Slacker and Steve - Should a Man Pay for the First Date 10/24

Tuesday, October 24th


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Selector and Steve Collins there. I had to fight and you have a day are you oh just a matter of time did you say some okay nobody likes it when you're facetiously I'm not I'm actually literally had no idea if I dude I'm not stupid I know who you are are not your. You'll have to hire well but hold on to us I had everything. On there just OK so there's a new study out this sense. Women say it's just flat out tarnoff. Is the man Jason's first. Nobody who I don't know live in this world I don't quote world. But we we have to spend less money this world. It's true stories right there we have in front of us right now there's a really weird way to start that I don't. Percent of body. Or women listening who really is really think it's a place I get that maybe you want. You'd trust her in the first dates to be Dutch because there's some perceived antiquated notion. Beholden to somebody who's got some good for you yeah I get to doubt I'd be possible but this study more sit as Susan. We enjoyed a lovely meals together had a glass of wine maybe not because you want your senses about you because we're all terrible humans well and in it for one thing but let's let's pretend we've had a great conversation okay and some wine and some dessert and did it all. Without expecting anything I'm like let me get this man. NDE. This study says spoke. Are you are not even. How dare you UNC and you're you're hurt a loss why is still soaking in your veins and this week this from a friend relay is still on your tongue. I teach hey. Yeah OK okay. Clear that the I know it's hard to figure out every day it's different. Really wanted to know why I cover the here's Breyer and I enormous sum sergeants but oh well. Here's where I've come you know what ladies you figure out what you wanna be an every day every quarter hour some ya never know the different woman's group telling you got a lead your life like this and his group over yourself you know do like that I just just you guys figure out and then one day come to me and tell me when you all get on the same page. So you are if somebody told you that they were turned off by the idea of you paying a guy who as I know you and I'm traditional. I don't even offer I just go ahead and take the check I don't even offer dot she but do you expect something for I didn't know what I think I'm the only guy on the planet. That's just dared to enjoy a lady's company and I expect absolutely nothing. Not duck I mean we doorstep her way I still got the word about you. We know what it's a hundred dollar meal. Why don't he 200 dollar now whenever that's. I do not expect any saying it's just. Spurs know needs any guy that goes into every other guy on the planet goes with that mindset but it's been a hundred dollars are better Diller is what I expect I don't see you do amenities so is it is it isn't millennial where's the caught us. Four when. Unmanned can buy you Mino. Without their being actually did little B would you pay an art because you're. The resident millennial I'm right there with the guys you think it's this study is insane it's crazy. I didn't go out and have a date and I'd like it like he was saying it's a first date now. Something happens great but I'm not white meat and dairy eggs are. You paint this didn't know it's like a woman's mind it does not like oh this guy some to you John. You know don't but let me just say for all of mankind even the ones who may think you owe them something. You don't own them and he takes its own still let them pay running. It takes because men's soccer better smelly stinky awful things you should do is much out of. Or us as humanly possible and one of the perks of being a woman. We once a month to go through the pain of childbirth there's a whole lot of downside to being a woman. Sure don't eat the food for free I thought it was a woman I wouldn't let somebody I would be going to ask what would. We know women I gear well we kind of I guarantee you that the woman who says I misunderstood you paid for me there's you B five women coming in behind you're like no I want to win Le Mans race remains so they're never on the same page so we're never gonna no so hopefully today. This way and tomorrow it's giving back to the other way and in the ads that are shocked if we get one woman that would say that they are offended when somebody. Whoever wrote this study is mine that one woman did you think that don't sing but did it out in light. Auto web site and everybody goes oh gosh CIA not to diminish the pizza so pizza it's a group of women or one woman telling all the other women how they should be doing it. Please. Yes yeah I nice argue this is. Or and then I do it. Never date somebody against ex date took me out and wanted to be even don't. Ask. I don't wanna friends out here and he they'll pick up every single out highly number I try and it is still very and that. Yes and it's not a me I'm telling you that your helpless and you have no doubt know engage your own money it's nothing like that at all. It's it's not I think is a lot of women would say you're insulting me you're saying and I can't pay my way through how. Any cash. I would go back to the smelly and thank him at times where I look at myself. And I am. Astounded. That something as delicate and petite and beautiful as a woman be careful to sorry it's one hour and be in the presence of many. They're not willing to pay for their food perfect I think because it's nice you put up with myself seem now frank Blake don't usually do here. My main topics of conversation. Here's a free speech right because. But is where my more chauvinistic but I know what my mindset in the me ask you Kylie. My months ago I want to pay on that first date because I don't want you thinking that I don't I don't want you nervously do we OK I just and I mean it's just. Good docs makes it seem like neither girl you say it I. Okay here it is I know that it's a due time you had to find daycare united sides time to get all whooped up thing you. Haven't investment two ladies on your part so my retirement jitters over I don't want you I'm gonna go ahead and tape I guess I know you Horry made an investment all I didn't show up. Yes and here I just saw. Did you say murderous I'm not saying the call carried by the way like I'm not saying that we are. Not senior -- I just the way that I don't the way that I'm wording if I make them sound likes. Like I'm chains for your companionship but it. Still lease which you sense at least we can do only for all the crap you you'll student from the closet I'm OK everything was I think so yeah did but it's on every day and I've gone with with my girlfriends or wives or whatever. You know investment yes certainly in time and I am is different I want to my cousin went. Full blue shirt black shirt or a global. Aim including by 280. But some money your Algeria and I'm out the door draft so let me buy you just do just ladies acquiesce just let us feel like were doing what we're supposed to be doing or are we huge fine that Melanie. Yes. We did garner are or were not supposed to do now and tomorrow we are in the next day. It was supposed to make a single unattended for as he's I know he's working on but it's nice if just every other day something assess somebody's inside I don't know so do you want us there are now one is today you get you we have now decided arbitrarily ISIS' fools to put this up on the inner inner whim. Thank you are now speaking for all woman comes to real Melanie so what do you know. Well I actually quite a picture meet you for asking. All the seat after dinner. You do right disability I thought the rule was whoever asks. It's on them to pay and most men will ask you how therefore it's on us to tax but not yours and growth that's what all the time. She's like do wanna go to dinner so she spoke surprised to actually rule that's like in the last ten you know whoever Rouse is supposed to be. No no no no to. Your school but that it lottery church by a if they can't absolutely right eats this. No sleep. And it actually opinion and it meant you make more money went and that's when we didn't get that. OK but this this and since you're speaking pro woman kind. I don't end at eight at the end of the day if I paid do you think you only something. Oh OK are you sure thank you it was a 300 dollar meal we had a good bottle line this was a really nice meal. You your positives you can walk away from that noting like your career. That's actually I want you to understand I don't want you think. Should dude some millennial -- little. I did was lights. Yeah yeah I paid nineteen tries to grab your header you know he's so do you you gotta go you gotta tell America. Exactly and we when he or she would use harsh words yes. Chart months. Well we lost Melanie she was speaking for all mankind we have Greg speaking for all of band went yeah whatever cred. Site I knocked. All right good ideas said that though I'm a college guy and honestly I'm on a bit of a woman I kind of respect and the pay their their part of it it's just thought that it's more. OK so you're younger you're younger generation how they are. I'm 35 foot on the palm not young. Oh god it's I mean that's so but that's the way it. See now were altered because the new generation as you go die so you want it why if you want it so you feel like your equal in the date. Yeah I got put a birthday bottle he'll agree that was directly yet I mean you're the terrifying vacuum. Talking to a person getting the go out with you but. Yes no both permanent place. You know there's a text that says a guy said that he is a wanna do a person who can't pay for themselves. It's just not that he uses that such that's a turnoff for him earn it I do you know what did. It's us. It's mean you know we're dinosaurs my debt. And little big you're you've become one of us has I mean although we didn't anybody on the inside. Moderately. So then. See what's at least once you figure out what you want then come and tell us what it.