Slacker and Steve - The Secret to Looking Young 10/20

Friday, October 20th


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Show hands to a double B on their face. That's the oh well what for what though when we get would only return recreational for all of us get loads of who we can't lose your. But is a woman you saw her picture I dead end. She is I'm on bore her she is a seven year old life coach. Would put Fisher on FaceBook. She. Looks fantastic. She looks like she's forty years old easy. I Alex two's good wind asks her secret. Arm. She said she puts. She puts Fiona face every day she would pass a she got diagnosed with skin cancer on her face. And armed. Learned about in age defying secret while in India who in thirteen in her thirties. I got to skin cancer recently didn't stop doing. The yeah she believes that she gets surgery to remove cancer she believes rubbing pee on her face. Was one of the reasons why. Her cancer is your own but the medical experts say I mean they can't verify that I mean they're humans it's pretty crazy good but eyeball test. Is the most verifiable thing in the world you look at this woman and there's no. Wait I think I senior finder a tractor are not you can't look at that woman go back to seven year old woman. You see David I'd I'd it's tough to color safeties. Seriously look better not no I'm sorry she looks really really good. How old would you say she is. You like you said drug mid forties okay yeah so then how I'm curious again women would you do it don't your head MP or she patted it doesn't she was like what analysis you would collective I don't Sebastien thank you do we the assumption for me is that it's hers right you have to be herpes martyrdom was caught them you know what about what ever occurred to you Wednesday Gerstein. Outsourcing I I'd just say and how would you know. It feels like what you might keep my body's already got so I feel like I would need different some prisons all other inbox and other articles media. Honey no Lucy she uses its shares south uses her own she wakes up in the morning collects it and then she doesn't first morning pizza hmmm this size is she sprayed a liquor perfume on her face or does she pass. They saw. There is hey she dab it jabs all over her face them you leave it on their crew that took the weirdest thing that people do for. Review where we would you do you mean I do you jeopardy does it he got visit since your and I don't know I'm an adult. I still get one every once on what I need to if they're telling you can put on as it. Toothpaste. That's. What it's like a ghost ten million dollars on old beat up Steve whatever products. Crest will knock your zip off your face in one night hard yeah I liked. Brian on next mornings I quote that I don't have the pro duke honest to god you know I didn't know both. You know that means it means I'm better than you know I'm more highly of all it's calm exits an adult as an adult male has come from just saucer it's yeah so what's he is valued as say a dad loaded up where it is now I'll below your own. Yet until you try and it's true it's not it's Preston boy I don't know how much back yeah. It's like actually so the lungs and so another person says. Did long lasting the color would jello. Was a mean apparently we actually do Rabelo on your lips instead of powder form you make to Jolo in the new sticker to seize more information like I don't I don't want my list of me. I was here's what I'm doing right now I'm trying to distract everybody from Robin. Yeah. I did you I don't know how I don't. Did you ever did I hit it dead Kool Aid haired guy stuff when you're a kid I I think it's Friday the same friends like Wheeler always used to that would hasn't elementary school middle school you just like makes a goalie back it with none leg. A third of the water you're supposed to and then soak your hair and in turn your hair that of just how long. Good couple weeks or die in the Easter egg yeah I don't totally at a dairy tastes exactly. Kicks so. I'm assuming that's the Joseph thing you on your lips you do with the yellow and yes. And it does one know makes a color flow estimate Syria gives your cut lips more pot we just don't get on your cheeks continually. That's how you know Joker if you do and I don't think death the. I just go back to did anybody I know I saw some bongos command. What anybody rub he understands some underdogs. Now for I think women would I'm telling you right now over the woman and you would definitely do what every single woman sees a woman's face is gonna go ahead and and you know if she's doing that I don't want to I'm not I swear to god and do in this new laws of these flights. All graphic and whatever your first view of the day is awesome. She's just she's okay actually I thought it's at the most something. Almost everything in life get little piece your life's been pregnant right yes. But he you find out if your pregnant the first period because it's all this stuff isn't it this you soon on the direction that artist to grab the first I view the I think you might actually listen that's below you should tested and his first thing in the morning. Haven't frankly according deluded jerky all night so it's that he'd it's like. It's my dad swished the bottom of the barrel you where it's got although I hope I don't wanna know it's sort of keep your peers. Is I. I if if if you're not comfortable with it we could start a business where we shake why every day I got another scheme as the iPad trying to dig vulnerabilities are buffer this what is to save the first tee of the near everyone's who would refute my. I had my first. Revenue noticeable in your whole life okay you're right so so years that I will sell all my legs aren't and especially on the nights where I had some really good food. I had you know like high anti oxidant food or whatever last Brussels sprouts and I had some really good statement ahead. Obsolete balanced diet. I will sell my first here today as a skin care regiment hit close and supports the I silence. Listen I mean you know these are business. What would the SJ you most probably just heats up what one would hope.