Slacker and Steve - Rodent Report 5/17

Thursday, May 17th


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Selector and Steve Collins and breaking news Steve great he. Juice girls' stories we got you to hear horror all the stories. And into. Brain trust that is dislike her show. We found a couple of real stories and we're wondering that the following he. Is there enough so you. It had been interaction with a squirrel that we can get enough out of squirrel stories or will we have to broadened the horizon to. Wrote the report. Found. Originally wrote you report usually in this world all right it's well it's kind of things. Q yeah which it's not too little renters market. Get there and similar but they just did you notice when I was cute and that's got the wrong tale. On the bushy tail end bush just makes those the rat knew a year until although after what trends Jerry Kennelly tracks. Oh. Kids show it's a Pixar movie you would love it always you Patton Oswald plays the racked. Always a chassis. We're. This just looks like current she will be watching actually a leader in honor of those stories and you're right group reports from Oswald. I think it also won't historic real. But there's been a Providence and us both. Here's thank god there's a guy you discovered this guy you use here in weird noises I saw the picture this it's astounding I have to be. I was hearing weird noises coming from his engine so we pulled over. Buy into a parking lot and popped the hood of his car and it is. It looks like a prank. Our sixty pounds of pine cones under the hood of his vehicle how own zone I mean look she just she's driving a prehistoric like a Flintstones mobile and it's brought it runs on pine county has passed I can't imagine and this story is dead squirrels actually put the tying. School court. Squirrels actually were storing their pine cones in his engine compartment you miss so it took 45 minutes of the got a guild and see. Bankers that. I mean would you be a nice guy and put them in the back you try to bring him back to the squirrels at your house oh you just come out and set him on fire. You've earned incomes I would. Can tell you my neighborhood. Only burning whom know this place I have like four Austrian pines in my yard there's all already know next to me it is a constant. And you know what it does both she it's a river rock with your mower blade it's a shameless and I'm damn pine dozer happen to have. If she makes a sound and everybody I think we should. Deception pitched it projectiles. But that's the whole day goes bad. Don't kill ya even we don't overdoing it either squirrel stories or pardon go to war report or order form I don't stories and another score had to be rescued from a London home. Are apparently it was in and then drain on the return it own. Say lowered a mop handle in the toilet bowl and the swirl as he was the ham bone posts aren't and be lifted out of school squirrels not this is almost an exact scene. From ran into ratatouille yeah but he's got a special needs. Slowly uses it as a go to war yes. We're waited too willing to hospitals and are some things easily put on the river spoiler he's going down that it's right hours of London studio don't ruin the good for me I don't spoil their residential. You don't go for training and any restaurant com. We're at Cincinnati sat through so yeah. This girl is not a journey was able to be released acting while. Now we would like to do squirrel stories. If there's not enough he was squirrel stories will open it up to rodents. God is fair or road you know. The animal was part of the failing might be the weasels and I'm not sure. Okay I'm here. Very sore foot genius that's. Let's pretend they are historic work the post office are. Think somebody tried to shift is somebody in my close to my hood farther farther out all I believe the four Morgan's name for Morgan threw Sarah in a box and try to shoot at somebody like Alberto in this -- like dug its way out of the box good and was free in the postal facility -- attractive person panel -- they're clean and it's hard did he -- a return address sort of bring you know where was going to call them and say eternity doesn't listening you'll -- exactly. The animal was exiled. Sitting dehydrated she needs to the Denver animal shelter. And they named him fed X the effects of a that's a ferret this world and with what's. Territory to the weasel family Boca not a road and yet. It started. Stories it's. I don't know what we did yeah there's forgiveness and squirrel. Girls eroded. Okay Matty are in turn gives story. It's enhance your story. So you Google that won't tell the story if I she loved your hamster in third grade name was nebula. Then real luck she's carrier him surrender houseful. One nation lost track of her hamster come. Confined to three days will cancer was in her mom's legwork outdoor. It in cash eaten shredded. All the for Lamar and move the mine bowl lululemon. Saturdays at tech really resent us so I flew on. Non-GAAP so in overwork on top those circuit though that those are achieved so that let's go to the verdict. Isn't hamster les Laura wrote in cancer story very tough today news all right cancers are Rhoden yeah all right so then but durable. Journal million up. The journal story you will surge or the when I was young. Listen for a long time. What my journals they the other horrible happens in the womb or out your feed him solutions please ask you know it's a real surge herbal like. For like a whole year you neglected to juror no we got out of the chase and we lost it for a whole year. And you know how you hear those stories admit it dribbles gone it's living off the bugs and all thank my journal that exact same thing. Is live for like a year in my house. Unfortunately we didn't trying to tell was already dead shall we did find it in a spot. That we already looks for a long time and it was freshly dead like a year later so we know. It's a juror bullhead lives as Barney really really long time doing it. Yes or no and yes they eat people at midway what else we got sort dunes girls durables hamsters. Perhaps. Yes a nice yeah. On the ferry I. And calls can we do this right if you've got a good story consistent for Brendan newscast. Is it took months. For prairie dogs yeah. Now you know. All right if you wanna BM propeller got out time out yet you'll beavers the road and I think yeah. There's quirky Brian's. A Jews. No. One that's not what I hear you got a very steady. You're heading somewhere and you were looking for entertaining radio no just eliminate a man trying to analogies I just keep. Good news yeah. If you win warrior number one present I'd change yeah. Plus all let me shares higher seeded tarmac aren't aware not more and that's the headed out to garner any closure to this a little bit. Yes it's riveting that the U wanna be part of our road record tell us your road and stories carried. Cool. Sort out what thing what do you. So similar to you the story I'm about to world I grandfather had a pickup truck that he economic at. Ai and I Gatwick to start it went and it would start and that we open it up but well it's you the wrong idea at all about. Thirty how we are peanuts and installation. And all. Just made it next in his and shot all free and how long petty and since he is solid run will tell you that's because army chiefs that's can. They only used it during the winter time they. And it while the driveway. So. And he ain't been a few march by. It was like each delegate track but not for our men and I didn't I. Well I would picture the pine cones and there I. I'll it's an impressive things yeah it's a. Rules are a lot it'll be higher right way that we figured out debate in court relations for the volt power ethical law. They want more yeah that's we do that's pretty cool there were pine needles and I mean every piece of now can you could get out here. That's awesome did you yeah our first reporter on the score goes reporters and if you don't kill. Analyses showed me wanna do regardless of record on your own words he's doing and I don't know I hope. And or its. Content Cho. We're like colonel Aaron there's a bit of America and Canada squirrel and he kept. And staring and spread like public by the tournament and its own. He moved down each week component toppled like a rat. And don't eat in total long lean. And it sure looked like he didn't order a lady who want to. Another. Literally he's going camping and we are all men are you want to make their way up to ignorance eating liberal. Could you do always mission that attainable at brat in your backyard. A hundred yards the landing. I how you can post world he still comes your house isn't a little bunny boom he couldn't. Who I feel like he's ravenous who have Vanessa what do you I would not I would not hang out with Billy I'm government can't or won't and I know. Everybody is stashed pine cones and the installation and I'm married. Yeah. I wrote in the report slash squirrel stories. I mean you. Know. I love you for that Mary all of a bar would saddles so. Yeah it's every are absent. And management. Errors are usually they're drunk. It is true story I was I was. That you nor I says this Harrison Ford broke inside it's. It's nine and a half an addict trying to act and spent the weekend Archie appetite. Aren't we are consistently. Bombarded with Franco by it every girl at. There are their bombarding. So you're on their terms and they don't I don't in any way to address filtering goes there because that's. I. I didn't seek a public etiquette like to get. Good at what junior didn't there's no way you should know. Do you give them saluted nonstop did you try that he's bright. Now what we we tried telling trying to act and it's. We are slowly. Notorious committee hearing talk and disagree with Steve and Allie McBeal was there with her name kind of go to chili's Mary Louise the floor. It's something all my guys did you see somebody apart and Harrison Ford's oral reports that the. I I. Have no idea who were new you tell us the op certain of squirrel sorry. I. Thought I. On because I used to run a third camp down in boulder and that we had disc or Earl Starr at packing our children it's. And it can do it in so we had no lake I first came Malloch not a lot of my counselor at and we tried to occur Allen away. In this key underway any kept trying to come back to our kids. And we ended up. A late we're looking at the school and had one I could purely evil. We tried to call a control on and they can't send anyone out so I showed up and he said I can't believe it. What I'm hearing what is this about a one I swell attacking Childress. Had to. Keep the big heat. Trying to actively get people speak those don't worry about animal control I got that should tell the kids to turnaround and then he mines that he's gonna shoot good. A squirrel. Yeah. I knew all China which he did because for the rest of the day. As the upper lip can't I had these that there were tests or plan include a squirrel from attacking teacher and. We'll practice. Ice turned this in until like score C easy or. Do a movie you could hit the one squirrel yeah Thursday that. Put it Dorian and that forever we can't always talk about the evil won a world. We will. So let's look.