Slacker and Steve - Scary Movies 3/19

Monday, March 19th


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Selector and Steve. Really. Minorities and skin skin on skin so recent weeks and as it does Netflix art thing we came out it's nice ski. Netflix is said there's a there's a bunch of movies that people can't finish hazard she scary Clint Moore is what I. He's immediately starts when this whole this attitude night. And brood steered clear blue okay I'm not saying that ax. You're saying not to act tough for the Obama anybody else is just how can you be so scared of a movie Munich yes it is flawed and how could you can't finish first of all okay I'm in a theater right you you know era theater right you're not in the movie. It was happening on the screen is gonna come after it's still sometimes wolf first it's Netflix so your homes okay little freer now are comfortable when I hope I'm familiar with the I don't know I understand like why you don't have any thoughts on this one because you don't understand how to use Netflix I haven't yet you're right I don't have to think. I attempted just as someone from 1942. Or but extended didn't have a hundred we wanted him to sit you can do and expect CC has to be but I have the icon among tea leaves millions earlier to do is get an account takes like literally. Thirty seconds you simulate a box now it's like twenty meters so it's not it's like I'd be less than ten bucks a month are LaMont. Who choose would you you promise that when I watch these nuts Lee's movie series of emails it is always. Understand what it's like to be sitting house. And you're like by yourself. And here are your idea sorry enough yeah. You'd you're watching the movie and you know. There's something about how it date you just don't wanna watch the rest of I don't even click on the videos where I know somebody's gonna die like real life death. Okay I see ER IC watch those videos little did she want remorse like guys had come allowing only. But but on a movie where it's all may believe in Tennessee you can't get to the last 30% of though I do that sometimes the premise just. Freaks me out and Saddam decides. It's just. We've got to watch you can just read yes with the movies about it. Have you seen socked in raising some cases people wearing weird cholera it's not yeah that's the first one I was it's freaky right yeah I was done. You can't watch it you know I hear I hate scary movies I hate them and taking her I was scared and I don't like him so I don't want to are even start to see how. Kind of with him I don't start I mean ignite a streak was when I jump that was like years and years and years I have a little. Don't makes you are yours it's so scared that you women's start yeah I don't want to what's the point of watching it for patriot fund. Sure exactly why I bullying goes so far as when a trailer comes on during a some other TV program that I'm watching all change the channel set off to watch trailers he does a guy. I don't know why you got little to do do do. March 20 rare little thing that jumps out yes I hate that all use do you say to thing that jumped but you're gonna pray like being startled. I don't like the emotions. That come out joining us tipped a shot. These therapy for Arnold it's it's just. Yes OK I'll give you probably do but let me Netflix is backing me up and I have a whole list of ten movies that people can't finish on Netflix not can't but by and large turn offs because there's so scary delivering closure. That's the assumption from Netflix all that you don't type in a Netflix I stopped because I was scared. But they start to see a pattern or number ten Jerusalem to Tony fifteen movie I've no idea. Never heard about it was easier he's so it's all must be scarier to get a Z instead of an ass yeah it's OK I think it's probably. Or movie where the girl comes out of the well. The ring acts. I did watch I watch most of that movie industry I couldn't handle weekly Poland girl out of the well an associate degree that you guys Kim and Garcia video other and we if you watch a video tape and the girl comes out of the way if you want to bet if you and when you watch is indeed if you if you watch it you know that if you watching you're gonna die. So you'd like your couldn't say god I don't watch you know these people are now c'mon they watch it not played in the dining and the phone rings right as you watch a news site. It should your peers interface wants a dude and I. I just can't watch it because. It's an ordinary heroes that are so she isn't have a Barack shed some hearing. Giguere described it with the epic that's our beat but I hope he's here bears. There I will say this if she had a bump it would be difficult these are Middle East. What are summer dress your kids she's like violet in the incredible. If she can just get her parent her eyes should be much prettier Okinawan community really feel like those she pictured in the range has she just has a she needed. Was somebody itself apart. There's just a mere boon to get a bow and a towel yet but just because she's a little zoom way. Follow such items and sat okay the boat girl Oca. There's no way to test this series just you know it's just to sit him down you with like clockwork orange I think Mozilla there's eyes open. While some may have scared about a movie. Was. One pitch perfect shoe came out I was scared that the we're gonna have the actress who played Stacy impetus for for two but they did so as for that. How is Gary it was Augen doll good guys. The worry about mate. I'm not scared or afraid like you are. It's hatred now a real. I don't know I think I've I'm trying to play and I feel like she ski give OK you different senior there's never been a movie where you went like. I was sorrow when a movie once and that was Arnold to take it was during the scene in fight club. When he was on the plane was talking about hoping you'll play was ambassador to us and in the background over the woman's shoulder you can see the window now listen you see the lights of another player this. Did that what do you see in common and I was startled. Oh now imagine two hours of that. Zeller just feel it's just it's just keeps happening folks any I think the other thing that drives me nuts is the frustration. That dumb white people would keep going and doing the thing that you're not a as the you know I mean it's a thank you. This theory movies do a great job of hurting it where it's nights like Dodd who starts here our car broke down we run into Syria aren't outpouring of police station. The heart yeah. There aren't nearly. Against spending your belief let me just keep making good. World loading here we have no weapons it was a weird creepy screeching metal against metal sound outside. And three of the people that were here before going to put the check comes sound. No quick and so it's Kandahar today. Just stay. Laura movies for me it would and because it would be like stop hunkered down cover much of what she cannot move that's. So way to end a movie you that you're the guy who thinks that if they can't see you within their did you study what would kind of like your horror movie. It's like there's a guy who's like oh what does somebody two people went down. Under the blanket and it's in his tiger is two hours me on. What do or every two headed in the blazing blue you're so young but that I am I Canon there's a little glow that you can trash it's like a senior and he crashed. Still it's its economy is run journalist and see if anybody here seen any in my guessing nobody asked the boy no no. Human senate he'd choose no sequence. Conjuring noticing some of that when candidates and that's the other thing I was gonna send me to conjure with some rain. You notice it's tickets to premises they get me it's wind like sought is you and I are trapped somewhere. And do design each. Rose saw in between is goes one of these nets audio perhaps it's like oh my god I'm not gonna kill somebody is like all right well. You're gonna have to oh is that song and it looks good dig deep overall idea. I know eventually gonna happen I'm gonna be the bat I'd have to kill you. And its own T that's the scary part failures. Murder remember from a man's dollar. You have no choice secured him put in a situation where you have not a manslaughter murder if I don't know. The legal obligation ought to adjust your favorite in the law. I was trying to OK so that's one of the things against it and using his kids failed to do movies and numbers and rather have been movies for kids when they are two kids scary. I hated women to take it I hate that that's what the little girl rings terrible and Chucky is not a kid but it's like it's terrible accuse him kids are afraid. But spirits unit when kids are the scary part oh. But it's I don't mind when kids have been murdered in Sao Paolo and it's like I'm kidding yeah. Mind when there's kids ugly when everybody's in the same situation were all scared. I don't like that. But I don't like it when it's a kid that doesn't mean did you evil with a makes me he scared of the dark I don't like exact flow like he acts are serious and all those movies and you're still afraid of the dark by some. We gonna finish to listen can we all know we haven't seen any of these and Steve's never gonna see because he's too good for and I've never sides now if you wanna see the list will put it out on the soccer in June. FaceBook page please invite Steve over Angel watched the movie in its entirety with GO.