Slacker and Steve - Shower Thoughts 1/29

Monday, January 29th


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Steve Todd day. So this comes up there once while on it's time to dish our thoughts these are gonna go to live music for our thoughts and I don't think so I'm doing what. Which are thought. Buchanan the disk generally. Serene tranquil. Romantic music were thinking that show. Show. Kind to us. Inception these actions thoughts install from men rented who's in the shower and the stance with. The union Shannon thinking that it's a disliked each time paying. Okay it's yeah. You can continue to pollutants. Tumors in the locker room now. That's why. It's a good Shubert for us. Showtime. His organ of removed I'm sure it's. Here's some of my favorite ones couldn't and I know you have some fear once this is the one. So what if you don't showers and is it something that should like kind of amusing but also also sort of makes you go well. Lou. And then noon and me who know so. If you're bad person your whole life Coca. You go to hell. And you're punished to eternal damnation. By Satan. Isn't Satan and good guy. Oh yeah he's dealing with all the bad people. In these punishing them he has which is a good thing I'll say the good guys fail. Sitting at the sir worship passing as. Well. Like calling a prison more Borden. A bad guy. And actually say it was a bad guy right prison because they do the same job they keep going bad people away from the good people. That's that's that's actually kind of interest that's good that's motion Arab moderates what are you. Well this wasn't in the list and stuff it's kind of one of the same lines. If we're taught to love our enemies were socialists say that. Well maybe not the yes it's that's one of those things and I've always gonna worship singing now. Your sausage for us to turn your cheek just to be in love your enemy meant. I think I think today shows not so much match but it's still tigers seem certain portions of the cup orders you to go to. It's a good were reversed the guy before we get to the bill they what you are thought. All your belly button is just your old now it's. That's circa open. All I know so churlish. You have your belly button is your old now these beat fed through her belly buttons longer in the belly up all your nutrients and tell everything into your body jump. That's your shower saw it I love it so would you spend time like what are you washing your belly button. Like this like brushing my teeth and has made yeah yeah. Good Boston. It's the truth the truth is I yeah I am a terrible gag reflex of my early mouth. It's. I G I can't have anything touch my belly button. Oh yeah once again it's that it's a full and agri Cy Young that was my old mouth it's like. It makes it makes me recoil in horror as it is some gore run ins to the deep inside union mess with the boat I don't wish somebody in this piece that's senators or whatever and it's like now I don't know if there's a belly button let me tell. Yeah. To complicate your prayers and our own horn I'll there's. Cultural must do both then did some film. About this here's here's Sharon saw. Smart ass. And dumb ass. Are both insulting. You know they shouldn't be though no one of them you should be like a smarts good growth and more from I mean it's just let. It's interesting right is my favorite one well and I'm not sure I really like it. But it's one of those this is this morning that the criteria shower thought is it's got to me to sink him. You know you're 70% water right but that's correct their bodies. Water. Is not alive. So your 70% dead. Right now while. The bulk of view is not a lot of these not a lot. That's actually pretty. Who's. I'm like beyond. Katrina is just a boring roller coaster that's all others who. Don't want them to retribution is doing and brutal. This is theirs is at speeds of showers yeah it makes you really so re really wonder about the seven interest and your body and then there's that. Actually my music is it different. Her because its legs you can you sit down then you move him every different track instances yeah. Resigns and downs on another blue deal loose talk this is one from Redick and I wanted to ask you about it. Left handed people. Spend their whole lives. Shaking hands. Which they're less preferred payment. That is true is sealed we you don't know you don't know that it would feel weird but they took it the rest of us when we go into shake somebody's hand. I'm putting forth you are my Don this is my dominant this what do you do everything well. Yes that's true and I have to like. I don't know muscle up and shrank utterly out because I'm not used to using this spam as we are that is actually interest than there are thought to have. Who got to decide just dozens more Abbas I would guess bright and a people yes I just had one that came to me take up quite a Swiss cheese 'cause as much. Cost as much as other chiefs have a limited missing it could catch it at bat at. If that thing you should be less I like that. Why do we what are we could just as much for Swiss cheese half of the New Zealand they're paying for all holes yeah it's like with what Bonior in my experience you don't you're paying for all bone that's Richard basing things. What you are I feel it was a slow entangled. Like the block is this big but it's still my weight so wouldn't a this much wouldn't weigh as much because there's more holes and where you feel like. But which you write your pain from our own stuff that's another thing and this isn't a shower it's not like. Go like broccoli for example all your pain for like yeah. They they it's just you're doing everything else you like he'll have the court in the store your different territory ready for the brought. Luckily the full dose of good stuff on there and no wants to and it's a package it is clearly important on the scales at fourteen pounds you don't like oh. Now you have like six ounces and that relationship that's Larry brought up to compete with it served its those children who. I did we end this is either gonna film that I feel he's gonna film is really all you see you know I do a back. If you've got to shower thought we Molina. Below our minds to titillate your sentences. Give assumption to think about Jessica. Naive what's your shower thought. I can't go you know. Like penny practice at eight and a quarter and a penny you turn the crank and it kept at a panel now illegal I mean it destruction of yes current. Technically right is that true kid you're not allowed to destroy money at all but really our thrown away like guy you here. When you mutilate Tony but recent put like pennies on the train tracks and wait for the trains and you'll hear you squish yeah yeah that's tactically use my. Accompanied done. And thank all these things are right Dunning. We are gonna make money at 80 yeah. Corner into doing this mess it up put a penny and no this study in your opinion that gets most is it is usually in nicer penny it seems like spoke it is your opinion and it's much but it's still defacing of currency you water got technically you're right. That's weird that's a that's a good challenge let me ask you about when Jessica and loser here if I ask two slices of bread. And put them in between. Two slices of bread. Is it's still a sandwich you could hit the. I'm not actually have wet pet pastry school open though he would just have forced Clinton's apparent all. Look at I thought anything between two slices of bread is a sandwich and there's just because it's two slices of bread between two says Brit it's still a sandwich. It's just a bread sandwich. I mean in the maybe it was two different type of Brad. Most of his rule amendment a sour dough Sam mentioned with unfilled contracts. I guess basically we get it it's tiger and Steve's new security with a quasi house always do what is the prevalence of well I'll just get you can their base trichet has no place in you know we and so will your. And yeah I was your showers. Mark I thought is that people who names are cut. Don't we make to get the attention since. It's it's kind of true now I didn't hear that not. Far. Didn't know why would you and in. Are hugely popular. Yeah. I'm so well look you're yeah no we got into wilders giving me grief about my new group ready that is an all summer showers onto earlier on Tyler. Yeah I was your shower time. Have you ever talked to. That's your stomach the only kind of potato you eat our mashed potatoes. Oh because by the time he gets better installed motion up. Let go I don't know man it's all your French Fries or smash everything potato you're still makes is never going mice can go oh yeah. You Bryce drives ever did Sergio Garcia. So. This guy and super. Sure yeah. Does it but if that's interesting why that is really true but hey Tyler we got we know another question for you wouldn't posing some of these to people who call in. You are only in a movie night. You get dressed for your job to stock market and then a bus falls on new and then your ghost arrests a movie. Urine ghost dressed. No way you were. Like that moment you got killed right Coca so every day when you get dressed. You should be thinking oh million today she could be my dosed out an altar where for cover for an eternity so you this could either you got on right now whose substance that was here is not going to be stuck in my early your ghost could sports so. I guess I'm thrown it out their money. I don't think you want to be goes pretty boy goes with a it's the the guy who is your third and your third you're on showers not. So the number of people in the world that are older than you will never get any bigger but the number of people you are telling you is growing rap. All. All. His REY area it's it's seamless is getting smaller orcas are dying. Right in the new people underneath that are coming behind us. Gather. And get steep you smoke a lot of we don't just take effect. Now my double limits. You did different jobs.