Slacker and Steve - Selling Virginity 11/17

Friday, November 17th


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And at least talk about. It really shouldn't talk about I don't know does that and we need women to sound off on something. We haven't such an emotionally charged world when it comes to see emails and their bodies exactly. And there's a story that is broken last couple days about a female. And her body. And Steve and I were asking question not dare we decided to just risk it all Briscoe rear end and thread of life inland to ask this question. Is a nineteen year old girl. Selling her V cartons and exploit lives and awful and demeaning to send nineteen year old girl. Who's who's choosing to do it yes I. Or is it the most empowering thing you've ever heard so there is easy is it is it's some things she's taking back. What men have taken from her and profiting from it. Or is this just another. Awful example of a woman. Succumbing to what society. Want that's what most women are saying about her she's. I look at it differently. So she has a commodity. And she's putting it up for sale. 3032225423. Pick a side here's the thing. She's getting two point nine million dollars that's the offer. Below what works for one night yeah firm for her view cart yet. And she's it she's choosing to do this this is voluntarily done nineteen year old Giselle said she's decided to sell IndyCar to the notorious. Yeah so why shouldn't the latter I had. Thought yeah. I she claimed to sell her V card anyway before she found out about it and she decided it was safer to work with the agency else she said the agency claims highest bid bitter was he businessman from Abu Dhabi and we didn't two point nine million. They're also saying so should the laws don't exist in this. Still good. Slap shots the. Thoughts the I hope to see their names you want but let's I was so ruined did they say that Hollywood actor also made this agonized and 2.4 in San. Would you what does this out of Douby dude didn't get what you're auctions. It started to put more like oh. All construct because he was doing up clock and traditional start to clinch the search for points or worm but the result would die and these are exempt she said she can use the money to pay for college eased my new house in travel around the world. We see women's the sister daughter Kirsten of course a fighter for the so. That's. So what are you sick. I just think. I'm not saying I'm about say your opinion does matter but he did it like as a god I hope we don't know what doesn't matter I feel like there would you want your body. That's where I feel there you go do what you dead but I feel like we're coming out that's from a man's perspective which means we still saint. Or we can I. Then we can and usually steers marches war brought let's we'd dumb for thinking let's see your free market system though we're. Isn't it good that she. I put a value on her commodity. I mean that's commerce does say if they your convert these card maybe is a commodity is is that. Unmanned mussina yeah. I got she's doing and I nods. And you know who else is doing it. Thought OK course through quests are clearly they're getting a percentage Femi that the really an agency for that death but so it's not. You read this not processor it's not they must have somebody memorial OK they exchanged a ball IRAs and stuff. Or between two consenting adults and whatever they decide to do for their one night in Dubai or what are Dhabi. Is their own business you run at the point earlier is this female empowerment. Or is this still another example of demeaning female split into which east Joshi chosen to be yourself and his home no no guys Baikonur do this I mean the the thing did the argument yes that is a lot of women chose to go and Harvey Weinstein broom. What he did when they got there was disgusting and awful but like so where does a choice. Where where. You're saying it's like bush she pressured into this choice I society saying look you've. ID quote commodity no. I'm with you I think you'll agree we might be wrong Jamie. Yeah I know I what do you think total. I'm like I'm for a much rent and keep current anyway I think she won't go for it like if you can manage to make the money out of our. I can comfort I can't even speak I'm gonna hurt are we speaking to you don't. What did you these harder and you know I'm no ill two point nine million I mean she didn't. So sir just that you can manage to make out much older neat article Oriole. Who cut yet she's choosing. To do that is part of what got no one's forcing her that's what I do this. I just don't know how to deal with her and and by age. If women are crucify her how was she pushed back just like you said it's. Don't the female argument throughout history has been and it's my body right. So so she's choosing to do this with herb China. Yeah are you guys reasons. Well I think go back to your simple question youth editor at one thing or that and another in this demeaning. Isn't that a personal choice yeah switched if you Jacob stepped back and look at the big picture women. Who wanna have a double standard which you can't do that you can't do you act this year and how women should be capture personal Choi who earlier K one way or another it's right or wrong it's her choice. Yahoo! and totally exercising or exactly what's yeah China. Kylie. I'm personally I don't. Agreement said but I don't I don't I'm shaking. And shocked I got there oh. That's something that's come to encourage I think that's what would you so you'll see your. They're shocked by your shot I've heard doing this but. Only to gain. You wouldn't do it and who's empowering do you think that's empowering. He they do you didn't feel like when you who can't think she has gotten uneven at. She is two point nine million raised its if she plays her cards right she might not have to do much the rest of her life right so they can talk only I appreciate it actually. I what do you think. I go. To thank so it's not demeaning. She just she's not only from himself. The idea is that most people heard crying out regardless of honey and get that much it's so. Do you why you why not I. Oh man while. Damn might have might might first time was not worth two point nine million and a lesson drove for all of us when we did exactly exactly senseless to unleash the. Yeah I it's. I think anybody who hunt the order and think that's what it comes down to do in every situation whether someone stripping Horry doing pornography. Or anything I think it depends on. On. The money is exchanged issue in power of the situation because an can be empowering. If my meeting at camp and then all of a sudden it's not up to occur and he gets issued what he wants to do about. He is more demeaning Internet scary. Randy thanks so maybe there's a contract on what all can you out in their own but she's still choose and Priscilla this large while there was only really one person those inside there was anti flu so spending. We're starting our new slacker and Stevie cardinal is nestled hunt can sign a no win now and that is happening we still want your opinions on this on the site currencies based on page.