Slacker and Steve - Scammed 8/14

Tuesday, August 14th


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Stay on the day. We want from you guys right now is to admit you've been stamped yeah you've got stadium. We'll admit it I got skim three times I was proud of the first time you got stamina speaker knew incidents speaker dudes in and out I was living opens what Wyoming the whole city got busted for a pyramid scam and I was involved in at the very teal in them writing any result of it in the hole purebred sing volumes that are at the big east side what you've got nothing but you contributed 400 bucks. I bought my way in and then my girlfriend's arm about her way and in literally like the next day went up. They shut the whole thing all of city government is on the next day as a newspaper is like us. In spite of its Chica pump seal out noise Qaeda did not know they were I had no I I have no clue I got an I got standby impairment and I was only for twenty bucks policy that's up but when they explain it was armed paper it's like a dream. Yeah you just got to keep finding idiots like yourself exactly known addicts just keeps finding people who does underneath you and every got a chance to do. All of so there's a scam. Your thank I don't know that this is damaged it you convince me show he's a fellow radio dude out in San Diego. And he he describe this situation to us. And I don't know that it's a scam yeah we instantly perked up more wrong now do you fall for the so grocery store. I discuss and he's in line and there's a mom and her daughter in front of them and they are not buying. Cardinal mall Burroughs NNT cell that Eli eight. Or buy and staples yeah the basics to survive to live yes bread peanut butter eggs milk. It's it looks like just groceries and Mac and cheese you know whenever just sued for the family. So they bring it up and then she does not gain tows it behind her she stands guard shooting slice your card. I'm sorry ma'am that's declined own journey it still the more I had a different cardinal weren't. Declined to third card. Also decline it. Now at this point. This is where it starts to feel a little like a scam the mom never looked at him. Right a little. Girl bit with bill lunar allies. Like with the face of some took. It it I ask spoke. To a weekend of. When Eric go broke out. So he's night. Obviously you guys hey don't don't number I just which I'm sure is just a misunderstanding at the bank whatever. Sliced his cart help pay for there like oh my god. You're such a lifesaver stink used units you think you in Bagger Russians they walked out. He's buying a few things he buys it he wants outside there's still outside packing their groceries. Intel like at 2017. Mercy it's your seat clock. Yes I'd be right the mailbox Q2 how it affected your driver and a nice car does that make it a stamp no. Because maybe they can afford to carbon not to gas or food or read it for electricity you immediately like. It. It's like your ST somebody don't you park your Mercedes around the block much. Won't go round with your kids look like you don't need a ride home like they did this gives so much the youngest too easy you have to walk a lot these third Parker courier pulled loses this GM that is like sometimes the dudes on the side of the road when they're looking for money. They did single day I need help homeless lower marine just what ever whatever listings have on their sign. Those guys sometimes get lazy and they parked Cadillac to close and you can see exactly. And as I've seen him get off shift in these are walking away you know I know OK and they jumped in there. Escalade is way better than my busted Tacoma and I'm like just the so I mean is that he has to you know you I know that he did. Because you brought up a good point. Who walks around with three out of date credit cards that when you scale. Just didn't have to plan for that unless you're a stammer then you put their professional ski embers are so good out of their driver may cause you got your time. Very involved. Gentlemen start of young men because than the other GO. Rental. Except rock but yeah. Then he gets me up. About when he other stories that happened in the newsroom we really want yours I mean there's there's there's mostly easy just dust they didn't get stamps were scamming the system it's a long story but did it stands. Half million dollars. Oh start off. The school district yeah at least for the thought last five years or suspect they'll maybe last fifteen years. And no once is you've got to respect those ladies I mean big this year. Or after your only trip to be sorted out among only get 500000. It seemed I don't know. Money to get a slew of iTunes match is core irbil in the long now they don't get anything they just put to I don't get too greedy nation is cool and they're closer retirement and there's another story in the news and this kind of confusing and honestly wolf voice is desert you're feeling weird about about telling us how you got scammed or you just want to tell us about scams out there whenever. This woman and so good. Yeah people will go online and be liked Shoney's Mario Haas engineers are getting credit card now did you know so somebody got scammed and they got. They gave a guy in their credit card information to which she by any. At top yes. She didn't wanna get caught so we didn't send it to his his self he sent it to like like a mailbox place now. So then his next your business do you wanna walked in there and get busted picking it up to do is it was like whenever so cheap put an ad out saying hey. I mean summaries Jimmy dear god does know about my mailbox place get a laptop out. Put it back in another package insisted this address. So he's stammer who didn't have never really got a little woman who he hired to go deep pick up the laptop she went. Picked up the laptop went slowly put a bunch of magazines in a box and ship them to. Almost AM scale of this scammer. While she's in trouble. What I. Because she stole a laptop. No she stole a stolen laptop but she stole a laptop technically no technically yes our wasn't hers it wasn't he she scammed at first but she stands to hammer and he beat she murdered Doug magazines and exchange so he got his value throughout the sort of just the look. And so we'll go to boy's life. Any double red coat divas. The good. Hey good morning to make the decision that you're right she still still in process he's still he's in the intro to learn I don't know. Police in the first place you all don't. Darrell stammer but somebody standing. Yeah basically you know he's gonna walk Ortiz who I've probably. Hope he's given this is a beast yes. That's what we're looking for if he. Certainly you Laura stammer. Tell us this dams that are out there and you've fallen for or you watch other people false floor more hints. Yeah I stamped. Well when I was especially one he won marine medic girl. We worked at a bar or. And she was new to the Barton's cheek told us that she had a way expressed make a lot of money. And Sheila and a higher up would be cocktail waitress says. In an underground as Tino. And it turned out to be an identity theft and and sheet at art Social Security number I information and then are opening up the budget saying. All whoosh she will do small word that she she said the exact right it's not it's something like sexy jobs and you won't be a site attendance while her like she just had my. This used in the do. Are you like that not all of pounding go girl like how did not spend our money that they Shipley. You like it may be get fitted for our dark dress isn't. She you. He's an all the while she's just open and accounts and live and our current name. Eat you out like a couple months later wrote about perhaps than it she disappeared put our bar in light about. That Montauk if that we I'm not start getting notification and people are opening up that cows and. Try to hide now and she's and miscarried it's. That's that we you labeled like do your identity all fixed. Yeah I did I believe some people look at them a lot longer than I did. That she's my who has won the look out for thank you Morgan a testy. You know you scams. To. Bombshell I got an email all of you like the late show where try me and then and I. Thank god you know I was like Accenture and they got she got an email. Asking if I wanna hear me and I pity as can actually get a mean like you send me your email link is free to email me your region and then I'll call you Burke an inner BO. And then a land near me in his little actually early if you like an overt like IE and inner EO Kelly did I and then you're like well you're hired and I like okay. And he really dominant and it was it was her work from home job and Allen's. You'd like I'll send you on information he near home address and I can helical your equipment that you need through your job. An Indian lake called standard and Eileen good. And like every gave you it. Email me and like aren't you let me Lee and Kelly called it figured out an entire to hire him. Our adversary is like the heat every community Elena Ali can now I think you're like oh or maybe coming out and like send me here and they get confirmation in Iowa Alter. Now. No mending their chow and then you can tell by your health care by that time it had been like two weeks ahead and unwittingly starred in each of the. You can you did you did you. I did not cost not let that time I had waited for so long and I definitely didn't downgrade in only get. Sacked and I had heard. They do you zone or just the other when they do you so excited near what are technologist who doubt when you're on the hook huh. Yeah good for you for not all the way falling forward to they keep Jesse. Matty. Yeah I. Stamped. So about two months ago actually on May 31 meet my best friend from high school dressed up as catering Sharpton snuck in the Kanye West credit listening party we're glad. Bowl oh my. GP dressed up you just cabinet chefs close laying around this gimmick tell. So we went. Went to a restaurant supply store bottom of the. They didn't question anything just let you guys from. Roam free. In this it was a confidence they need attacked outplay him Ike relief we identified the head of security or it isn't the big guy and watch right up to them and certainly think spots you're doing a good job of keep political statement walked right past them. She and then you're rock Chris just close and act like you're just under. A friend. Kind of we'd like that dinner was still going on in the music in our. So we actually pretended to be shot and chambers like 45 minutes we were like taking out the trash doing dishes serving drinks and when you started. We smuggled in our street clothes and trash that we went into the bathroom literally bumping Chris Rock on a way you know now. Saying. Not essential. So you party would kind EA. Cause I have pictures look a little young he designer of Pinochet what all you carded a hug Kanye. Forced by guard elbowed me but he. Matty that was all right. Love our favorite still army staff for.