Slacker and Steve - Rotten Roommates 10/20

Friday, October 20th


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Steve content and that's just asked me a complex guy I can't believe a lot of I don't know how to feel about you reverend. Those weird the other weird. And artists. You can't let me wrong with you put. It's really hard what's hot today and throw your sing Oklahoma Jay yeah you're wrong gears and let's put together everybody around were reset here we want to talk about roommates lake because there's a roommate. In the news. In national Yahoo! is awful her roommate was pouring toilet water. Even CU her water bottles Shannon snaps admit into. Oh my room it's getting sick from day is key and the roommates didn't get sick she lost weight she lost her appetite. Couldn't figure out why. And tell she's on the snap that is sick on the weight loss is awesome. Haven't I normally do this for you Steve dude also moving in the Euro is my friend and utter. You'll lose weight so fast it ain't even funny we just feel like you're gonna die. Y I you know be skinny dude that's awful so. So we're talking about roommates and we're talking about the toilet in Steve's Obama grooves aren't gonna clean. I survived I'm Drake got in my Toyota. And then you looks to me and says life's rich kids are allowed to go to the bathroom in your toilet right. I wish you good to see what the essays a little deeds is now how well I. Yeah like that's sacred I nights. And poop in your legs. More so that's the adult what because you're you're why that's your morals lets you adult after they have their own bathroom he could never ever roommate mellow. Alone in June oh well I yeah see you share everything no they have. Their whole batch. Over here hello. Why do you use their bathroom I'm out first if you didn't know like you don't this I know you don't do what are you so it's like when you're. When you're traveling with your your girlfriend and you are now wanna stick to the bathroom and hotel and you go to the lobby. I don't my kids see I never learn that true kids like this I can't. You know you gotta do my body and then she watching and I don't want the kids is that you might yeah probably Noah do business. This whole time when I was like Tuesday occasions without girlfriends I would always rather shower while homegrown. I thought oh out of serious blow to see her blue moon to little more like her the the original you kids have their own use adults you when your wife and year old dancer. Why are they running in your regiment your bathroom as this semester back so yeah on a Saturday night we'll have movie night return calls seeking the bad and if you wake up in the morning -- got a I'm Heidi Collins. Looked. You are using is it's two steps demo might give leg kick open the door at 6 in the morning and got a body. Or after all dad. Zero are you guys you're providing a Merrill back almost done ha I don't that's I thought oh hi guys I was weird it's so frustrating this is not that was in singles. How. You grew up you had a sister that parents know and see you're still such an isolated human being that you don't understand what it's like to share any tested twelve Obama I would have a hard time we might be I think I would I feel I need to move in your house for like 30 yeah. Go to in your stuff to take a plastic golf club everything you need broom it's weird where I'll end. I do real quick I'll admit I've only had one group might my entire life it's my sister she first moved out of our houses you literally move like four blocks away from home. And when I first moved out I moved with her colleagues are basically you. While we general bathrooms every justice. Or excuse. I can't imagine you go to your accuser redo your business and my solo I. I'm gonna take a picture of me with all their life guy is incredible stuff on the wall you're sitting there in your. Her hopes went out. They're after G bastards your kids and yours as he Shell's change our there's stuff I'm going to ask kids in the juvenile self control when it comes to that is that they're doing it do you think is happening these kids you think they're like little. Explosive diarrhea and keep them isolated in their way home. I don't know in their wings you guys who weird I live in a bigger house but it's not quite moving words mean I so some power to bring back where your kids cause for concern remains I don't you think you I should move into them I. I I really do know this is why don't have kids because they can't do roommates. That's only one of the reasons why you can send jokes that then the other 7000 of all the legalities and we probably shouldn't get into that the so. Bottom line is this morning who was poisoning using its oil water now that's her roommate Datsyuk has been charged with until alteration of sued. Liquid with bodily injury but today as separate bathrooms of two. Does it matter whose school was hidden inside GP SI so we look. Look here's your roommate tried to poison you would toy Lamar. Should be any sing your roommate tried to do. There was a there was a story on line where this one roommate. Would go in and change for alarm every day subtly. It is she's getting up at 7 AM her roommate would change it Symbian. Every day. At least on the weekends on Monday and we think that's actually assume that simple and kind of bring it on Danny didn't they didn't switch their alarm clock to Tony for our time. Comments on cloud nine I would have thought of that and so on we kind of embarrassed and admitted he soon at a club you and god only knows. That's really Smart you would just be adults who. I'll pay I would drink to toward the water god and that god I can't wait to serve you to a lot of another roommate said they went to their roommates and sent a movement out there at all. We've been using your rent money to buy drugs and were abducted the Cox Powell that's that's the world war two and isn't that the this oil never forget. I don't know to create little these roommate was watching his foreign bonus. This is tree do you tip retail home. Oh man yeah. Made him and his girlfriend he caught his room and watch and that this is too weird but didn't the one that makes me laugh the most is one remain do you remember this when one room it was Matt the other remain. They dumped all their laundry on to their bad mood and then put a lot more on the bed all and started on the it should be should read it all self propelled right over if you ask. If you've got a roommate that is messed with you or maybe you aren't the remains from hell you know. We're trying to pull this back to an author of where your kids group and India are horrifying roommate stories at least. Yes yes roommates. I think. So I have a good. We're way it is I didn't get a boyfriend and his training camp played the state as she didn't stay there while he ended up breaking out in different states. And when they words so you achieve their work I'm she came home and they were like both broken all over the apartment if hindering Jirga that have voted. And. Eat clearly doing drugs out of the light bulbs. Yet at a particularly well today and every sign of doing that there see you made up my bold a ball longer a party. Andrew. I'm probably more relate chatted to you cooking others. Okay are you ever wonder why all that's kind of clever I'm gonna have to watch some music studio doesn't see how that's done both I don't I grew. I'd never done come cater any drugs really but I got I eat a light bulb the idea of somebody placed rational my lightbulbs. Do you cocaine is some businesses to brand new concept remains Fridays it's your desperate that's. And wow mom. So what do you do then I mean your house is dark so what what does she do. Well she did I mean she must have had some lights because issues finish internal product you can see that he got so high that he had at. Heat and not let it all over her apartment. So yeah and he also scratched FEU and one of the people expect her her opinion great wish her. All lived she used that is if how well off by the way did you just say OMG yes and actually the same words well out of his accent they did I know but you know people if you take offense if you use you say gosh. OMG Boca. It's wow okay hello well thank you and yeah she shoot outs got him arrested what does she do. Is he disappeared he never came back after that day. That you see that again please. Yes charges will be filed. Yes yeah I'd stage you really calls I've heard you are not light bulbs I've missed a lie. Hey I heard Apple's yeah pretty much owls to a receiver Dane but Megan's. Can you guys roommates what are you got. Yeah I felt my roomy. Decided to EL and whoever my clothing. Are out. Underwear. Or just your underwear then there was a dude. It my clothing and a land correct and that email. And I I just ended up having a bunch of keep them clothing randomly disappear. And I thought that maybe and it just like eating them somewhere or iron had a moving metal on you Matt I. And held all the fat not I had dead and special. Brought that I I ordered that I left I. And when they came back. It looked. That planet like a case that there's and it changed. So Palin and her into her room quickly had it at program. I looked around and she had like as a closing all over Europe it look like yet hasn't clothing on her and I. On the floor where Aaron and I can like take out pieces as my clothes. Seeing it I need the Atlanta in the Larry. Could you imagine grandma Karen's Spencer Abraham piled up. Random clothing around her career. Oh man that's what she doesn't achieve that then I mean a similar mind or have there and they're your underwear winner thank you for the cost. C yes. Yeah I I. Make I got here and we're good. So I love got to relate to their apartment one of those go a whole bunch of technology guitars musical instruments Permian and after him I had another roommate still might be up let. All once saw he got a steady at a stop lead instead of laying around and truly a minute okay yeah. Everything else from all these. Donor and she went for it. Well what's. Not a 100% sure what happened not Garland been giving for two weeks or a whole lot in Hawaii and I come back a narrow corporate servers acting weird. It's so cold it and one night we'll sit down without abatement and I tellem. I am going to become what we do let's not talk a minute later wake up the next morning she thought in my bed. Major move to try and find so much stuff to them and start my chaos he took a look at. I never open and ethnic. I'm a loser playing your guitar. It's that or else and yeah I might need to suck it dude bad it's. That's the way you Molly. Yes yeah yeah yeah right guy who maybe. Aren't any part of your got a kick out of our universities. Or or manufacturing island ER a little hurt little curriculum. That's brilliant and actually that's what currency system that are fighting that's that's watched when she Sherry. Are scary scary is Clinton. You mentioned with her boyfriend and another. I mean cuter or somebody got. As they have all the equipment you need in that department to block any guest Lucy still raging around the net. She ugly army she now known is like a drug lord some sort of like when Jackson that was at the end of her business off. Yeah I mean like this could happen here back over there could have all left I lose you left the university never realized. You would really like the blood is the biggest target all hallway. That don't really let. She's a great remission you pay your rent ten times I remember. Other leaders for me is actually through how you don't do tap. The lesson that is awesome.