Slacker and Steve - Sisters of Slap

Tuesday, September 4th


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Staying on the day. And drummers maybe I don't know hey by the way you're listening to decider and Steve show too dumb do exist. Taking stories that are in the news. And finding out how they relate TO there and it's so. Running here when your girl and you got into that. They don't you got in you like either you just slap somebody or you've gotten a full line. Belongs right leg. Is up just. And yeah. Eight news station in West Virginia. If this is there you're. I mean act if you've you've probably seen this already but we're just gonna tell you anyway. A woman named Erica did things is the anchor at the gas station a woman named Chelsea amber is does the weather. They were all out and bar. In Erica accused Chelsea if flirting with their husband so Chelsea. Sure loved Erica I'm so sister does not condition of sisters of shelves. On and they both sell down. Erica wound up with a ruptured eardrum and fractured skull is now they were pulling. I. Your drinking and new things and he's flirting with your post. Friday I Chelsea has been arrested for misdemeanor battery about co worker. She's doing cordoned three weeks she could go to jail for a year or defines. Man. I think they're gonna fire. I've heard from rumors and pulled them both off the year they told the bolts that's what I heard all why someone would have to BF zero medically she's hurt you let out. The other threw down. Sisters. Slot there it is Tom. So here's another way. It's me. Town in Nairobi mark curry and in kind of well where is this exactly dozens and mom. There's drama apparently two teachers engaged in any fist fight over a man who's a security guard that rental houses where they stick. Music judge must take to turn this. I. He's your hopes. Non witnesses say trouble started when one of them accuse your college. Colleagues. Oh but having a terrorist security yard blue. Apparently he'd been dating two women both of them or five months yet they didn't know he was Canada one analyst it's. So they got into they down was he cool stuff broke a month. We have got zebra for security I don't get it. The slowest one and you know I utensils requests to see the on a sore neck sister a slap. Up early days in Italy this is why. I know you wanna travel and go places and I liked as a as a full fledged wine snob. Italy's one of the places I wanna go oh OK I don't go to any of the tourist spots so I don't like to go to the coliseum no good. You know. A good note. I want to land and be driven straight to a vineyard were cooked. It's called I mean I know that's kind of tourist he but I don't wanna do the other stuff because apparently there are some spots. At the trendy something. Oh okay. Betty is like the perfect self C spotlight would be perfect spot on earth for resign as this well I don't know what what's behind it or if it's just a sound itself is so pretty but there's some spot and two. Card she and wannabes like. There yeah. You just yeah it. OK. Coach I took a cat could lets you view goodwill. Apparently somebody else just shot videos like this. If this. They came to blows over the photo opportunity to report it then six other people jumped into the sister haunt you don't look. Yeah both these smoke oaks a group savagely attacked one another in front of old famous attraction so it must be neat trendy fountain itself is like with the this is what I wanna dale. Our land in Italy with a list of all the same as places and be right. See all these. Prepare to take me anywhere and it's nowhere near this place for a release of positive. But I don't residents historical parallel not go to the significance trying to note. I'm just looking for complete salads. And Brunell is. Yeah I mean there you've you've had through his three wood straight when you are building a mall with my when you look for a with its once great the coliseum. And build a giant for sexual sacks during the it cost him as he doesn't dress like her mind and it's not perfect Obama Lucio Broussard go out and that's that's got a I would still use the coliseum on the label. This is the ultimate slap in the face of history. Literally calling yes the noted not a single person wants to admit they. Column more Chinese tourist spot over makeup and a South Korean duty free store oh it's on duty free minimum number. Nothing's better than duty free America who. Worked armaments OK we need to be willing to admit that you slap somebody or got in a brawl catch sight. On the brawls are due to a tent and it's apparently armed. Somebody shot here on American combat I don't know why they just a barely make it was just so good and it's such a market price like. And it's the I didn't want to know. How. Do you like who. Didn't and it goes into. Our she's so in your part of the sister hadn't you you've slaps a man. Then horse who will Howell that's the big. The I have against Intel but I'm just really haven't got on with the sound effects and are you go eat the things sister. Oh wow so it's actually really escalated as. You know what is left looking at my boos are. I was involved with this side if you're willing to admit it we would love to hear your story of how you became a sister of slack. I'm Britney yeah yeah you sisters. Our rate so High Court granted them a long time ago I had the eastern Aaron a huge argument and trap argument she ended up. Like pocket that huge blue Egypt's. And a little blue yeah though. Because of that I ended up just wailing on her face I ended up actually Drake you know. We'll use one dimensional. Yeah why a local well she didn't spin well let me let it down. You what happened to you did you was it weight because as a parent magic stick really grosses me out but the partly dusty you brokered no she keeps. I did NO edges. Like the threat of flash agent and a break here or that you. Essentially. That. I got grounded for about two months after that. She ground it's the stakes. No no she didn't. That's a listener Q and you may have gotten around well greeting it I know that. Ever looked on my site should tread on my grandma later on that it was her I thought I broke her nose. But when she told my grandma that I did it because she bit her basement chemical didn't get. Brian are automatically may June the hotter sister always out. With the players you've written notice that she's and they may. Even call Brittany. That's next level that you queen's sister is a slap your little sister since I'm Michaela. Yeah I'm a sisters so. OK I'm proud. I'm really big curly hair and people are didn't try to hot so I laughed a lot of people in my life 'cause you don't have to other people randomly Larry. It's fun but one time I would have been quite a mall and a little I know what I don't applicant is or many. And it turned around and let him do not know he would I can't. And then what I hear it Hayden going flat Turkey you. All walk home court should. Seeks the truth how. How awesome home is your hair and continuous continuous but it ain't like there is 890s Mariah Carey here because commuter. Hi Ed I'll go with every get out. If I public large circular shaped. Yeah I don't wanna get hit and I think I'd taken hits from you just to touch your picture Keri Russell Lauren. A lot of people. Dust clears I mean I would admire your haircut but it's even with a pregnant belly it's like all your pretty easily to. What you're told to touch my he had been in my belly or it. Wow nicely doesn't know when you hit ten year old though well I think that that sounds date did you really call Aubrey. Yeah I sisters slap. We urge that there's a Staten. Island half. We thought all the time I can't limit parents cut down a so when we were teenagers we were in the kitchen and Nigerian aren't home and we're fighting about something. And I should probably earning more important and we'll get over my head it's. Up to her with a fork. Whole east. Throws cast on your 100. I'll end. I'm tired aren't at Wentworth and different material handle. So I would break off asked the newest cast your head would definitely be a little Senator McCain and I be one of those flimsy let's review of her yelling. Still he's a desert type in my broke one off on your head you feel I'd be done and yeah. But the more trouble trying manner poker. Both are really scared about getting in trouble though nobody McCarron it might be more home at that time though. Jimmy flew around. And that. I studs and they're given a columnist that's run many kids. And I need sisters of the fact. When I was in college I was living in authority how can that arm were never allowed above. On the main floor for security reasons and we're also always told there are probably his. All our men on second or something was definitely Iran so late one night early in the morning had been studying it. To thank you pressed on the hall Q brush make sheet entering an inch which you extrapolate it. From next door who had come in to steal something at a crane. And it panicked needing till late at night until I can't. Snapped and eat that crap out of those two full. Do you yourself beat up tune to the peninsula. I honestly like black out and out didn't comment like I didn't realize what I was doing but. Other girl heard the commotion and called 911 and we came you're like yeah how we gently broke into build something but. How did you get wrapped up like that and all of my friends are holing kind of looked at me in play. Little may soon here and I. We will do bodyguards so when she's not my position.