Slacker and Steve - Sexiest Thing a Man Can Wear 10/12

Thursday, October 12th


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Staying on every single one everywhere on rent it and I don't know if I agree with any I agree with some of it but I'm sure it's it's the sexiest thing a mentioned where. Tom is what we wanna hear the things on ready it was sixteen woman can Wear you out and none of these are well promptly to all of them are okay. Are you worry if anybody is because once he and he pulled women and what women think is sexy I differs greatly the lamenting a sexy I don't want. Tight turtleneck sweater on me just ask you pretty feel about that that can be sexy. Thanks or Maxwell out. I don't like to turtle that its form fitting she in the shape yeah it's a turtle like part. All I do like a long neck and a blow among blacks and women are sexist if it's it's so you're you're currently up. So yeah that's a feature you lie you. I find it sucks and I can honestly say I've never reasons on about a long neck before this moment. I just I I signed I don't wanna get creepy. As I would if what I would like his women to call and say he's just something that a man can where did you go. I knew Yasser interns usually ya yes finely tailored seem like it would not seem I mean I guess a finely tailored suit would Dennis. Lot of women woods would say about two. You have one I don't I do have a sport coat that was tailored. Other outside that I don't and I gotta admit the scene in the bond movie Daniel Craig yeah when he's getting dressed up in his tuxedo and she had gotten him his jacket forum and it was tailored. And he put it on it was like perfect. Guy go like all day I need something like that stop. Shoot just happened and life and I do. Don't know if I'd go no you know I didn't officially go there you guys do. All Leo. Yeah and every step for you is I never thought I don't know I think in her. SC. Tour for a guy I mean it Taylor that's huge scene I know are you Danny. Don't even was an interview Douglas you're right I was saying he was good looking I said the suit stadium great yeah so she. A guy that's just such a toy and blah. But I don't find him hot doesn't it doesn't matter you you're taking the first step to being able to say. What's attractive. About a man. You can you can see how that was sexy it's a dual Datsyuk sits you awesome that's yeah I guess that's what I need to come easy you wanna have sex or did you do real it is almost sensitive jacket. Yeah it was OJR. We were almost Erica and then you could just. On the Soviet those other things on beyond that it's such you know woman the woman less comfortable did you MS I don't get that either. We'll see the I think that's because they voted for overlooked because they feel good over the gym is I don't get it yet well. Is it the value with the slacks and a big buttons on the I searched play each. Sometimes usually only go loose shirt dress kind of Janine kind of thing I like that but it's. The slump people JAMA bottoms and I jumped at it like a cozy sweatshirt they did the super soft. I don't I just don't find it the Jordan this I I can tell you once I had kids in east you're dressed. In this same type of pajamas that my children are in all I all cannot meg says I learned to turn our speed. Act sexy. Saying that makes sense for just apparent here are my knee I remember being younger don't who we have to but then you became a dad you are so low got a chance on a reality that my daughters we're needs she could really discussing important. A pencil skirt. Which ones then not a short one. Knows what the cups of higher Manhattan mid it's a midsize. Like the type one neck and it tapers down. A goal and oh formulating all of you out if I always side if I ever got married I want her to Wear the wedding gown let's form fitting up and it's it's called a pencil skirt no that's just the security would just be informed and Gelman yeah oh yeah. Doorway as well killer of them what address of mutant form fitting dress it's a certain you were you right. Yeah yes like a sister Igor in the office. Nine human element well we're finally to the ones that I actually think are sexy on a woman and again and we want you as women tell us. Basically Dresser Passworder animals boys right now when you tell us what shall we and please. It would suit and we don't we don't make that kind of money M like yoga pants. Yeah it's cliche yes there's a reason boom there's a reason everybody square and yeah do a good bill and AM. If you're. You're working it and you haven't its payment nominations mean. One of our shirts and nothing else. Oh look the bug known logs burden on them yeah that's cool name like that that's how I lost my remarks were true tough. If it's with it's why I don't mean if you don't that don't go that's it it's because they wanna Wear your shirt the next day in the and they are looking sexy and it you don't unite that's sure why you know what to me I think psychologically that was your womb and try. We saw the desperately trying to get. Let's turn. You're headed Burgess to the hole a I don't like a rebirth my word I got that reeboks I mean I will not used sukuk and we talked about things we gloss in relations the other day and night. And or bust somewhere and we changeover and everybody so Richard. Thank you guys and everybody jumps on FaceBook they did send us a lot of pictures of different you guys aren't even close. Noting even close to the new sponsors and wrote but I lost because of that because somebody with more and more than you do good but you gotta look sexy but it seemed there were going good anonymous worker yes. I high stockings in knee socks among little bet I'm a little there have been on that and increase your forced. I guess it depends I I do like it you do destiny is in the knee saw as vice attitude that makes. I don't know if you think it's got a pennant. Oh I just think it's it's just forced I I think and that's what I tried. Axis purposely going for about a cut. The times I find women. The sexiest. Is win they're not trying to enjoy it every time when they don't know there's sucks. Like I I have to ten you and I both have to attend things sometimes that aren't tuxedo. Dress up whenever. And the amount of crap. That women do. Like 171000. Bobby pins. Turning their hair in this cornucopia. Of saying and they're wherein the download. And digs Lowery weird staying on the one in its end over the top isn't too much and the number one thing on this list. Gets me every time. Sun dress. So he. Gotta do O is well just don't bachelor the women comes apart ever go there are only don't know about those things don't that's your ball full season with classic man in response it makes it look like US worked out amber tips accident eight. I seem beautiful. Women who work hard on their bodies who look rocketing yoga opinions in this undress where that one where they elastic band is just under their boobs yes. Somewhere. Doesn't our new and it's here's what happens all the reference not. No listen you. I did. The we saw address yeah there's just thought he's gonna come with it off your. Oh you go with a cup what are you urban cowboy he's it'll look I'm not crazy centers Joseph Brooks. Went to go and it went to lower Buddha like the what why. Certain Boca Stewart had to. Would you shouldn't have to work on a brain and if I would suggest is that when those Farber dot com girls are inconsistent with the. Give me. Ads are good I here's we give people let's do this let's let's don't build the let's build the men's wardrobe okay does that seem a little. All sides admit more men if men want to call an add to the female list but what looks sexy. A public service for everybody Coca we give you wanna tell us we were some wrong what would be a better thing that we can be wearing hasn't and as a woman. To be more attractive to the opposite sex crimes tell us what we should Wear on Chelsea. Yeah I guy we put on here. I'll pull my friend Jeanne connection there kinda guy. When I met I met him on Halloween and he wasn't Egyptian quite right if you dress up like it Inkster. And it got old. By even email teacher kind of guy ain't what you get me more than anything on a regular English. Into Cologne. Chelsea we just talked to the top guy the year is Cologne dead or not I keep wearing Cologne slacker in Little League don't think. A lot of women look Cologne including hero. And all we're doing I don't wanna try email you when you walk I mean. But I mean the workload can intimate when we're getting dressed up to go wow I mean even if he'd just in the future even with teen pretty. The Cologne can get more than any. Varieties dissent because dissent is those power I think I remember not a week now when we talked about Cologne I have forgotten this it was a repressed memory in them but I remember being at a bar. And I can tell you austere I don't wanna say who it is you know this this woman okay she walked up to me. And she was like are you wearing Cologne and I was like yeah why in sheet I swearing do we say notice who was a shady. Okay what did she say she signaled rhymes with Cologne wife alone. Yeah you that's as you heard you overpowering I want to march I did and yet you were I so I want gently through a mist you know what anyway. I did not sexy. It should not too much or not eight thanks so hoped enough. He is CD is sexy you know wanted to Dubai but what she thinks is if I ya know even optical out. Couple that you've gone Chelsea Cologne does not make my list of mud on it this time midtown. Guy you would make some insects and. On my husband aware of and love then I let yoga. Yes on hand you guys added a second ago I happily let the other hand I men. You know they need your fans are men so color me surprised some yoga shorts it's a yoga they will have this full. You mean like bike shorts and out doing the super rip. Don't like all pants that little little lemon pie when America myself one day and he came in with V8 found him in he like that a lot with them ever spent. And you gotta make some sexy you can eat every money. While OK but he does lunges so as much guarantee for the awesome but I guess now I mean you know put that wouldn't necessarily work on everyone know why you look at them anybody I'm trying not to you took that's just so big plus. I think you could go a lot emeritus. Yeah I think what makes a man sexy. Like a long sleeved shirt that has to console on earth like button bitterly cold up by Catholic at their farm and especially if they're sore arms are toned. A lot of women love that it is pretty much my looked over the rolled up I mean I'm weren T sure right now what you're telling me that I don't. I I can't stay as it is as a guitar player yeah I can't stand things are my four RCI so even when I'm wearing a suit I wanna push does this suit sleeves are up like yeah style so. Because I spent a lot of time on guitar piano drums and lone platforms are. Are we decide are they ought to clearly you're sick days in the way younger so apple wants you to take care really cedars fight leads though and so long sleeve shirts just rolled up. Go to watch a nice watch and Mahan too is that sexy to Meredith. Warrant could be and it's really I think of that lake as. You have to have like a forearm to pull off to make Catholic. Really nice and told parliament the yeah you never seem forums like these on Sweed are young you're not miss I call you sweetheart I was I escalated did not want to face emeritus appreciate it. Brio. I would what Putin in May two men sexier. Well her he got it covered something girl you're add. You're impressed other. Zune sounds why can't we thank every don't think they're trying to impress the guys that really you're trying to get you so that the girl. Email lets you. You doing the wrong thing because we're trying to do we're trying to address impressed yet yeah out. Yeah app like you're trying to impress the girl you got to where it snapped back back where it that's. What is it what is it when we Wear backwards a fact. Only a frat boy you were backwards baseball cap. I'm not ran polite but as Matt back. Yet make it look like class below that not EE on the anything like rap like. Oh okay that's really what you wines. I want I I don't I bet if we put that authorities have page no really what I think just a few people get a but I don't know that that's gonna be. Well that's interesting no thank you Rihanna hookah Jesse. Yeah hi yeah I would Mason in sexy look anywhere great to work clerk. In the car. All when he was named stirred slap your lumberjacks lower to two K not to. The principal Eileen includes the way it could cruelly. And so it is kicking your I OK I do your eyes. Who allow. Its second month. It slacker worse plow lives you know what I used to Wear a ton clad and I just kind of stopped got away from it. I think you'll like I had the other day when was a little chillier I'd grab doubt my black Jim Gray plaid shirt. And I remembered that you have a black English gray plaid shirt do you and you hadn't worn it in a little while I know I'm little walked in and we're gonna be twinkies and not have happened so I was like I literally hung about government does Cohen that's going cancerous or no it doesn't have no idea God's. They don't. It's an east slated for me method for you get Jesse because she's into the glad they're easy to remove the plan you like though now is he right below table top the table cloths or your bad pizza those small idol dude all he's talking genome. It was like stealing the bigger three quarter inch square hole kingdom is my smaller legs the but the oh man who dresses UNICEF the limb. Yeah I could command where its sexiest. Baseball he certainly Q could I own a ton of those who were loose and having Hanley buttons on them because then you're not only did he do my friend Steve. But it's pretty much the only thing he owns right now and and one church and I can't where. They think only god that is Obama find that this postseason this recorder rolling sleeves of the sleeves a different colors in the body before me Aaron he. Said oh yeah period are you guys keep checking our FaceBook page is where it's our rock in the east whereas gas CNET signed us.