Slacker and Steve - Shoplifting 8/15

Tuesday, August 15th

Kim Kardashian used to steal lipstick when she was young. What's the most ridiculous or dumbest thing you have ever shoplifted?

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And Edwards are criminals that barrier. Razor and be proud did you shoplifting I know you've told us the story of the site shoplifting is for pretty I'm. I'll short little lesser than you and hi he's Serb burglary easy delivered just did a shoplifting. You have it was so easy and it was like wind but what is concerned with Turkey actually remembers these to make mechanical tartan Chinese. Because there release is all a little box and they were like little brutal cylinders that would fit into straws and you can do much true and eat. Oh yeah it's parties have. So yeah we was. Is that we would shoplift those straws. So we'd like who's in the spinoffs. Usually get what what's the war we stealing from it was a Bob's fairway moves. T we will always had a couple of stores in town we realize which ones weren't as up to speed when he came to staff store shoplift so when you're doing your how old were your friends you're all like what ten. Well and you're already stealing them. Whenever we were able to go off on our own went without supervision. But I moments where we would and you don't think the store clerks knew that was happening they really didn't know that the cubs fairway much. It's cyclical we'll look at ready to Kardashian recently revealed when she was eleven and I guess about the agents is pleased Bob's high speed. Her body Nicole Richie would steal lipstick from Malibu drug store gaffe they got away with it I can say this I never did it that's as you feared authority getting caught. I did you've had no confidence in yourself. I did eventually steal some earrings a one point do you tell. From a major department store it used to be named Foley's. Rhymes with Foley's and it's a transition ACC yeah. Cool way while it's a year old though I was older there was for you or was a burger on the just assume it's for me to well. Our girl and I did the stupidest thing you can possibly do we'll gather in my truck. So let's just staying. And they were they what they were cheaper hearings to the good earrings are in the case you're right so easy easy easy as well and they're just they were gold hoops. Oh and aired there on the little sing the car the little little card yeah and I look I pulled down like twenty different outcome. And I literally. Shoved my pinky through the two groups well. Oh I'm dumb on to my hand suited it's on what it looks like I'm wearing a super cool. Joseph Pesci kind of pinky rings 58 and then I told the back sauce to mood let's start in my mouth. Why can't hung the Clinton backed out and looked at sex and so then you have to do to play it cool look at like seven more pairs of earrings as you're only embarrassing I don't know there I was given was simpler seaside I had those bad boys tucked look at you and so than the series you went through the ruse you've got your bruised up over with now. Six Joseph. I don't apply hearing screw the little lady since. The stage. You know when you're over announcing you guys. Don't go over here to their door. And I'm going to exit the premise is here it's always just I'm. I don't shopping for the dank and I'm not taking anything with me. Now when you've got to that of the bill this is this is the bats it regularly and also the door that's so locked in at the full clip. You know you're while pursuing your place is the breed and about four seed for the door I just start slow downloads. It's amazing you know they're going to be slow and no and I just as he stepped over the threshold past the little. Old you know things and that's when Knox and then you get about three feet out from the story and I was in desperate. Our mutual. Yeah and obviously at all. Dude everything I had done scratching at some point the chick trying to carry resides. He needs a more organized. I'll just cover it up just I mean in the end adding there like seven dogs but I think by the time I got to my car my my pinky finger when I got to Marty was already like. Greenish copper colored and if so there are just terrible terrible in a game to a girlfriend. It's enough. No we when you miss when you realize you've got outside the store and you made it you either your favorite off Scott free yes were you mad at yourself for not grab an even bigger items like all. And grab more stuff. I'm not you you were okay you were happy were greedy you're happy with your little by guilt was overwhelming you go back her coma helped OK but then is you was weird. It's really hard lessons. It's hard to give the gift that you stolen it's fun well the bully the main reason is you don't have cardboard tank. Hello looks so it's always like where's the coverage they took off with the car put the maximum miles yeah. What slobbering. There was no way for me like would you do if you wouldn't holder how you acquired those earrings she would have been because you'd been a bad boy toy group. You've deet. The ones and accept stolen properties and ask good cheer protesters and energy because. I think it's. I think it's weird day they'll do each year and a bad boy oh my god she died it was really close to hit it hard to get toward observed. Four hours. Ill afford those bad boys cute with the pump yes that was my big shot which is definitely within you felt good I did theme there's a source of news where wanna go and all the stories because I know little d.s signal they're going I really wanna tell shoplift insurgency seems you grumble but this just a couple of really your shoplifting stories that there's a one woman who used her six children to promote together as a field. Some people we bad Mihm so easy slam resume to this and picnic but you don't often these stories in the news. Oh with the parents of ringleader of their kids and kids were the ones doing this stealing the kids were doing the distracting but a lot of time they do it the other way. The mom does a distracting while the kids oh while I've watched that happen in a toy is armed something store or you wouldn't she saw that Ringo one owner I saw the parents. Throwing a fixed. Add to counter and the kids were placed it under the toner dying and reached under and it was like it was I thought it was some sort of electronic device it was like. Headphones or something the toy store would have tonight and the kids went undergrad I'm literally standing in line to returns and I was like. In my want and they did the clerk so distracted. Her connections are having that they got away and it. What was what am I supposed tournament no peaceful snug and involved though let me ask you guys are your kids what your kids be better distract jurors or the actual speeds themselves. If you review Rick I've got one of each okay thank you Howard not race yet neither my kids are terribly shy and so yeah they were they wouldn't distract him or there was nothing got to reach out and you read is worthless that I see is there any way it's an analyst with less does that. It's. If you are going to be known criminals Jane into the bunker what are. I'm so how old were you a little below didn't like seven in a bush. Yeah I know I. It was tee and my legs yet my youth was like spend stealing things when I was like in middle school. I I used to run a Laffy taffy green I'd go across the street to the convenience store every day and just clean them out of Laffey Jaffe the dig back over the playground and sell it. Tell you real yeah you got to beat that discounted student council window that they got by the cafeteria here O'Reilly yes I was so. So much on your name. I'm here I was loaded in middle school I mean I I had all the best street at lunch every day and he's also won a corner piece of Snowden lesson that like ten cents apiece. And yeah this is dying guy. Where would they give you don't you give you can watch it dimes equals lots of dollars of that really you are obvious to you turnaround time tonight and just don't win that's drew Cameron sounds huge. The. I want him. So do you ponson and I was never got busted I got close a couple of times and another time I was not a basketball triplets all my teammates we got back in the bus got back earlier than all of our parents are expecting us. And so light. We were sitting there had nothing to deal went to the went to the commune soar across the street. And everybody was like if he should steal again you should still nudie magazine you should totally do a lower rate for parents never. Never steal that I was like Don big guy guys don't worry and so I went across and I'll never forget I had this big winner jacket on and it was a Blue Jackets sports jacket. And I went across. Got the magazine somehow got an in my jacket and Ellis did the thing kinda like you did rather than dumb thing no I I was like well I'd better but sometimes a little click on steel and anything else at St. Joe Wachtel I waited in line within undermines our Dicey. Yeah once I got about two people away from the counter and they were like. In the Blue Jackets got something and I just started sweating bullets in the two catchers came up from behind the counter and grabbed the kid next to me and lie always the blue Jack. Yeah never my nugget about this ahead today got a ghost. I got out the story got across all my friends and I was like the biggest hero ever and I took out my jacket and was even in nudie magazine it was like the lingerie seniors cash. All. I think the biggest let down an absurd if you guys also looked at oh totally missed. According laden. If I took from you got. This set of you know I was celebrating it oh while I respect people when they if you if you did you tell in the shoplifting modern car or not cut we don't care. We just want your little ones here in those moments a view. Pulling it off if you pulled off a heist that's too big. Gotta be the small shuffling down here shoplifting. And that exhilarating feeling from want to now we want your shoplifting stories JD. Yeah I made shoplifting not that it's a good thing that the. While I pretty much stumping everywhere now like she storage had slaps but. Out of my brother it and tried to block street thank you and your store and he really got to meet call the cops and every day. Do you know why you're only push implied. You're trying to steal from a Manassas yeah well. Three. New war is. Patsy you're. Now NASA didn't know he called me showed up. He knew it was you know. And he. The cops. Wow wow wow. But that Leo should. While. Are you done then now you've been content. You actually get my brother are well yeah. Yeah that's easy she lost her mission is it like dresses up like are they going to bug. And carry. Yeah charge everything I. I found out later this is what actually stop me from ever trying it again I found out later that they're doozy just look like to just like you lose sight is ticked unit they look like to shop and and the people around me looking hearings today I soul and one of them could be Dem and I would have been. The guy you try to bust me in the bookstores and it was stealing was dress like normal dude who was no place. Joke and I'm like he's TE must have thought I did some might have been and make an adjustment or some but like. That but loss prevention dues like faster which Iraq got to me yeah Obama they didn't call Katie Holmes I'm sorry you didn't learn your lesson from getting the right what. We've by the way what are UConn again. I I'm an adult how shell all. Yeah it be bad so I just don't steal big stuff I can't claim your bra I mean I know your brother and sister be your dudes you're Steele on and even from his stories from from Jeanne. But Lara million. I shoplift and. Yeah now I only prime dat. Good for you how do you steal the problem for us and Moya. I know I read our I am very and a dope it out I mean I had taken to the entrap. I had one and then in that ground and they like to check out who they pick up all the security camp. You see it out and lending rate like food can try it one more time. And they ran back into the ducking or more rights bashed the other line. Which now and then walked back out here and the one with the treatment on it and that action not to begin it today. And walked right. Simply brilliant the best price or just like this that's. Yeah yeah. So you know what is putting you shoved it in your purse or some soon. Yeah I do had a big person you know good weather like a big kooky prom dress but it is you know it would. Really in the got pregnant and your trump some sort of car. But I got Hoffman's the faster we come up to dress little fire earth to upload still gonna wind that's the no really not. Good for you room. That they give her com got to respect million known to David. You are not made a shoplifting and. Our and so I mean he herds would go to our groups tortured it's higher in chocolate. Now we Dawson gets some new video card he broke my card you know. You might not. We would go door to door and try to sell them for a nonexistent. Sisters soccer Chia. So you go a little old male athletes have these yeah if you're not satisfied the money for like the free chocolate you want cash. That's exactly we're mood there with a couple by the Gilbert looks ordered duffel bag Cuba and exactly. Susan Bradley and Earl Starr soccer team with the would you OK you know embroidered falcon on the senator and then the fifth but yes. How much money you make on your chocolate Stanton the I don't know. About good for you which never got. Exactly Yelp at exactly par mill town in law enforcement with the thank you for the call David you know it's weird about that is not a lot of people who are crooks I am not sick I'm not trying to speak ill of police officers but people who were on the kind of a bad path. They're they made great task is known to look at noon exactly. Morgan. Yeah I need. Shoplift. So I don't play. 45. And really into the store and they're really when it's an inning by my mom told me no so I put them in my pocket and we went home and I turn out bottom. And she found them watching me doing my laundry. And go back to the store and try this holiday to then. And then you've got away would say it's did you do it. Did you do did you take them back to the sir. And why was she drives you makes you go but it's it's like shoe to drop Yahoo! like don't take him imam don't embarrass meaning you just. Do you flip around and come back down here yet today separate but similar hearings while I was in America. I was so earlier were selling those. How did you still steal after that'd teach you a lesson away. Oh I I. Well I never saw anything big but I stolen come from Jordan felt like that. See you do don't apparent stop sending your kids back in return may embarrass keep sending doesn't work it does work stick with it slowed her down to the bottom level that she was harder when opening a dog stands kind of person but he standing. Yes you are disguised. In Europe with you shoplifting story. I've been looking for go probably ten or eleven years old and I are on the computer can only go every single day. Every day doing even now we're Derrick. Ward Warrick. In my boat war I would prompting Britain should only corporate property according to a group who. Accruals that you enjoy talking do you do it because you need to stop or you don't ask the other reason. Oh. Can probably don't have money per hour. I'd like to expand and spoke toward orbit and bring future growth truly bankrupt more open it up to critical reporting. A client. You don't ever look each and you do you get a little bit or Russia to tell you do right. Oh absolutely yeah. On this thing to do I don't really know many people Q would it. Ever been right so that when you meet someone that don't recover old Brandon. It was great convict beat him pretty powerful we did our control more or other persons went demons are holding the ball order report. The portrait. But when you go down it's gonna be back. All. According to we give you lists for us we need to continue to prepare the studio is going by radio show opposite the it's important which still today Yury stolen today that would agree or. Which again. Although our our intellectual contribution limit them full blown up to people won't. We're definitely got slaughtered and I got the medicine. You still mess this cash. I don't want I I like each I want media content for the right reasons I want you to lay. I don't wanna be the reason so thank you for the cost candy it's amazing every day why drugs heard it is that is scary. I'll look you wanna turn hurry and you'll give us more shoplifting stories will do all the battle run recycling Steve FaceBook page.