Slacker and Steve - Sibling Rivalry 1/22

Monday, January 22nd


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Steam. Now if you got big slice of your siblings and they got every big in the got to respond. In the fund dig way yes ethnically son went sibling rivalry and suddenly like just get a couple different stories and Alabama man. Was arrested after he stabbed his brother. Insight. Over cheesecake onto your okay. I might be justified and often take about cheese K she's kicked. And want to call it take I don't know it's just what they label it as slight is doing what do I detect let's look at it it's it's it's taken can be taken additional yup it's. It's. Nasty pious but I know why is some pretty. You still wants it's like creamy over the court over time karma it's still Lloyd Europe I want everything but the men. And I want to Graham cracker crust if you went that way I want what every manager is on top of that it's not seen here nasty sour milk that's what an Aussie gas our not to smells like what I see that when I like what you need Cheesecake Factory all that's good stuff like oh my god a dairy has brought it from the inside out is all I can stop. All due respect Cheesecake Factory all your open face Turkey sandwich all right now it's. Don't send any NASA taken cheesecake and shove it solitude so you would fight over you would never fight over she's. I ever cheesecake. You try to give me so much. It might take it she's nasty and he stuck seeks a sticky issue recalled that the cheesy exaggeration. We have got nasty it's Kennedy's Nancy Pelosi the marketing campaign. I hope I feel like I'm endorsing who I consider it started my French cheese nasty. A stag adds it. Let's look at that America now. Did I hit a few cuts over your own I think the night. So the Brothers are arguing about the size of the take over the stabbing occurred. Once one Richardson is older brother punched him in the face and then stabbed him Chee soon brother was charged with domestic violence. He got a stabbing with your brother or sister that's fun what would you tell. I doesn't have to be that far on oh we want some. Some some stuff to happen between your ownership and here's a Washington man who burned its parent. Did I guess we have only got forever long dispute blues Brothers we decided to get out of the parents of burglar would dispute was about. I don't spark us. OK. Apparently ten years ago his brother passing gas in his face. Ten years ago and name's Ben yeah ever since they've been added each other so he's still popular vegetable oil put it on tie and ran out of the build it. Well the police arrested the man told me your voices in his head was given a mental evaluation. But it's likes this in the starting who have been the face is departing in this case C ten years ago hears voices burned his parents' house. Burning down the rivalry it that's a sibling rival canceled. What was the one that they really light. Well I should of all of this one's this is not as far goal line and light in the home on tires shouting. Are the two girls were act. She's nasty factory someday some restaurant I'm assuming dumb opportunities. Okay. Eyes as she just kind of milk shakes I see guys that some places are obnoxious I know other restaurants serve smoke some of them right and I'm picturing that. On sisters Rita Newman shake. There's a mail container also on the table so the sister. Grabs a second straw in slowly. Sucks mayonnaise. Out to the top of the straw you know takes it out when her sister is not look at. The switcheroo that's broken on the strides with that so that when the time comes her and her sisters next big drawn removes him and you know what it's like when you got to milk shake. You know we have to work so. When you put your mouth on the strike you like. I really hard she shall reign at the Mayo clearly. Directly indoor mouse and then. Seat. If that was to me I wouldn't mind the Mayo is might not be dubbed by many was just as content like this is I would be the one Boris and can you be like yeah Orioles. If people. The pleasant surprise. It was happening to cook at the expense of one million oh yeah. Judy is the Mayo should. Moon moon in the net she's Nasr Issa has only started. It's a little beset the last and we dug a sibling rivalry we got an amazing moments when you're in the summer. My brother and enlighten me since Galen Moore and I just because I was born and he an only child anymore barely been eating our entire lives in Manhattan and a leader in high school he had just gotten it irk car and it's Kirk golfer any -- older than me and I told her girlfriend betrayal that he about until a thirteen year old team. Yeah yet lead at thirteen. Yeah all of the medical thing anyway it's. But girlfriend had he was so mad when he found out that. Powerful. She won't do it brought a windshield the source. With the oh that's right no that's just a Mac and yeah independent sibling rivalries. We are looking forward on her when whatever happened so on the yet a little extreme. We'd love your sibling rivalry stories surely. Yeah RI nine sibling rivalry what are you ya. So my brother and click here about eighteen months apart and we can't remember what the fight was without my years old teenagers. My brother punch to my to carry in the face laughter she kicked him between the latest sob. Adam junior I blame her well in the hospital because my I have to get a nose job and my brother had testicular torsion. JI ha oh I tell you should always medical procedure lamb permanency if you. Are. Who's is daddy birds worker what do you. Everything I'm totally fine. Don't look like Annika you Goodmail prevalent I looked nobody ever it's everything good. Did they start they started they still have that bitterness between them the. I'll you know I had no children don't quite a bit because they knew that if they ever did anything like that in general then my motherly. Come get you have to scope to slow down my. That's a piece he would tell you for justice Joseph C Goodwin Julie we appreciate golf coach Rebecca. Yeah yeah I hate sibling rivalry. So my brother who's three Donovan is kind of a earlier there and it doesn't really play scared well a few years back reclaimed beat our in our beat. Beat at that they. You know we are right. Reading a speech by. Our and it wouldn't bat and he blamed me for it during the holiday which is could be it each party can really ain't that. Acting out so he could be cute girl the wood and back at my pet. He's a picture debate bucking the really good game and they lift pass this is I. At that oh how little rabbit had a padlock screw him derby at all. She's. You all and hopefully. I'm wearing iron and it took. Him to. Keep our basement while my dad knew that there is not happy with we and it. A few days later we're having the same argument about some stupid being that we're playing and he take you to meet cheating though. I sure didn't meanwhile. Hockey dad just put in all that in. I'm seeing in the country. Let's tackle yeah. It. With the old daughter you we do WW es super store you run through people through wall. About sixty. He rounded bottom so you know it's most. Good for you technical. We're all very impressed. I don't I don't wanna see any bad words you've still fear of being tossed her resume his backside I know. I think it figured out just. While hole. Yeah I mean when my dad yells of measles are all my brother to the wall I only got a yen not days later. Let us. Or America didn't. Know I'd sibling rivalry what are you got. No my pit and I grounded I don't remember which diagram of where but he had a David Landry would entail the I mean I went by iron I was tee and and I spent my time I NG to parents. And left it in my town. And wall this. Ebert and get in trouble. You as. I got a rebels. You Sprint's first. You know it's just a good lesson learned you if you. You know he does expect that iron right out it burn might come in like more those little marks are moved right in the no I don't remember it was blond and I got our number but I got a terrible go to those days when you total wondering why you dry clean nose. I. Reminded. Them. But they do they talked to cook cook. Any. Sibling rivalry. My brother and I believe he's speaking out on my sister and we were playing airport one kind and convinced her. To go inside as you keep as we pushed her down the stairs. Our whole movie and you guys do a lot cook well. What have you go out. My mom had a. Rip open and cut open the UK's because he couldn't get the zipper to work. It seems. She okay is this another cope pretty sore and I don't want and need care but you. More hungry well there is. My dad he even the bottom of the stairs.