Slacker and Steve - Should He Have to Pay? 5/3

Thursday, May 3rd


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Steve's. Day. How many Thai people on some duct is just five random jury member tight people down who we had a taste out of Germany. You may Artie know about it if you do then we don't want talk to them you know we're going to roll of Flores. We do we're doing what we call psychosis and also we're gonna tell you quick story you tell us what you think should happen. Mom. So a couple was married. And they're Derek yeah. A couple. Odd that aren't needed and you don't eat I was adding I don't know. Range hitting below. We just got haven't visitors and an 80. Yeah luckily it looks like Inge. Carlin and fruity names come. So they'd fertilize the bunch of Inge is eggs with Carl's swimmers. And frozen five years ago. The real quick that's been received tip they have their own amateur why maybe they had some some sort of fertility issues or something Boca. Mom. And means so there for there fertilized eggs now. Because like I I had friends who they were having trouble conceiving so they went through the in vitro thank. And then eight they have like a stack may sit in there that are ready to go in there like. Three of these boys and former girls oh so they're already fertile there again they're just Brady debate and then make a grassy grabbed one imported and are now now they have a boy low cut and NA if they want to do you pointing us. Williams girls Oca and then but did so they just got to. Anyway Carlin inch. Didn't do so well in the marriage department at that we move them so they got a divorce. But those put those eggs are still litter and you're sitting right over okay and this isn't like who gets the qatari or who gets the dog but who gets his 65 inch flat screen and the unions idol gig seems like. Under no circumstances are marriage is over therefore those exert. Thank. I don't when you use them even said something like I revoke my consent yes so I mean she's not allowed now. Yes cut. She went in and have won the eggs put dinner talk a clinic did it. Or how she pulled out of this he's forged his signature. Oh she's you broke the laws Boca bomb. And now she has a child. She always she wanted she did Boca but she wants a little more Steve but him in she wants child support from Karl. Is. It face whoa whoa whoa great group is most child support because that's Carl's child so we call that revoked. Permission sort of written. Well it's gonna stay in open court so that the best small ones and he lets his case straight ferries protected up so this is what we want you. You choose a side right now should Karl because. Shouldn't you have gone and gotten me Ed should any of bug went to the clinics keep some sort of he's claiming to have done some sort of written. For a location. But instead. Well these speak but I mean critics say they're gone. You put your swimmers on top of her eggs in the and we did it tonight we know that we don't we don't check the local rags to see in us. Oh OK let's see if you're divorced or not she comes and it's like enterprise. Ready and then she's. I mean whatever paperwork to CNN doing and they went ahead you were mocha. So there there and I'll lilac blue coroner claim they think they're not liable. They claim to not be liable Boca and so our question to you is. He should it Karl. Deep on the hook for child support yes or now 303222542. For. Amber. Right yes or now. Yeah yeah you don't get. No different than encounter and I don't know cheery so he got to gradually. Amber I'm just I just wanted to say no different than a drunken night out is a bit of a stretch she went into hospital room and watch some adult materials. And then. Had a medical procedure done and then there was no baby there were there were fertilized egg so rich. Lobbying to the clinic doesn't matter you. All. You. Need to. And that he revoked it and she has the most something to do with her and he doesn't wanna have children. With sterling and if anyone. So she basically took that away from him right. But you're. Amber didn't. If I use a raincoat and I sort of weigh in her back. Room and she is no you don't see (%expletive) out right and Spitzer used the contents it's like no different and a drunken night out that's. Actual stories for me some. Money did actually grow these loans and. One and just for you know they are creeping wouldn't woman would do that at such donut you don't get don't wait too. I don't know that it. Your regardless play. Qaeda members and it still liberal whether he has volunteered to have this done or not it was good choices they get away from him. But it's still his kids thank you calling those were his swimmers and that's that's the thing which but it sites. We like to talk about choice. He had no choice has no choice and it's his. Body needs they don't. I hear this he'll child support essar now. You know that sort out so why can't they get excited to do it together actually. Right there at CD that they are petition. There are going and joy that just. Doesn't. That you are here aren't as she wrote and purchase signature. Are you want that baby at bat third shirt taking him to. She wants why would you want a baby with a guy you're an exact I really thank you call Pam let's get a couple more in here I'm I'm a little slower than everybody seems to Iowa's money. Angela. Yeah yeah that's nice. When he's entitled what I don't know what. Because she divorced him and and apparently don't want anything to do it did help Irish won his baby be catching another eighteen years or more years. Yes that's where it's hard to figure that part out where it's even caught and we don't know who divorced too but it's one of those things worth site yet. Know what you nailed it at the front dared items she got what she yes she Alamo. Already she can't see more money to and learn more about tell you she gets in or not Bruce. And I should she get enough. Are in no way no way he and he's in a paper and that he did not want them being used she went behind Barack. I didn't you know I'm a mom but that's that's her kidnapped that she wanted to and ebitda. I don't know DNA enacted. It isn't it. And yeah. I yeah that ticket if you want dean out special midnight and might not then maybe yet. Aren't that didn't do apparently to get I don't think he should pay chops are. And root slacker hit the nail on the head the courts the justice system one never who know system the only care about a kid. And so they're gonna based their dispute that sheriff Jeff Briere and. I you last word itself were not I am. Actually he's not while he dish is excited he is unhappy. Divorce or whatever rebrand. Hey pitcher can you like to stay quit her. But you know it. In action and paper legally. If that issue a baby you can try so should not keep an eye and what an efficient. Right well Rihanna the court ruled that a clinic was not liable because there was no way they could now brave. But they ruled that he does in fact no child support that you care about what really. An intern she broke the law she is all she idea behind people's backs they only think about that kid. That's why they Nicolas. About three number I don't know much so I'm not going to soap box again I do that every. It's good to see her sing to say Steve sick because if you're a guy Steve's got the planned three. Got a test every child in the delivery room because so muffin moms are infidelity and her brother cover up the infidelity the MB. True about the origins of that child it's more important for the month to lie and I didn't trouble pessimistic. Have a honest. We getting for this child's life. Now you're new to this show all that was Steve's voice when your Friday night or so to me ask you could say that Steve. Is the incident. I. I didn't see any in the south and Steve just said you know that's and I. I won't chastise him still okay or being his right guys just want to.