Slacker and Steve - Shock Clock 6/15

Friday, June 15th


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Staying on and sold US federal the did you literally no responsibility in life right right it's like Millar due to a set an alarm. But the sun news he gets in the mighty blue windows about 7730. That's almost that's what wakes you up the sun yeah. I don't know if you've never heard in this that they make around. It's kinda complicated the meetings called blind noise are a few years and what you can do your guys at their lowest MS and sleep till whenever we want the plantation shutters they just quite always a tiny. I've got to tell us. Chair annual from the white ones don't you yeah. This is not exactly black just barely does so that's why we can't protect you always been us lately when you're in school we did you wake up easily. Yeah when it was time to give up the but I did have an alarm there would just turn the alarm offering get out about Solana that way now. I don't when my alarm goes off my kids are in school I my alarm goes off I. Immediately lunged forward turnaround has its annoying vote not a courteous yes you know and I and the rams and the month when I was younger I was snooze boy. All you see I don't I've never understood York. Do that then it's weird off so you hit it's every five minutes and I'm getting. It's every oh you say you're you snow and a choice nine Harrell who invented that who decided nine where someone on this news and actual call assembled to Clarkson died minutes and it's. Are we ever and so you set your alarm for 630 new hits news it's going off again 639 why had not and it's my tornado that and then at six. 57 that's a knowing his head every nine and every nine minutes sometimes would you like 56 and and now we do I would give myself a balance. Fives. It's so I'd say a mile a minute strongly. Still your does your Ramstein is going on here lately so it's I know it's dawn spoke to him and now now you do right so it. Now it's you noticed kids I just know that I have other you know possibility so I amateurs anybody's probably just submitting my leg now I would. 177. Is a lately the ten award a prize concert draws upon designed on this topic among young guys Kerio. Well if you're 1 people like I am Steve's never bend and other people are who are us news or. There's a kick starter campaign it's probably too late to get involved in it because it's 919%. Funded. And hooked it which means so what they do it's like much but tax cooler called the coolest I'm really we need to raise 60000 dollars to be able to make this thing or whatever. And I tell my jumped in there already like ten million when it was also numbers like twenty some 1000000 so they're really made. Do you mean she's so yet mayhem you've just it was one of the it was the most successful kick start a campaign is you're part of it I was hardly is like now once it's about as school is to actually solve this thing is kind of like that it's called the shot clock to. I'm shocked Clark. Instead of just being annoying to wake you up it actually in theory trains you to wake up. It begins training you by vibrating. So my bed vibrates or is there it's actually from what I saw it looks like she. Bomb almost like a Smart watch like you have a you put odds on to go to where somebody's so and it's just about time to wake up its arsenal boom and insecure you like oh god what is that wondering if that. My dreaming about being on a train your brain recognizes. That begs he steals acting like what does that what does that and if you don't wake up from that don't worry about it because next stop it's going to beat. You wanna bulk so then your body should. If it's training you then you feel the buzz you like Armani did not all know now there's a B I'll I gotta get out. If that still doesn't wake you up he begins. Shocking the crap out of legs. Literally literally zapping you. Paranoid drug would put the police use a military yes. Who won exploration it's not a strong guy taser come I believe it's a story. It's it's your neighbor comes in with a cattle prod to step up once and for the its bid to. Early. Shocks you yes is your what is your view yes and if if I break didn't get EU and the deep didn't sort of vibrate would have got to deal but here's a thank you for life if I was her or so there's shocking as I was sort of shock to you saw the shock will get you up no matter what does it. It hurts okay. Cable what they say is by two or three days and all your B. It's the path club's daunting right like if you don't have loves dog is they would bring the milk give immaturity you know. Ring the bells in the tree ring a bell imagery and by the fifth day they ring a bell he starts drooling because deeds he equates dealt with food and so the bill makes a dog drool. Now by the third day it would shock clock. You feel that buzz and you're like I'm about to get shots. Cult hero and you give up and rip this thing off Perez I would begin over the vibrate there's a slight break yeah you want you start to any train all so you're do you like for three or four days hopefully if you're not a moron you would probably right. I'd like I think most people who how. I had my little teenage staying well I would just keep hidden snooze would still get you would let a good show I might actually get myself to shock more often and then the they don't say how did they are no guarantees but they're saying. If you're a C user you might get an extra hour a day by using shock troops tied you can also have your heart stop. Its fifth. Yeah. If you're ourselves no. You couldn't and wakes you. It's like if you do Letterman Rahal got to move on your chest. I don't know much there a hundred bucks by the last. 12100 bucks each I would just I would learn you know as I would hopefully you guys learn more you can just like didn't unhinged only got a league an extension cord and put it down and water bowl when he your feed and water. And set your alarm clocks back or that so you can just immediately anyway if you will what are these its own kick starter. 900% funded but it's called shock clock to buy yours ten.