Slacker and Steve - Scammed 4/6

Wednesday, April 6th

A man in China expected to open his new iPhone fresh from the box, but found out he received an iPancake instead. What a bummer! What happened when you were scammed?


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Let's ask stamps GM did. Idolizing them too intelligent thought Fernando I know I am. Did I I don't wanna bring up the seems rubric of every time dogma does. But you bought the speakers out of the van menus and never bats an absolute stamp. In fact my I told you this I might. My groceries or it's close to my house he and I goes on time there's grocery store that I can stop that like halfway between work and home. Not an exaggeration and it's why BioWare will be used to live off every single time I stop and now but I secondary much artist I want to and a couple of NetSuite had gone home theaters is almost yeah notes. They're pretty they're still. Tried to do it don't mean screams at all fall for that. Attract well. I don't understand why let me tell you about these. Yeah first time I think I told you this the very first and they don't pay don't dieters has some I mean my lip is Landers claiming this is a scam but I turned up. He's on the TV speakers bolts. You haven't at all it's still want. To drum up but yeah. Avery actually. Rockets are not just Al I. Others cheneys did Bonnie. Iphone's success online. For 230 dollars recess is first problem is so well. How much money really is only Apple's success yes the knock us trying to act like you don't have an icon. Does your brought in a sword and why. Your disdain for all things I coached or use open and you're taught to be really light it. You don't stick taxing on your odds on plus you are. I found there like a thousand marks substitute really not a brand new ones are slowly small little that's what they that's what the companies did your new two year contract because they just kind of I don't do you relish those. I know you don't that's why Iraq in four off the I anyway he ordered water during thirty box 7% less when he would have to pay anywhere else in that. Yeah you shouldn't just tell everybody listening. Is something seems to be true it absolutely. Is Eamon do you ever. Had somebody walk into a parking lines and I'd like to have relations with your sincerity and newest or not we just doesn't. Just AM speaks for yourself look good the cook but my experience and I'm. Fairly satisfied. If so call. It cigarette or just a letter from sort of but. Anyway he ended up I'd dating he got the box in the open it and it was apparent at. OK question yet. So you can you know the weight of the new success. And then up Indy Lights but it can take that eagle but that the the same waits these wanted to throw okay Jay did the idea. I honestly is there painted part of existing dvd you very hard and Larry yeah it's just like rub it in like. You stand a little all we assumed it would opinion can't that is I might have made the pancake into an apple shape just so I accept the yeah I Hong artist or apple. I parents learn that. So I did get scammed out of 230 about these deadly should know the real quick most people that gets him. That's you know you should know better than that. Out I will say yes no yes. And unfortunately we're more we we want you to call with your stamps either you're the stammer but I don't really steamers are called anyone give up your game yet but if you've been stamped. You've got the U I mean you are now sees right Eaton who was your slick it's a shame that went around your soul go on an Indy still do it with the grandparents it's night. They call elderly people they answers I can't talk. And every single old person you call who has a brands and her granddaughter will go Steve Dell C eight names like. Yes it's Steve. I mean Mexican jail I knew Joseph wire me up 600 dollars Ingram on mantle hit western union new world it's but it's it's on music played she you got a bright col warheads and make sure earn a little Stevie is actually in jail and call. There's also a pastor in South Africa out. Who. Who died or something something happened he said he went ahead and he knows what heaven looks like and while he was there. Apparently he was able data is pancakes on with them and take a picture he's got a picture of what heaven looks like this is self dealing with saint Peter. I all right around each other earth he said he visited the almighty over Easter well armed and to see his cell scene with Peter whoever was there it's three city. And I there's no decimal point in that. 350 dollars you want people actually you were well. Even his own comfort congregation thinks he's until you know stammer and not necessarily following I really need to know with a picture got a feel. Yeah it's definitely tough. Jealousy got I think that you are these okay all right good the sinister when their bus every time he's roughly the UN is perfect I made two. The police what are you guys I don't know what it was like we do so be his nobody songs now and there's another one in New Zealand now. I don't know how you would fall for this but like women are being. Asked the weird if they can take pictures for some modeling hang on there hands and feet okay I I looked or preying on Mary's innocence of people because. Cokie it's just. She condition my hands new meaning a hundred bucks a cat again ups like 19100 or some thing for so you would think what what kind of evil wrong doing can be done without. But apparently there's dudes out there that are in they have the Spanish so bad. That is just a picture of an unknowing person's hands. Is worth money to them so all these different people having dignity and their hands and feet or whatever. And I don't date they end up on these. Weird sites and they're told also need the money. And they never get the money in her dominance of their fear being used for evil and guests are asked K in this next picture accumulate grab some or old or some of the that props and stuff for us and we wanna see different. Out of watermelon you did that June. He's a his home my. Our and that I don't that we really wanna talk about because we built the Imus has to offer this if you try to sell a car on line. Like Craig's list or even is just priceless in my it was Craig's list. There's a stamp that you can get sucked into it. So crazy so yep my of my wife sold cars and like sitting in our house and finally I would yesterday I was like let's just go and sell its throat up on grievously through it up there had a few replies. Had somebody coming to look at the car and then all assembly last night I got attacks and it was like pays the car still available. And I responded I said I'm sorry but I've got somebody come and a look at it right now you can be next in line though they don't want. And immediately I got a text back that said OK have you run anything on the title is is the title cleaned palm I I wanna buy it right now. I didn't respond because they'd like how quick it responded back Timmy I thought it was really weird and so. I let the guy come over and check out the car heated up by an in stuff so after he west. I texted this number back and I said sorry the car sold. And immediately I got another text back and it said. OK but can you just run it through this website really fast and then had a linked to a website has said and let me know when I can come look at the car. So tailored. So what are and the web site did you pay money so it's I did some research on it and it turns out that this website is like based on the other side of the country and it's a company that runs titles and stuff like that and what they do is they just randomly go through Craig's list and message or text people who were selling cars on Craig's list or eBay. And then they'll get them to run the title for this charge on their way how nice it's like twenty boxer forty bucks sometimes like on. Yes you are going to spend it on this website and then nobody ever comes to buy an hour. And career line yeah they've got your money that's legal no other illegal business makes there really there to service its fraud the way they're giving new sounds and is this. Still if you tell me if want to buy this car it's actually pretty Smart though we're not I guess I knew we won't we won't hear yours Weldon is the IRS calls 00 yeah every year every real it's not the iris doesn't never call and don't. He's a letter or guys even a guide to frighten ticks don't don't Sakhalin please don't you don't think what's usual dirty. I'm here to late in and you can have given him 101000 dollars in your credit card you don't. All for it but if you. If the phone first M or even better you're willing to admit you're a stammer we won't hear your scam stories. This. Yeah ya know I. Though. Stamps he should expect speaking of your prior arrests at Eric calling the host of late. And spoke to a gentleman actually sort of under further or ligature ID number I also need to know your name direct direct you reach you get to connect it. You can ride it too reactionary garbage you right there and so. Get to should reminder and a strong national which is regarded shook up thing where I'm gonna be charged with whatever being searched it talked so ordered an all day you'll. I totally sort of cable commuter war doctrine to director Richard. He told me and I said okay what yet percent of document history of that trial in 2013 go to court get dressed. So what you get and a buster my net and so that I'm cute but when the conversation that took what stand on the document and show my current employer. Or where I'm employed in Egypt will not go to Russia won't be data which show that I haven't slowed the PR reps were awesome exactly. It's doing to meet the left and you'd like whoa. And number yeah. I don't western union right now and I just hope are you seriously so they were screeching. Legitimate error investigators wanted to meet a woman or you're like. Oh what a well armed. Sure you're actually contacted us but what you are all Serbs. Act you don't really would you parents are you know. You don't know. OK I think that I must also I knew they weren't sucker on it yet so irritated when you talk I don't think. Since you know. Date because they've waited I was smarter I just remember one of the stingy you've fallen for the meat truck I was I was that's real you real meat and did so she didn't holidays is good that was caviar. What is generally are. Little route bolstered her to. It's not the didn't nice gentleman in the broken down Tacoma with a cooler on the back clearly had as soon as possible. East and it was real talk Shia that's right you guys stand. I would let me understand my husband and I wish I knew he carried many regions myself and we're looking on our house. I found how. And they pledge he made sure to avoid don't call the real truth kind of without trying a little transitory about that Dustin mail the check and a million to keys. And you did bad C and it takes to make sure sign lol thank you yard afternoon. Now the red planet on a plane slid on Greg lows. So really it already got design but it. How much yet you send them some of the keys that you never gotten. It about our program. The only one home. Yes. And no husband rather unhappy about that. You've got literally nothing for it. Now so he would then there any straight years gleaned Perez can heat Entrust a. Now I don't even trust your right now that the mind. Hurts that thank you for the cost Sasha says it could go see it didn't do they charge of post on Craig's list it's great so I didn't put some for. He had so nothing. Eight isn't always calls for a normal cell ever listen while he's somebody's and 5000 dollars. Right that is actually smaller. Brandon. Yeah I scams. Played. Well this Smart the first guy. Basically I was driving down the road don't even know how it happened but I got flagged down by guys that he had. This 2500 dollar home entertainment this community you're. And send it. It is you really don't all right and I am now just that's where everybody goes with a high end audio here on the center of slides down to. Good they're really computers don't think so yeah sure let's pull a rare public look at it you know I don't look at the boxes like it. Well I don't know at WSA 2000 boxed. So I haven't drive to my house. It's all learn and this is not as well young and dumb right. And I get what don't know it cash tender used to you know open up the boxes the worst trap of ever seeing. Serial couldn't tell right there are actual serial equipment but equality edit yeah I mean I know guys maybe 300 dollar. What's more I was a lot of how do you stand your ex girl I indicating it you stole her dining room table why you yeah. Anybody stand and somehow come out of it smelling like a rose a bit like she's. Can I have it steer it or not. Well I don't put everything back up on Craigslist such that a lot steadily to get rid of it for something. Oh do you turnaround we do know I. Know where you live where you stairs. Hello yeah but never shut up again I hop in my car and attracting yellow is going on and drove around for our look at their trucks. Never count the money list. He assumed it would have done you'll at a bus is trying to chronic do you think they what does. Like you know what what he's bright what do they do they're like all over the world surely lose blunt blow up. I don't know human comment Nagin. Ice dams. There's with a real close one for me I got my money back by. They need it. They where they state that screen real state am IR IE not a cure our entry are an RA should they get your slick little could be information and I'm like I'll be happened. Rate we you can do. Church Robert dollars you can prompt you are weak and it marks of others that helped you out which they need them and make it out amazing. People like your money out that and then. When you go to bat in the Weiler not actually neither reviewed that the company and there are many many companies that either so it's not just one. Because it's kind of legit but not really in other ailing education and at what do you do what will it. It's still a pretty big infomercial. Paid for. Can't spot unless curt why where if you go to the big weekend at the end of that they like we are even more real state secrets or you. I raise the limit on your credit cards. And then after they tell you how to act. Ed you are like daylight while the that they'll big education being at 28000 dollars lives act because. Pat back because you're going to need that much eagerly your first couple. How do what. It is all art and it moderates that are. I worked out I I wouldn't see it. Let's see you ain't got. Oh well lights started out its thinking about the the 2000 dollar we can bet. I read an idiot and immediately they did gimme my money back it would buy like this. Under our big that I got app no problem I can't look within twenty or arrogant or let our kids but I don't know every one of eight. Groups would it. Your size doesn't. We don't know why exactly do you like and I'd love and diet if you don't get me my money back are pragmatic lot my credit card company and they're gonna get our our interest and I know like okay act about actually. So it would keep America going the company and looking ensure it Litsch. I've known other people who can't aren't worried and they think they're totally gonna make a ton of money and I'd like oh my gosh you know who has just violent. Each child air you're gonna get more information and then which. Going to each real estate. Cannot say it clearly. Didn't give to god I just I hate any time you hear about a freeze. I shouldn't say this because I think they're there probably is one legitimate but dragged him come towards free seminar in the next hotel lobby you exactly. I don't know you know he's channeling an added they're going to get that set the hook yeah. Frank. Yeah so young guns. Here don't. I it's so I got Ahmet scammer and I got to rock. Yes hello incredible look for a new MacBook. And that's on a bundle where Adam MacBook and I Platt. An iPod app for exit. When I got home to connect them my found MacBook. Battery it didn't work whatsoever in Italy died after like. It even in the used so I had to take that and then iPad and iPod it would like. Locked out because they're in it to somebody else the count you have to you. Know it you know it never got back in the didn't get. Again melodic so you know I guess that they got me so I guess let's get other people who. Yeah had you ever drags us your sounds I do it means. That early I didn't let it be edit that early I may like 200 but lord. Our and yeah I'd. What about library and you might make that got the. Well played frank thanks for the call did dude you're never sure Unscom else. You take you really you're the idiot go to you've got there's other bigger idiots out there but the wrong which is thrown out some job. Just sit and play defense oh my god or I don't you just have to know how countries are I know you're the ones like your do you like you have played these shoes and your car right now I've filed a patent on the hotel and I am going off on. I'm bill. And yeah my time stands so I can department at our time I had it all their all right keep our act. Everything I Wear anything I tell you the background check and when I get tired of comic you'll like one ear it ought to go back. Daria that they they'll operate that I am out I knew I can't and it but the cat my all I can reach or not so. I eat out all the I had to eat it up that I war or about year they're getting all I want them anymore and at. A back door built all the name a lot like the attack I spot the new book spot. In a chat but I'm not all but spot. And returned and I mean they can't deny you returning him in the tacked on at and I actually have like equipment I knew I. Attack back on while let's. Like it it ran it like a look like that start to attack. Our. Much is a machine how much is that equivalent. I I am I don't I don't like it like you're in you're up top I'm Evan and remember I'm. I don't allow that seriously he's on how we all they have what do you guys tell you yeah yeah I know somebody who. And grocery store or any other stories like art get right you that Spain they like switch sticker like if they have Icrc cat and the Icrc pack or something cheaper. And it rained out it bring up as something cheaper. Well done it still cold shoplifting I don't care in many years you know hey it's she's. So my only. So easily do you still trust me lost from no no not least I can lead to a loss prevention guys bear down on you naturally only answer blue. I. Is it really. Who put them at the don't want your tack exactly others do it okay. Sure. Chad good and that's ridden. Guy stands. Hit I. Aren't kind of like a double scam I. Had moved to California to clear up. And Darren. Don't find that mean I really found any how'd op pillow. Alec little. But I am trying to how can she on and we handed out like getting them although they. I that we thought was the owner how we and money war and even contract should leave them don't expect to California. I'm got there and Nikki did not work to daughter. Now we called the number in the front of the launch and that military installed at Alberto sport people that got him on how I'd like. I'm ready and acting ability that done and I don't know how they got to look at that by. So we're checking out react and we have no island will likely play on Craig what are. And now I mean we're just like China chopping rapper and we finally found its like night like older lady each. And (%expletive) like really track ball about life and how light our money situation and in fact like patched and we ended up living and and I was pregnant. Well I when I look into the kappa. My partner and I. I mean. This one man Abu you know we have good advice to remind you I'm like we are very we're very look at birch. Want my cool and we're actually very wanted to change really strange and then we got a knock on the door Merkel meet once each candidate look at that. But the woman who lifting with a letter landlords like bubbly English Port Orchard house. On that apparently. And yeah I think there saying that she owned the house to really see. Al yeah I think they attributed data out this one man completely denied at all and took off like probably like elements they're 5000 dollars Le and frank. Deposit and my best and I take front pregnant we had like it stay in a half village. Caller gods and toys yeah yeah yeah he's just cannot stop yelling yeah. It's there was money osu isn't it is to have a radar doesn't securities timeshare just down there. I if you still wanna help us out with more scams will take your scams online we spoke dot com slash slacker and Steve stay you know.