Slacker and Steve - Skeletons In The Closet

Monday, August 6th

A teen was stripped of the prestigious Maine Sea Goddess pageant crown over inappropriate photos on social media. Another person admitted they get to work 30 minutes early. His wife thinks it’s because of his military training, but it’s actually because he watches a re-run of Dog the Bounty Hunter with the boys. What skeletons so you have in your closet?

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Steve I ask you way to tell us. What's at skeleton in your closet yeah. What's that thing yeah they try to run for office will come out in hockey Rory. Let's let you know what she do. I'm sure thing Q you don't not yet and it's only about what's your weight on got to have what you're walking closet he should. Yeah thanks. And I had been unfaithful and relationship yes Mary to. Greensboro we really Townshend anymore company commandments have you wrecked. I don't want how many other interests yeah. Come on not only kill. Yeah London that a stolen. Oh that's right I've done three of them three. So what are you done I dishonor my parents say oh yeah push Romano on the one time I ever did that I stole and then mum. I coveted some people. That's my coveted. You didn't covet thy neighbor twice thanks well it was and you like what you describe neighbor I. Hello we talked to my. Little two man someone who wasn't your hopes to take our. And he's not a guy you can point you know I hope I am not just your specific. Let alone are holding the capital. Hole. Six. Sought free right about the logo though can you tell what the house I am. All homes within fifty feet of your sac in his marriage I am such a nurse and stop Stoddard my oh well. Ordered all Brothers so when somebody on the side these days are those your your that's out there are so you know. What's happening real voice is guys if your voice came up with a couple stories and much wondering now is this morning she's eighteen years old and she decided. After he probably her entire life thinking some day I'm going to grow up. And get into the Maine lobster festival and try to beat the seed god rest pat can shrew she for since the agents usually was gonna bruised thumb. Yes honey you can't look at Lindsay did and she pulled it ossetian war. And every story verbatim what is this sentence is very important me eighteen was stripped of the prestigious. Really that was pursued its prestigious main sea goddess pageant crown over quote inappropriate end quote photos on social media buried almost a brown. To consider. Pictures with a enjoyable to me like got a rally. Or she do post one of those clerics you know are you a chance photo of her with a joint and and their holding in. And the Maine lobster festival told there were not compete at the it was an umbrage you. It would cooler books or she gets stuck crowd. There is and the money is a discolored do ran a dollar and 2000 dollar scholarship they are gonna letter keep the scholarship only stripped her of the crown and sash. It. Would she I think it's yet again to cash yes but she's been she's really bump but that's her skeleton and they came back on tour was. One you know linked so I don't anybody's willing caller images of the week we're hoping you will like what is that. What did you do and there's something you did in your past may you know. It's if you ran for president. In the 1960s. You would absolutely become president but if you ran for president now. You'll know they're trying everything now there's no there is riddled your tweets from eight years ago the exhibit's could be questionable what is the same thing you've done in your past that you know would prohibit you. From. Your OK let's recent examples I'm 32 and I still suck my thumb to help me sleep however when I'm just sitting idly alone come on home brew I wouldn't. It's weird it's like you don't just clean cotton trailer truck in their life every polygraphs and solely on the day before elections and he's like. Jobs are our. He's out but not that I'd never did she gave me it's I mean your your time. Bomb let's see this is whine now. This or saying it this is. And dare skeleton is probably their mom's still attend. But this person and it I found out my father's not my biological father so that'll be the moms skeleton in the closet okay she's unlike. Researchers found out her DNA is not shared with her father and and she said nobody knows she knows. So her mom was with somebody else when she got in with our. Legs cheating on that right. And then bonded awfully was down yes stayed with dad is still would add and she's like I know that I'm not biologically related to that man or my siblings well policies task. Related to her siblings are going to be weird. In that awful messy and who talked your moon unit well I mean you go to Denny's your mom is defensive that's your mom still nobody wants their skeleton. That's why this is gonna fail miserably nobody gonna call because the sure it's sealed until you my neighbors are his cigarette the other his and it's probably voiced its cutting up. Oh it's you know. They can days nice somebody said they're they're skeleton is this is kinda sad. They. They think terrorists schizophrenic because for the last forty years they've had been having conversations with their their daughter who passed who is an instant. What do you don't really believes that the infant exists in the Eminem and or they know that it's doesn't but they still have deeply meaningful and sounds likes to wing conversations like on the bonds surge I don't and restoring order on the bus it's not really skeleton in your closet is and it's your skeleton on the bus although that behavior on the bus and its high price of let's not target them to say I for the first time a long time I spent some time downtown. This weekend while when I was down like on sixteenth street and stuff kind of wandered around. We got a hotel just lastly. Just the kids need oil swimming breaker whatever I it's. And he was many people are down there talking themselves. Confused Miramar. And all look like how. You see in the icu and just. I'm making fun I was just like I was there were times where like I turned on days I'm like wait you're not talked to him. At Oakmont. No that's quite unsettled and the first thing you're looked more like all little Bluetooth in the years that no promote old urges those. I. Like me. A cookie cook cook. Here the plume took took took took the you're asking myself player but not quite so you're the odd one out slider as you're in the closet. I didn't see it in this region and staff can relate. I'm so you'll few examples and if you're willing to play along them we would like to hear. Your deepest. This is gonna stay else please let this jail your deepest darkest maybe not your funniest but he. Personally got to know we don't want a big crack well why did you got a skeleton in your closet call and tell us what it is Katie. And I was your skeleton. I worked at a gentlemen's club my whole weekend college and even my hat and that's why else. Non he stood for you for real. That's none of their business did you where you a dancer were you bartender going to limit everything. C a self made warmer you put yourself through college do you think in today's world. That would troop prohibit her from. Oh away from being president there's much we had a president had. Have an affair in the white house with the president's admits smoking weed doing cocaine she just she's would you just admit she's so sweet it's legal she business. So I see some people who have a little problem that it's you do. Your far we don't really care those guys. On good trio is trying to tell your husband that'd be a very did you cut you know why haven't you told him. Yeah. All all of us all the people who senior Nate didn't. Oh no. No good for you could I Ramirez from here on I well she does OK could you days with. Follows fire the media here for Billy. No error yeah I was on your disguise who what's your skeletons. Are rerecord their. All you're skeletons in the closet is a year in the closet. Our recorder. With the Symbian still sue the clogged I should be like to be proud Mary. The skeleton that's did you are you are you currently. Dating somebody on the other links are you pretending to not be I mean are you pretending to be straight. We are. All your that you're just in the buy clothes oh okay. Yeah aren't here are important. I don't think you really could do so. You'd be surprised how many boys would approve that we know their eyes light up the view well but unless you don't wanna gaffe. I see one of the. I didn't it's got a number of current it has really been around the block the whole lot no he kind of Italy and ally. It would poetry tomorrow. Are we don't think so consider that a stilts and an all out some cool stuff. Thank you very well thought through May I did you really. You in your daughter is a real force and what are they can we please cool because they just I just started to turn creepy little whenever anybody can mum. Jackie. Yeah yeah I was a skeleton in your closet. And you wanna hit you may pick to Dallas and apparently Patrick they clearly you. Little person as well leopard time. I Obama dance floor during its south went elaborate hi. And sort of purposefully got him beat out. And we all got kicked out of the bar. We first of all you see it leper and I'm like how you pronounce yet recover to sit on the so weighs on you. No I can't wait there's space saying you have so you knew you wouldn't they just didn't want to grind on the movement kind view. Just. You did it today did you eat out there and then somebody out there that he didn't want but then he got his three piece in the process. Put consecutive yes I'm an Idaho. Tunnel after a time and Welker or are you still puts it do to beat up a little person. No I don't look at it okay that's right as I have to draw the line at leopard and leopard yes left her. I I don't know Aaron didn't have a a leopard I. Can't imagine how are we OK he just seems like a really weird porn queen editing. That's it's still a skillet to continue to call. I Sam's. Or are you now what's your skill is in your closet. I'll go and I was done at 1 AM I had a channel my ex wives through point five and we got married about two years later. And the night before the wedding should know hey hey. Our stop Nagin my birth control so you can grow it to you to help you grow up faster. And naturally on the go gosh you pulled the goalie. And so. You know got very angered a very drunk and I would have gone out sleep or that are Mandy. The night before our wedding okay hoopla caused itself enough for you show the agreement there were always in the world dollar. You can get rattled but OK no that's CMI that's on the skeleton that's too. One service and that's only when you're gonna yet.