Slacker and Steve - Server Stories 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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You. Our salute to talk to us to read what he's just servers I think so yes or her stories. Do we take stories here's during a recent in the past we've done server stories inside your server and you got the raw end of the deal. And you call and tell your story. We know we can. I think we did you server story so it's yeah brat on the server. Yes if you think. In your server. Wasn't ideal to rat him out yes. We got that what are they just had. I mean wanna say where I had never it's it's it's not it's not funny sunny there was server who would literally. Go lawn fifteen minute breaks. Time she would come nor table she gonna go like we talked a double Mondello Murray out. I. And then we wouldn't you never see her. Or split forty feet from the bar and the door it's are sitting right there she's not another tables sheets you. It's an open kitchen concept things he conceded teaching you're kid she she thought. She did it right every time I guess we've usually get what. We bring our drinks the table while energy him. Where does he get those like. It but knowing you you selected to. My wife wouldn't let. May lose it's. So. As far as she knows I didn't have confidence. Snuck back in time to see this as but the check with a friend a low cut. And she looks at me and we were both like because I believe thirty. Percent now they were both good morning thirty lake in. And we were both like we got to do we do like ten. Well dude she's never get dust. Major lesson dude relax and don't you tell me when I was supposed to do it. Supposed to give her 15%. For Blake she'd. To which she deeper cloud she was there aren't I think she knew you were an alcoholic and just wanted to slow you know and so that's why she she is slow on the street tacos Jewish. Everything all about just a little problem in the back with the rehab center talking on the phone and you know what steps to take with you. He's up to mode the long run now cookbook in the how to win at least a tightening of the medals from any neck okay it's true if there was ridiculous yeah. I was familiar bodies yeah but how come. From so there's couple stories in the news. One of them is owned by a woman slammed her waitress to the ground holy smokes for bad service call should still leave it to assume her mother. Should it why she's slam still Zimbabwe's new server she said her mother had gotten and argue with a waitress earlier that day. Usually they are with her mom blows like I did I. And when it was something she acts and I slander she grabbed the victim and hair and drugged her to the ground only. I hate that's a server story from the server side like there's some crazy woman came in and try to kick my butt she's. Here's this here's the bad server from. This is considered the united server tellem that's very this is a person tell that story. Guy decides to bring his woman. To a restaurant he's gonna propose to her in a restaurant. So people do it but I don't I don't yeah put my recommendation is. Get hammered can sassy about the ring cry and just hand it to them that's how you always took it to the always stood up but at least want the and so slowly his mom had called ahead hookah and said I'm begins I wanna pay the tab so can you take on this credit card number. And then once these two people do their meal just there's no charge because she's asking her. To marry him all right so I just wanted to cheer on their specialized servers like. No problem they sit down. Server comes Ariza will luster started Obama be right back comes back with two exclusive champagne was little strawberries and he's like. I understood you to lose lose scenario annoying. Hello. I think this more on the mom than the server is the bar did you miss is the mom called and said. They just got engaged. She. Yes yes she said I want neighbor there Neil they just got engaged and so do I would think that he was doing a good. I think by helping him like are we wanna celebrate with you. SI is all. Oh all that's my ABC called a little too soon. As she acts yet doing all the dude deciding go through. They have fish where rock I don't roll up with for Sacco first year pro got it checked out first which I don't know. It sparkle nevermind it's it's it's like champagne acceptance. It's a Italy's version and champagne O cheaper. It is cheaper but it's it's some people like him more. Oh no it's classy all that is creamed but I mean yeah it's lower crime joint for Psycho if your mind for Sacco now I say hey you're looking for some initials on it okay this just says for sector so that's got to try to get an oh OK if they had the initials DOC on it the Yost sends a little better department of what its director of controllers on the news it's an Italian last year that means that means people in Italy. The good person go governing I can't believe we're this far in the right there. The governing body of percent goes have like chat to others and govern like getting intersect all the way Italians should make percent to. And then if it has DO CG on it always I mean the same people checked it and name guarantee it skip all analogies to guarantee we've got a senator was nearly written now we really. Don't like. But no worlds with additional TJ it's really yet so you better Gardner with the what the G on him because I don't know because he ran away in his. It's fifty and then he's back in the backroom Nolan and I can't I have to go back out. He's like embarrassed is like I just didn't this guy and lose proposals do know he blew it by doing you know restaurant relying on. So little these things a mom's a problem using the grooms a problem all owe an annual human rights it's the server whose immediate. Or the recycle so yeah I. Did you know if she that's why you she stormed out because it did have a G on the bottle no she says they got to get pitched. Oh everything worked out by the time winter came back out. Server. Sorry. Suppose RD down when he here's some free. After super sharp come through for for people who don't cost goes on Donaldson that's good is oddly enough the car still has a genie yeah. I didn't try to befriend my I was like dude customers got a DO CG and I'm like shut your mouth. Kirk plans for a check out what I have purple bottle in nicely but the but the a particular percent of its excellent how I honestly don't know or don't but. I think the show is may be. And our team to pull. Not much like before finally better and I went and. I thought I really. Our little game you are the server amongst our young do you have one story you'd like to impart I've got a few of them I think the best one or the craziest one that I ever saw was there is one night were I was working it was the beginning of the dinner rush in this. She was a fairly new server and at a table she took care of the table and they. Eight the total came out so late. 219610. They handed her 22 dollars. And she put four pennies back in the little check prisoner thing into the back into it no that's horse Koppel walk the judo. Even dating mean no they'd. And they got up and started two weeks and so she came back to the best of the rest of us in the back and she was like can you believe this just happened and she just kept getting angrier and angry you can just see it building on the base. And she was like she's turnaround stormed out of the kitchen we all kinda like. Trailed behind like what he's doing. Yeah exactly. And she went out good to go door and into the parking lot where they were pulling away. And as they were pulling out of the parking spot she took off for pennies and hooked him as hard as she stood there cars made. All the windshield hail damage we are now. Our home but then they try to hit her with their car. Car to a really good. Oh yeah that's some that's servers nobody got in trouble she got tired that night. Are. There any else are high commissioner haven't mess indeed you know much. So here's the deal. We will norm whereas normally it's just business to complain festival for people more servers joined the edge George Clooney agent goes to show. We'll take more sex you up if you're a server and one Abbas is treated terribly we'll take your story. If you've gone to a restaurant and the server was immediate we'll take your story we're just calling them server stories Michelle. Yeah. What's your servers or. Oh man. I know that they're murder you know as turning back my change Q&A. Customer and that they're worried that Ireland and I miss count on it at the table and offline meetings. And it started yelling and there mr. little. You on our am sorry he McNabb can't be raised its. Going to do all which is why does he she diet you weren't sure changing because he not of his or her race or zero walks. Yeah. Like I suggest that you thought. And you thought you had you can look something like short change him and not notice the error quiet. I couldn't quite get my manager parents are taking it long you're. You won't Dong crazy. What do you how do you get it can't you wanna take him out because there was your mistake to start and now he's escalated you've got to trying to get a handle it. I mean I yeah I mean like even the additional changed after that problem by now wouldn't. He just don't want off. Actually noodles are diligent about it actually got it out like any. You. Know if you work for cash register and you don't pay him the money back into their hands you seven on the co owners yeah that is rude a lot of people think that's racist. Are you serious. I don't wanna minister Julia you don't want you went down in the senate on the co owner and I had to pick it up I can do you want to touch their German him yes yeah. I mean I'm not like you not a journalist so but there's something about yes I don't know. I never thought of that so we are seen in certain cultures everywhere that's fruit yeah certain cultures if you don't handed back to amend their he has just lacked the sense. As you. That's against seraph. Yes I high cerberus stories. As sidekick megabits per now trade get married and we get there and get this they're very turning minute to get at the charts in Canada I think that's diary everybody need engineering now. Once in interdicting guard ray Pennington didn't download that limit like. All week political future to bring why the scenario you injured eight glasses. Even though. It's so we had to leave like Earl. Succumbing to flat. You want. Get out bullets here has tried to be your throat and sit down with you know. Yeah I should do is I'm sorry am I Rooney began to Iran you know to determine. So I want to. Aren't very sick and you'd like pretty pretty. And then bring them back in the dirty glasses. On I played played key. It would just and they Larry kept gunning down little from the airplane it's murder he had everything. I wouldn't say dead or politic tactic. To get more tip when they try to get all friendly and I don't mind it sometimes. When they fully my belly up next year yeah acts sometimes it's just I'm not above view but much. What I got it happened when my kids my ex like we're like in the middle of a not so good time. We're having polls are showing me ask you. Yeah yeah decent you've got on like you could leave kids were about to throw down to music. Regularity here in the jeweler ready for reserve might. Who would you leave if you go I'm. Mariah. I server starts. I feel a couple hundred no I don't picnic table and open having a good day in the eighty decided to come back with our current I isn't enough aren't. Powell I eat meat but also in Egypt and intricate chain so I just went out and thank you start a kind. She started to keep morning to you and you made a customer price that's not a guy who results. We're. A bit unlike at the end of it makes you want. Instead of me apologizing to you to a holiday can you wish you didn't have that they can put up until shuttle back. You won't literal I have been. I'm. Sure you can put the. Ali I wasn't it wasn't your fault either but I didn't have a bat eighth hypothetical Robert Blake and you know what we don't need to talk doesn't. I don't lose. I'm just sick and UI with one there because normally it reminds you name it cries earned her family's didn't calmed some pencils that you were to. Yes but Cindy. Desks and. I don't pan. Restaurant in Lakeland and couple weeks ago I Latin America. And the cable had a competitors sued and they're gay bar. Old longest or another always see a news all right I like you a little d.s and this whole discussion on this show and likes. No I never really easy it he's like you go to truly bring in and out and that's not dude you do not do that. You did. You do. MI or are useful site o'clock covered dome and I said. You can't do that. And that is quiet and everything and and they said if you're you and I and the owner and they said well we have friends that work here and I can well. I'm telling you he can't condemn the owner and well. I don't know they've all said and done and then they. Proceeded to yell at me when they left and the about four hours later it blew up on base Tim may claimed to me it's all overpaid but and then. I am said that special needs kids. Home and Oman. I need people. You know I alerted me in my IA Foley's name folks I'm meeting PB and yeah honestly.