Slacker and Steve - Side Hustle 3/5

Monday, March 5th


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Steve I am calm. This morning. Cyprus gave birth to a son last year. And she was producing we more breast milk than her son could drink. So she started aside Russell wrote to Charlotte she started selling it who not to moms. On the moon unit. 'cause there's only there's Eagles leagues where Iran's two candidates than like lonely chi league I think is on Boca on the she's so it's a body builders. Just because they swear by this she discovered somebody builders still drinking human breast milk then. A competitive edge of the so she started providing interim and making big bucks. She sold over a 132. Gallons she'd lost only breast milk. It's like you know weaker Lago be answered I you know. I don't win it dries up because my wife just kinda gave not when the kids. Stopped one and take it straight from the blue species like she slowly just like let them dry up. But I think if you keep the don't just she's she's only stories. Unlike her grandma. Was like a wet nurse in the neighborhood I've heard you keep up and there's just like other than other kids just uprising at dozens upon. And so I don't know. How she's been doing she's made like six clearly it's a regular really don't have to Buick government is very little because it feels like you're scrolling it should absolutely you can't. There's no mood you can't buy milk anywhere else it's not that's true. Yeah plus you read those stories about the little kids and their lemonade stands didn't shut down similar settlement welcome Gergen shut down a mile over here with her surpluses again because nobody's talked about it on the radio huh. You think this. Streisand's sansei Chris Rock feel I improved. On the burner or a good size he's throwing it away let's make some cash element did you ever sign us so. I got to trust fund so that's. For the title world. Concerns are all good you know any of home. Always yeah life's been side hustle Joyce at a main job of the so I'm on the side. Who got what well I mean when your musician. Every hour every inside doesn't cut dogs have been a musician besides also you want a person and a better it's not a yes thanks to well yeah what are trying to do as a career you know everybody else. Well really hot. Hobby equipment so it becomes your big received transfered from a site also to your main source of I pretended it was my main source of incumbent Mike I'd Hassell was actually we're playing in my money sorry place yak. I mean I would like cell. We're not like I was assigned hustler I'd sell anything if I did. Were in my twenties today. I mean from the site hassle because. When I was younger and I had to sell stops can I knew wasted by musical equipment on the cheap because I knew all these guys slow you would like. If you eat they weren't around when I was when he got would have been your. Craig's list all my. Guide so you know Beno and stuff Padilla. People and so do you whose side hustle plays they go to goodwill. Yes they know how to biased they want your good book takes them all damn day but they go germs go look this is holocaust sure they know this. Is goodwill two dollar day so they highlight that's True Blue got T shirt this is Michael core something whatever. They Elvis stuff they spend like 200 bucks. On fifty items. And then they go home. Star put it on their peaceful community taster on Craig's list or on eBay that's true makes a wrapped. I'm among its side Nestle is decent you right that's one day we have to be in the story that that that's a lot but outside of that then yeah yeah actually you know I can look at this it's it. They're gonna charge me two to four bucks more and I know I can at least ten. If not safety errors the side hustle continued a friendly sheet she was on that cutting edge of the ugly Christmas sweater thing she's got a bit. She did she was like G source if you need an ugly course Christmas sweater. Before now started cheering or you have zero people would have the parties are we're getting greens and try go to good will you go to goodwill and there weren't any so yeah. I ordered him all year long. That was a genius I salute their oil started catching up and then she's like I knew but I mean for though for the time when it for years does your does desperate you jump online there's a whatever we needed one OSHA were dispatched. For a while I wanna my side hustle to be. And I never have been able to get had a bit it should be to know what this year's toy it is. Ordered by him out and they usually sell employees under mark up yet. Do you need jet headed it I mean that too many people are trying to do it and then what happens is if you're wrong. And they make enough to admit it's nights like to Nintendo switch or whatever yeah you could have got your hands on but tell us they were sell for three. Times the value you can easily do what else that you eat in the last two years you have a new side hustle. To the point where I've learned so much about it it's like playing the stock market which ones if there's like a major events going on and off venue. Buy those tickets early be the closer you get to that venue all of a sudden you start seeing the market share the price for that go. Even joy I'm not resell install a guy religious had to go to some major events and had to buy tickets to do it and yeah I just. There's there's a window when you later this is you know how to how to say this I'm not a fan of scalpers. But I. I don't I respect what they go through yeah 'cause theirs and have been slow to that side hustle there is a you do you had your style but I had. Paulson Super Bowl this year I knew we. Tickets were more spiked. And like I should have gotten now you can have made 300 to three tasks now which was such a great site but it's a good but then they fell in Mike. 24 hours almost face value so that side hassle can be very you should see those guys on the streets when it when the markets following their dislike full panic. It's weird it's like his dog alerted completely as soon. I saw it with a whole list of different side hustles that we were we wanted to on about who we really want here and try to steal your ideas for Russell will. I'm not try to we really hurt if you've got out pretty cool. I know salad breast smoker. My side hustle was plasma man I would give class and any time I just as righty did you gotta side hustle we wanna hear all about it amber. Yeah yeah I sign us so. But sometimes carried out like you guys are talking parent you know I eBay that's going to get well out and then I stumbled upon that whole area at eBay Caldwell well Warren she. And I'd hate status that they. I don't know why he's creepy dudes who want to buy your shoes because they have also sent ash. On the so yeah I do enact. Yeah I prepared argued your butt and then in this year and that like being there. And that they liked by the UN they induce them to know where did not that it that you got after it aren't you but they wanna like be easier and they want LA. You and not tomorrow while warrant our. Are the more you get more. Nasty whoever graduated pass shoes have you. There's guys will tell you sir all righty yeah or other yes he. So he's do you have regular suit like dig dig digs while you're doing in the leg then sank. You do. As those as a some of them actually like our content buyer is and he did they neither can come there and made a few questions from people. Question do you really weird like they wanna do the bottom heavier but and our food knowledge you get this year. It's who. Much can you make for a pair shoes on your side hustle. I may eighty dollar other one being air an excuse me around they'd be like if you like a college taxes. And the goodwill. You're not technically I think he'd eat M and. But they're never gonna know they just they they all. While they are I don't know how to feel but how much you think you've made total being in a weird foot fetish person. I'm India and a bad a year and I. Probably. At least bring it every like at least. Good for you to that and just turned so nasty issues yeah. It. I feel Burt keep it up to. You know news is just yelled the men were just we look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself I don't want to ruin your side doesn't let. It is wrong with you sit. On June as you do when he. Allow that's a good hustle so good for you should they lower her motivation amber. She I don't have that at all. Freedom feet. But I don't think about it I eat sign any. Yeah guy sign hassle which naslund. So I still I get the last smoking lounge CIA and we normally an extra dollars to church really thought about back. They're bringing in like body spray in Maine and damage at a tighter the ocean mixed stings like that and that girl to train to meet told me maybe an herd cats more than ten dollars an shifting. I averaging between a 115. Holy See because you have you had men sin things that they wanted so they smell right winning on their flight. Like bring in brain and I spray bringing down different types of Mal flashes and it can types are sensitive skin lotions. Penetrate around a little spread is that my little podium. And I would never charged or are they just to foray. Minute off. Well did you saw a need if you've filled bowl. Match. Anyway you can save might have been locked up November prior let us build straight year. I guarantee you as tennis on Yahoo! why aren't you Lou you have skins yeah that's what we can never find it normal weight person my thinking pieces. So it's commission but it. And I'm biased about it ironic I need to get on. And you. It goes modes like Steve is traveling gnome or I don't know how much tinier. Yeah what's your side as well. Ottawa getting my bachelor's degree and my senior teaching certification pay 4%. Madonna did actually creep forward because I found out that. Large companies had to really education bet you it's calling around to large companies HR department. And I was asked Andrew what their education as the arch as you're good enough then I was able opening day you have. I actually had entry level. Many different temperature and my bachelor's. The teacher's certification interest here same thing. I'm libraries are meeting they channel carriage and that was called around she Jefferson County library and other library and asking him if they had any. Education. Meeting going on and they got one coming up. And I found out about each cohort horse slaughter went draw the red cape 2000 dollar grant that peak from ninety. I look at she you go that's dude that's great hostile brilliance. It's. And you're not doing anything wrong you're not only to their system. And Earl. Early Sunday you know well the company went into that they're under corporate dollars to delegate and try on scholarships because people don't know bottom. But don't zone do your homework in that is nice hustles thank you for the call appreciate her and sandy. Yeah I was your Sino us. I'm a mystery shopper and I don't do that for a long time is just recently I went out of vague. Big kiss C bell near here and they pay for our rooms I have to lose all of accidentally at the restaurant and drink. And gave us money to gamble at the table and at the slot machine. All they wanna know is how they're doing customer service less. Yeah it was kind of along bang but. A lot of a lot of records but that's by the if you want more money than they debuted a plane with your support of recorded but we won over 12100 dollars that we general. And how we want to reduce probably lock my name. Her job was to gamble basically turned the yeah. I speculated about up or hurt the bright kids and Hindu all you need to do is start so in the shoes you look around black eye and tell variety you can W.