Slacker and Steve - Roommate From Hell 2/12

Monday, February 12th


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Steve I ever could. Bricks from. Her roommate that was really really bad we wanna talk about because suddenly there's bunch stories in the news about it and that's what how we've planned our shall know these people urges me. This just. Really kind of over the top I can see you getting this way you very territorial about my stuff. You're stops especially food I feel like Captain Crunch capt captain Tet. And out tapped to going to happen. On techcrunch is a big deal to teach you're a dude named Dwayne Smith's from mound bill Alabama. There was I had Minnesota fewer loans bill mound city owned bill Brownsville none zero you but I doubt it's something. Actually to do. Yeah I. I went into his kitchen to get himself some who's Captain Crunch them. But it was stale both guys roommate had close enough tax. How's it this year bread cereal and humid environment or early or you're you got a disk you're done you hope it and you got to consume it. All right so yeah ha ha ha yeah. Like Brazil like we bring chip so this and you open about everything coolest several thoughts and players they know you don't go just this is necessary until like yeah steel whenever. Well Dwayne Smith of mounds built around built Opsound daddy's roommate hadn't closed his Captain Crunch cite religious started yelling at his roommate. So he said first of all you're missing teeth so it's hard for each oath he was missing teeth well he says he's just. Shouldn't use with the com. And maybe his release is taking out his dentures and try to cap and French see what it's like Aaron what this means. Anyway when the room they wouldn't take his teeth out to try to steal cash bonus it's on Dwyane hit him with an electrical cord. Heck yeah I did it for you punishment fit the crime on that on their bodies jackets captain Chris. I know it's their answer put pressure which should the Captain Crunch is is your jam if I go width of the regular ones. Sands crunch dares you. This is well I'll I'll switch to the boats now and then but I always go back to the regular what's the may dismay crunch berries by themselves like get out of only trench areas that that's an amazing here so when your family it's always got to be crunch berries or the appeal of voter. Camera on you know it's not Peter buzz though the Obama. You slow that's the worst is why. I he's what the regular old Captain Crunch tape but you what's weird even with the pin number once loyal they're the round also Captain Crunch is a lot like nacho cheese Doritos put in the amount of damage it did due to the roof of your mouth I'll give you they're just like. It's just like gas. Ground balls that he never once. You would think they're brown they're the they still do the same thing there's enough Captain Crunch mode Chou win them that they should still file ruined yeah. Did like. And I eat a box of Captain Crunch. It takes me about a week or two to steal my mouse dissolved pollution credit and we got garbled carbon dioxide carbon and I think what I know or hydrogen peroxide to go there. Now do it justice anyway Dwyane has been arrested for domestic violence well there was justifiable though. Butch record Captain Crunch they'll be a how is sore also OK finally ask you this and how much but would you have to do to somebody and make him cook your spirit. So I know this is over the top. Utley search using New Hampshire woman's killing her roommates pet ferret. He was found dead in a smoke filled up and she. They cleared the building and found the stare at 20 my god I was it was an overlooked laundry your what was it parodies who petty doesn't say what it was over but I assume so it's always seeing small and insignia Joseph asked. John you used similar. She's paste yes and that's like when I had roommates they were. Like it is I use their shampoo I although I didn't need a lot of shampoo they would lose their minds they wouldn't know. Yeah they weren't anymore on college right seed and have a ton of money. Oh so you pay attention to remember how long my hair was back tonight you use have to look well yes thank. Our main intentionally don't cook. What Ireland did. So they figured is that they would get and then as you know if you remember this a two of mice three roommates of former lifeguards at spring could fashion a towel into a rat tail so SaaS and leaves. Welts on new plates that make you run the gauntlet so I don't have as much clutch you're gonna lose ownership are puts us again. You think I would use a combination shampoo and conditioner on kick my beautiful there I let's firstly we've been so they switch you over to Maine in tailors or eight at cherry Allman Barca coach. That's richer religious soldiers you so I'd go okay here's a thing. And all this talking we want you guys to call was for me from hell stories but I feel like we've got you down into the weeds on what's the best Captain Crunch. And which hair products do you show earlier Marc Cherry don't do it all in all my dress was like sure he's a big big dog treats on Obama embark on there's a big material all the murder was a this is a Paul Mitchell was like cherry and only spends a Saudi loyalist it was a lose money it was you somewhere without Yahoo! com he's okay for another person walked in on their own roommate using their peanut butter. It's a known as shaving cream should walk one. It's. So hopeful. That through its. How can I use a lot of different things shaving cream like what the end you've never been desperate. You know they make or shaving until junior you address your just your home you know you gotta shades and you just you need something. I've tried everything I tried most I've tried suds and adopt doesn't really work tried motion not grace. I universe not a terrible idea yes all of the above are all right easier pull your freezer through any eerie nine blade razor easier you know you. We just don't use it I mean from another woman was present oral remain stories I'm doing Hendrick owner makes or else I would love another woman was suing her roommates water bottles with clean the water dry heat look. They're remain eventually got sick. I almost call BS on this but I could drink I think you can drink toward the water under the tank but not out of a horrible gas tank if you if you upper Decker yeah you can of the bowl yet the bowl is bad no tissue Oslo away she did yes it was a good twenty year old woman has been charged with ads alteration of food or liquid would surely she saw. Before. If you are to acclimate. Or you work or or you had. A bad remain a U stole someone's Cherie borrower. Actually it's it's aveda maybe that was and I made one. Tim Emerson cherry Allman was a beta. Please point out something little these on vacation this week so this is houses he's generally easier to do a good job that's our children's lives and I. I don't if you've got roommates from hell we wanna hear the story all its Jessica. Yeah yeah I threw Mason now. I was there are made from how long. What happens. It's customary made bad. Yeah you do teach. You don't get on economic and I mean and I wouldn't. Competent person but it wasn't that bad. They're literally it went up there and talk my bunk and I got tired of it but no one night after. That at the barking back in the techno about it. The content so with that SO and what I'm getting from this is your slob who could and then you punished her for pointing out clear Islam up. By doing slob and Lee activities in her bed and then you last. I didn't appreciate letter. What is so you you you made it abundantly clear that that's what you ask yes you make it clear they you have had relations and then. And they're told and thought that's even it's just an idea until. Had now think about it if it's public 1213 years. I you have a soul yeah. Ourselves. You know so little soft. Relations person I'd do it in anybody's been hard yeah you don't remember anything he does against our Corey so yeah I. That remain for now. I have this friend who obviously was outta college had a really bad glue Eric DS yep it's barely knew what do you argue our people and equally there. And then she would get really really sick they would not listen to her and there may also had a really bad hygiene and left quite close the parents stopped all over their dorm. She's. She does have the sensitivity or who she actually Sealy active vineyard that's attempted murder and we don't you see you. I Don whole person just evil to the score a lot. I mean you can you Tony I mean I don't know you can turn somebody in from like that's kind of intentional murder and early germ. All right so would you do to get rid of them. Well also her room it was actually mom. She would. I didn't international student and though she didn't really understand the daily echo the they look. And so basically the next year she just reported it and look like a look I don't want an international relief anymore and tell them they were able to you heard. I mean she's lucky she Endesa (%expletive) wash everything before she put it in her mouth essentially. Yeah pretty much. Come a terrible remain from now thank you. Blake's. Behalf remain for now. All right well my roommate. I would like go to make breakfast the morning a buyout he applies. And you very psychedelic and it cynically LSD and opaque it'll keep up all night. And he'll eat all of my breakfast foods that morning got to make it political ports authority guy. If that I am sorry give me a second here I have to ask my resident drug expert Steve Austria to psychedelic makes you hungry. It never really did for me blew the company should drinking and doing other. Substances yes it did Israel right big time so then but then you trip there and so you don't really know which are eaten you're just shopping whatever your head with the with the bonds. Okay how would you do would you finally takeaways psychedelic sticking out or stop bringing food home with the. It you have to do to better plants. Or we'll get into it whilst thank you for the cause to remain for now. You know. I'm roommate from now when you got. So I had remained loud lived in Florida and she would invite all sorts of guys over all the time to do and it. Obviously. Whenever relations with the cancellation. Of the best guy. Well yeah. Get back at her and although boy do I decided to make it to and right so which had made out of cat food. And her and that guy did not appear that yeah. How great Atlanta and how excited I looked it and I came home from work wait and edit they get into it turned it I AMA we're a couple of days. This isn't it yeah yeah soon relations in the each your food. I do I bad. I don't like about all that's what the women the relations on your better than suit on your bad for bulls while I don't know about that good at. Yeah. Those questions I ask the living room why it's. So you can get sick sitting through it all our cataracts. You know I'm hoping you're describing places see your tuna and the other thing.