule. I actually star purple light amber portal and going through a little older straight call phone more. Keep we weren't a little. No because you don't you do he was reading your motorcycle. She's gonna lose there are you just saw ice size alone now your. Different Tikrit keeping your ready to work tomorrow or I would they weren't going. You. Into a parking lot of heat we don't make sure you're improving and he sort of bite you lick me. So I call the cops. Has that they you know they show up I can't handle what Oregon and I Mac. Can you say you weren't getting near ticket because she her and it needs to get there I expect. While. Good that's known that you're an idiot all race at all I mean this whole thing I was just using the road race but like it's wearing a police uniform. Lisa where are sold to go maybe choose someone else just back off a missile might god be it so yeah thank you know that when Diana out of Rachel. And I yeah and now he's. I would get him home more in Glendale in the car coming your arms. Naturally bag and started to follow. And then. Actually I'm. Yeah why it was wrong to but I don't let it I don't Boston loves rename my. How we have the advantage numbing news. Following net and then I think differently make hot on that I currently trying to explain back importantly. And then it. Like the but it turned left over earned two lanes of traffic one of the wind backed out but the other one he did because. I guess. 14 at current and then god like. Another vehicle you see coming out. Thank hole than you were like com home. It's got into me see the current pretty comfortable out there and no way. Imagery summary to. I. Did it Jack you the following yeah moments like bats it's not bad. She had ever. Yeah I broad range. I'm now in towns where you your in Iran. I can hear me and you were you rent in rent to tell you we released yet and yet and I would not a light rain before an on ramp and light true yellow. I get. Keep it up at that light and I had I mean it was not a debate stop. Oh what see it gets around me slips me opt out of you try to act. We get stopped at the next lightbulbs or read it on the highway right and up right next to him again. You see is. I'll see you I'm waving to hand which I enjoy doing a lot says ape that's. There aren't that hate kindness when they're like you do you gotta flip me off back and if you blow a kiss is always just a friendly wave at all. There's so bad. I hated it so we end up are you getting onto a highway to gather and and he's still very angry and I am they'll giving him my aide in great smile. Our. And and that shocking. A strawberry milk shake and an out. Our own the home. Who conceived she shakes. Variety. To be like oh we girls like the strawberry once you enter your mouth when. The good guys who he'd keep his yeah it was later rage. It was my slowed down. I didn't want any more damage the rental costs and what really creeping in and out now. I would be Gerald and Jennifer you got to pull the jets in ice. The car do you mean once they did to you I think I think you are nice people there Jonathan. Yeah I wrote it. I thought I would casually at a McDonald's. And and it was one of those big doubts whether they're enclosure for the placate played place to the outside of like old glass walls it's. Yeah and apparently somebody who's pretty upset that they got small frightened that a large or whatever alleged. And out of rage not paying attention they barreled through that glass. Long it's water. Do you do it sure kids are. Oh yeah. Through walls like stopped view all my gosh and Doug right there. Who is on the other side of the played place like room area. And are glad you're I about the building just exploded. Oh okay I'm not BP gets only what. Wrap this up. Do you wanna do it anymore wrote great stories we wanna hear about them on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.