Slacker and Steve - Self Surgery 10/27

Friday, October 27th


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Steve on the Dolly pardon almost lost your dose I think that's that's Cora just didn't write them Milos. Very you know bad boy helped her mom sort of back on job and and they've been everything was fun and I'd Dolly tells a doctor Oz scuffed couple days ago I guess she jumped cross tents onto a broken Mason jar so cut through toes just a little ones yeah. On the right foot they were almost our series kind of hang in there yes Africa and I have been in that exact same disposition what your chosen were Daniel just one. What will you do a Mason jar all lose broke him why bottles. Though I was young oh. Iran's oil coolers yeah. So it took piano oh is the puzzle player I was younger than that dog okay. My parents to have this pane of glass to do is put in there in that it's a stormed or like you screened our best to contain glass out of this summer put a vaccine in the winter. And it was in their room. We're the only phone was. In the phone rang and I went walking in there darkroom and I was barefoot in my soul at went leg down the pane of glass. And steal it slicing my title. Those guys if I'm not trying to steal don't pardons under your hot topic though is learn. As her mom sewed among my mom does band aided mind why owl. She literally just was I didn't take you anywhere in the and they do grew everything is there a computer. Everything were you should see my Tel oh. It's so weird it's got so many start it's like to indeed did looks like she. It looks like he's been burned to be honest it's a scarred hearts because it just keel bulbs it's your mom has repeatedly she's rap crap client. But you told us that it's the like she should've done a surgery. What we're talking about is when you get a cell surgery somebody get a certain I don't you you did surgery on yourself. Because you were poor because you're drunk because you couldn't. Somewhere where there is proper medical attention and it happens more often than you think you on. Dolly said god put kerosene on. Oh. Well mama put corn you want it. Since the corn meal was probably to absorb the blood they put kerosene on it as an antiseptic to anything and then momma took her sewing needles. And she literally had to sell my toes back on little old. She said they heard toes work in the field. I'm still walking on look at that sense for you bad. So any you guys anybody else surgery. On results. You never glanced anything anybody or anything by you know time don't have things only I don't think of things to be plants that are on my arm and tried myself Oregon did take take and am I somebody dog but yeah I agree upon whatever resolutions are heard yeah yeah ended down. Yeah all the way to surgery and guys caught arise some things all my parents she selects. Your favorite thing to do was nice. Some roller deal. Or arch. Credit me don't and we just get there in light Allegra mired does that give in to whatever was ailing her slivers. As amateurs yes. Boy my dad's my dear boy kill you let needing sector on your body. Here's my dad with a needle here's my mom. Michael let the needle on fire I can't tell you how many. Charred meals have been over in in my body I expect that it's not good boils as the here than I sense I had like I did. Jillian infected in her own hair something there you go like the socially mean needle just claiming needle of death I just had that for slivers and other outside of our nerves get a different doesn't my dad would just get a pocket knife and DO did not disinfected he just stepped. They're dead serious. Unlike candidates pitching teeth out he in my own garage he had. This surgery that's it there's a generation of people who sell surgery is just saw your wholesale is his self sure we don't expect a crowd we don't story of a woman who arms. Forty year old Mexican woman. In 2004 she usual and make it to the hospital she also knew her baby wasn't coming out the regular way yeah so bomb. She applied her knowledge of slaughtering animals Yasser guide one of her own eyes through her abdominal -- shares in -- uterus to deliver her own a C section baby. Just like with no anesthesia no nothing that she said she had three shots of hard liquor before she didn't book. Both mother child survives but there are long complicated post operative does that mean. Hello all your legs oh yet she couldn't really so we're reading this you never know I mean people eventually got their like snack she just is not slurs. Isn't just. Pull the baby. I got so we'll yourself surgery stories and we're gonna take about your stories but there's this woman I refinery and when her shoes. Mandy Amanda fielding phone she's a British artist and scientific director. She had this condition that left her feeling exhausted. And she found out about this technique called. Shrek pending treat handing them. They take a tiny portion of your skull in a drill into it to allow blood to flow more easily around the brain she couldn't find anybody to do it. To a passer by is a mystery usually doctors like that's an antiquated no no whatever. So she wit and he Bader whatever is happening 43. Bombs. A dentistry. Okay then she put on some dark glasses in her words to keep the blood from draining into our guys have time. Bomb and then she made an incision in her scalp. And then. Did we don't need dentist's drill drilling. Drilled it into water every so often so she's cool it down no one awesome what took a liter of blood that was so pleased with the surgery. Bombed she noticed yourself rising up over the next few hours. Feeling relaxed she went up for stakes for supper walks out she's I came by the wind. We're gonna take some cells are stories not recommending that one hopes that one is. Dude of her skull she drilled owner owns skull that's and then went out for steak ice for hours ladies. Like nobody talks about what she did after she put it actually I wouldn't. Oh how do you what do you. What does she do. It it would be lovely to know what she shoved in the hole at the state house snags. Yeah. Tied to Sierra who can stop our Jack if you operated on yourself or had someone the I'm doctor operate Narnia we won't hear yourself surgery stories let's start with ten these. IE you are disguise yellow eyes cell surgery what did you do. At the little better integrate your credit to our exams are in year back I would camping with a bunch of my friends and alcohol has been involved it weird joking around a campfire action. And I tracked. And dowel. Kind of go look like little whatever I hear you might get. She hit really hard on the ground should and can really late great to have my sweetie bet this. Moved his and I. Script Mon why it on. Aren't like there are burning what okay. Higher ocean and listen hotter rises itself I thought yeah out the loudest it's. Oh wait you didn't wanna go back yeah on the mountain and might take care are being broke like I've got it back reverend emerge DK in my heart there are agent took emerging peak without being you know took. The workshop the Arab alcohol it. There myself out. No you didn't like briefly. I saw bill to choose Rambo style. Well you know the like butterfly stitches which you can read articles and you know it used I did terrible at it. Like a little bit what like a little pitching can do a little bit about all these. A terrible loss like dogs and socked with what a Muir anywhere you to write you dare yeah I don't know how is it. And you just don't play with but how does. We we have we can't we why are nice. Would you say America really sparked the both ordered back. Earlier wow super flexible com have you taken again credit alien you fooled a gynecologist or anybody who use it looked right does everything good. I knew I I don't get we're doing what are we learning more but I try everything seemed pretty portion. Well I'm yeah. Thrown into the recession. Cognizant. Can strongly. I remember now they are right. That's not heard any easier for the calls Travis and you know self surgery. I'm okay I think I got out of college in doubt that would work our reaction I would add to the bar down what they had a buddy of mine he's like 87 senate no doubt there will galvanize the Gary are we get an adult. They need to look at you bring that sovereign deployed both birdied important what I met this girl would eager to go and I can't let me be clear up some good. Off. Here at top. So this isn't surgery this is just self meditating and ST DR from a guy with with horse. Chunks horse telemedicine Durkin. Now it's. I wish good waited at the bar higher up. Got older they get and gauge needle about Blake that dogs either but what about. They like I can do what he did what struck me how you regard reality. But did they have better numbers aren't what somebody walked out of the park Brooklyn bridge and it really strange they get out and get above all. I do ha ha that's another level I feel like I suppose we should talk to him that's on the we're. One. I think it's unsure he's not gonna talk to you about it either rent payment and the status that's crazy necessarily you know Travis it's nationally. United self surgery. I actually heard it I am really bad giant saw I had to look at mine each I think. In my shoulder one Aubrey and that architect in the light moment after it. 01. And anybody who do trust folks its allure. Storage at you like illegal. So we're running duel you also talked and you know how do you why do you run into all of what you do. I don't I don't know in many. Kids are right. It's just awful thank you for I don't know Jesse. Yeah diet cell surgery we're not sure a much more we can handle she. Went out. So about two weeks after I had my or child battle out with an emergency action and I reopened might be action our room and I can quickly get back. This series Lee hit a Wal-Mart are ten bucks I'm gorilla glue and plan to cut costs across stocks jumped your stuff back together she. It's it's for. Music retailer Judi Daly or you can and starring were served. I mean yeah that's bearing the word from apple your arm and. Back. Like cart issue from a US didn't lead out in the it's.