Slacker and Steve - Romance Gone Right 3/1

Wednesday, March 1st

A recent Reddit thread asked, "What romantic gestures completely melt your heart?" One of the most popular answers was getting a note from your sweetheart. We think you can do better. What was the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?

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Steve. And I don't know that romance what the most romantic thing a home that's ever happened to UNC. Romance. Gone right. I feel. Like there's a chance and I hate it pains me as you know Steve to compliment you well I don't but I but I think you actually probably have some. I think. The reason you don't date people long term as. Your bag of tricks it is baggage is impressive like fireworks display today but after a little liars say yea he's bones of us. And move on to the next thing. A new still you're like yeah. Like kindergarten is always now you got to let my job you've got to my job. These days I mean to you I betcha you're kind of romantic. Yeah how especially way back in the day I'm not gonna tell you the one thing that I can remember that was a romantic but it. If you remember rape and now you've set do you remember in Chile are in memory how would you how do you sing to any of us are going to sleep. Except without you telling us what you'll sleep just won't tell you what did you tell. Well this I think a total long time ago so I was dating Kelly girl living together and Sheila we had we were limited funds we did have a lot of money and stuff and she was having a bad week. She came home from work she doesn't want I just wish we could just. Just won't do is jump into a bread from convertible notes is driving beat you just hang out and do nothing and see nobody had done and and and and and up. So I went out to him but. Some sort of allows pick aquarium thing. And then I put Syria and then and then there is that I like some Sorrell water looking saying I want them. Bought a red convertible car is a match Fox News really Wilbur they are now. This is so dumb. And so assembled all this and then the next day when she came home from work she squad's sit up and just as what the hell Zach knew what I think Jason Taylor went. Well it's your red convertible short. Own doing the only known she was OK okay. Is you don't know that was new and it would have been better is actually running convert. I'd take a note actual age for so I kind of builds in the symbolism were immune. There was. I'll read it spread recently who asking what the what most romantic gesture. That is ever happened either completely melted your heart and pretty much know when and I don't wanna put the flower industry out of business but pretty much no one said. I got Miami and semi a dozen roses embody some doric. It's they can that's not it what what I was shocked the world settles as Rome romancing a woman but women buy into that that's what they always say they want what I did they say they want so they're friends concede that they diet oh okay that's that's how we keeps track. Whose Genesis and somebody flowers summary box yeah I don't look at this look at the tennis brace and Amanda I mean look they're okay it's not. Not really deep down they don't want to it doesn't it doesn't melt the heart wants something sought soul and wants them yeah so here's sort of things Iran ready and we wanna hear your things as well. One of the things they said it was reservations. And it still does that sounds. I'm I'm guilty of this more than anybody in the world. They want you to take charge and show that you care of him. Both forehand yes you put thoughts had to say I. I want to debut and this is how I want to date you where I want to date you and where I wanna date you very busily courting her all over that's it. When you get in a relationship it becomes real for dinner I don't know what you want and now should I stop taking this question did you good. And it's no it's no longer there romantic women who. We are all gender. How has ruined the women so bad. That they're just happy when you made Reza reservations he's going to buy an open school. Oh I don't know what it there's a couple. Why the hit god guys are my favorite things he's covered I so opens to six yeah. We go look up stuff for food you know no. The last time you were originally called urban spoon the gabbana yeah error alloys knows so much how. But I was not open table that's the one where you have to. Listen well and I didn't instead of doing romantic gestures we are now going did you check talk Christie and all but still a lot for your favorite. C. She knows. She and this is my favorite but anyway reservations came in hi I'm ready notes and cards dealt that's. Always been big with ladies do you ever do it I used to when I was younger just because that's the reason you do is just because emerges like what are. I'd never done it. Hello I don't I don't write notes I don't records I mean I'll text you something nice what we did those shower in years mirrors all Stevie do you like a writer a message up there in the when she gets out of the shower and appears spirit and then. Highlights from South America and then it ended in a terrible clean freak that would (%expletive) her our all because as you Martinsville falls and a she should show you areas. I had no that would not. Go well you know greater. I am not at all but I did you one thing that was kinda close out one time so there is that there are girl I was dating in college and I decided I was like. I'm gonna make her like this little book it's a hundred notes of things that I love about you. All I got to like 22 and I was like. Good. It's. Gonna work yeah. Did you give it to god I did I'd have given its you're but it was like the dumbest I get most obscure things you could ever imagine did what she melted that yeah she was see Mara yeah. So I think not I. Yup writing does that takes effort yet distinct creative to bite you do. We are pens stationary all that currency to yell at us in such as are doing now its effort and it's fun. This is the line. A big kills me but Steve rocks that there are you 111 would only be listening. Guys it's it easiest day outfitting did you shot chill out and less accurate on. You do it for the opposite reasons of good reasons but I get it you do it so nobody finds out anything about you I don't want anybody you'll remember I don't. But that's itself because you know what I said this a million times women go through your entire day with her husband's not paying attention to him their sons their bosses every man does impair or listen to work to shut the hell up and listen. You almost went all the way up when yeah. Work don't find that I know I did there is its word from her learn about her that's its fur coat or from new. Women men want here's the most romantic thing ever the sing them not to germs get tips will take those welcome mostly. We won't hear about your remote most romantic thing that's ever been done. We've got a few things here and how many of whom we're gonna get to. On. The singing you talked about where you did the thing for Kelly with the convertible are not toys and muscle dream there was a dude who's girl really wanna go to the beach. Now they rip me off Ramon no he he took it one step farther and you should go to class itself so deep balanced. Went to a one and home improvement stores grass fifty pounds of sand all wow did Iran way and then brought it acts were dorm room unfortunately. It's easy in San Francisco and on public transportation and stuff in it like walk up hills south. And realize quickly what it's like to carry sixty pounds had G a sand but he put towels on the floor. And in and made any seeing these little. Alone beach and when she got there she is I. It's. I don't own nursery she millionaires and show her reaction when it I assume that it made this this thing Nadal and see what's cool here's one. A guy since his girlfriend's. On a scavenger almighty did you did you enough to make your head explode more than. The thing about the staff under hunters. He gave her a prepaid debit card in envelopes telling you what to do and it was like. Go to the store and her lip gloss we always run our universally senator to that story and eat the clues said basically by McCluster so she. She had its place is a dull and it was basically showing all on the way to think she word was supposed to purchase. Prove to her that she knew her okay this is a good scab he had been listening. For me. Nine and hundreds of Enron's Internet proposal the other propel you know it's cut the she knows it's common so she goes throw this stuff she gets all the guests and she finally gets to the place where he's acts. He doesn't get on one mean he hands her a picture frame of pictures that he'd been keeping from the first two years in their relationship. Now I'm almost like she's in staff or journal moto very grueling 00 and I gotta get a little plus on because somebody did Kimmel and all that you. And it's nice to build open isn't it should write my draft choice. Got a senator governor and usually you're not. The whole plot concorde eagle all the way I am sorry I'm gonna call you out didn't you why he's well. Yeah. Hey Steve why doesn't mean it's an I don't know relaxed usually you don't want the disagreeing with your birth stone and it. Yeah. You're right suffer memory that I wasn't thinking either straw I was so deep that I thought so we don't what's more these we tomorrow what we've read or hear yours. Did you do some things or have you experienced as. A woman. What was yet. Do you have a saying that was like the most romantic. Milk sure heart. You still think commit to this day. And you wish you had it in your life when you're the most romantic thing that's ever been done for you are Savannah. Yeah yeah I. Romance gone right tune. Now I find my boyfriend whatever opinions are you a red state bag and we always do as they love you double and and even army to customize your double and they believe that aspect I think as well as the Christians or our. I want you there you go about our current the current and I. I mean the current with traditional. World Nigeria don't quite get that would merit. And. Absolutely I get that I I think what you're nailing Derek though is just like oh we talked about with notes and cards and stuff. Customizing. A piece of jewelry. There it says. Let's do a jeweler and going. Doing some insanity like you know I believe we have this one he's like I want to have to infinity ask ask are afraid that takes effort that takes drawing in like gold backed him for his does think that is a massive news. Undertaking. I can imagine he got rewarded handsomely from Latin. The weather and with a knife sketched fresher looking back outlook. And it's not easy that was cool I designed a custom piece of jewelry once you're there for your wife and not know this is for somebody when I was younger all this there was like it kiosks. And there was a girl at a very unique last name and there was a multi essence Jose look we design it's a very much can you do like dawson's jump to an event like he did energy that you were in place yeah. Oh no did she do it works today even if you're welcome triggered her constant and I I forgot about that that's cool. Mary. I I'm romance on ranked. Hybrids on my guess that's coming behind. That is true we are really gave Drake green and gestures you're anything like that but do you need either a fun. And I think also just did gratitude and entry sent. No we each other that we appreciate bewildering delegates throughout the day like a payment to sit there while you earlier catcher. And just old Blake in meeting told him I thought that he does best and I recognize that she you get that is. Huge scary especially to a man no oil no renewal because we do resorted to a male and to be appreciated and noticed that we did something correctly and the sure knowledge that does huge. I AM. I'm going to thank you you you already know this but I don't see you know loud I am one of the most blessed humans on the face of the planet earth and I am probably one of the least grateful humans we I NH. I spend most of my time going. What everything's perfect except that one thank you yeah its focus on him once I cannot help but as shame on me and tightly guys. Hate me for being that way but you are you are so right yeah. The little thing is you got to you yet a little thanks it's it's sick but it's that those are great that's really is great news assume nothing. And saying how great and we actually don't even pay and lobbied to each other every day that we Shelly and those other ways and you can't let. That it's is an Ares I guess inspiring we appreciate it must show. And I am Romaine stone right. Kate though it may nineteenth birthday and I was really really really stake a horrible little. Oh my boyfriend at the time came before he went to work that data show that. Which not only had beautiful maple burgers but he had huge get well that's. So it included plagued. Bright and I could now cops dropped the net and chicken flu. Like everything you can think of to make somebody feel better when they're taking the wrong means and could make it a step. Yeah my parent I but it probably is still an. Expert I don't labor they completely. Come lately for immigrant. He worked late at night found when he checks mean you are called me at spinach. Did they ever tell you that the perfect although not completely forgot all heed the cry it only came after he up or. When it. Three bags bought clothes and NI NG through very clean Barbie to make up for my parents forget it. Human face on the tickets are like oh my you know it's terrible parents. There are heavily. Out here who live there they're like a home happy birthdays to. Ourselves real quick and there need to do this but because he's such a nice guy this relationship didn't last and it. Germany and very ten years. So are about to ask the. It's a doorman and they together for twenty years. And is good for you guys are three of odd outcome awkward to ask my mantra they used to that iPhoto doesn't turn ugly he's doormat. Do they know he's the car was maybe. This is why we. We don't do the Breaux often do we saw in the life of David. Yeah all right guy who Romans done right. Tom so at the Tamils living in the cabin in the middle of nowhere in Vermont my girl's school this year. We do long distance thing and I he chi Kuo to visit me. And I proposed to repair and then the next morning I surprised her with Dutch trip to train ride to New York City. Where tickets to Broadway in the hole. Also Ben. And she found that to be well I mean you know our composer sir you it's a win win we can't tell that they let you you nailed. Why those. Just such a title should say yes who are due to an awkward. Yeah or go to zero and six. Cooper is permanent you know we're breaking up the that is that was cool there was a mandate not a big golf I don't say this. I. I T I just hate musicals so badly that I don't think I think I don't care how high you are how much I wanna marry you whenever you see I TV romance you buy C eighteen pretending to like a musical love like it. You did so talks. Could you do it now. Jacqui. I feel like I can seen interest in a lot of stuff to sit in a play for like speaks that's that's that's like one of my biggest fears in life is that one of my kids he's going to become an actor and not like a movie actor you're. Three little print ads and like John singing this summer like. I'm Tammy. I romance done right. You add up turn out on bail warrant there aren't you aren't aren't gonna have the print everything in my car and I got a cup Sprint Cup where you. I am I can. One day or even who did it drinking game playing without oracle he and I don't think. There aren't. There are completely current Latin junk time it's a non. All he unleashed. And Interpol or not it would be I think there'll be right back. Yeah I'd note card secondary shot and that it's not every hour I'm very sorry but I Latin America really need greens. I complement you who are ordinary that. Somewhere there is I do this and later. After the shots today and the other Lucy show. I know you're not allergic to earlier if not you know I mean that is that's a beautiful romantic he set up like he made a whole family bird possible. Bottom line is guys there's he's got a tip line can listen just listen to your lady and step two to strike. And thanks use something that shows you're in the U put effort and it's personalized to her more romantic stuff though his sound where romance Lil. Hate us tiger and Steve FaceBook and it's.