Slacker and Steve - Ski Stories 3/6

Tuesday, March 6th


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Staying on as she I OK we don't ski storyline there's a there's a bunch of stories you wanna get to do we want to hear yours as well. You steed. Well I grew up in the Dakotas and Minnesota may have hills and have those tow ropes. Well what you saw Maya would you accept is Graham Nash thing between your legs and a lot of drags you that so we had there are so that's where I learned to ski on the money you know. Did you ever see here now I love to go to ski areas it's been like she'll ladies were recalled but does show less picky you know who resorts I had your Yahoo! buys a lot of us got to watch because that's right then how would you bust as an alleged job drag my skiing current down because it does it. I'm like I. Oh yeah we're never this is our way. As you reported his view there is 20 a good skier I'm considered a party. Lives you should try it I looks amazing. I thought I would Avalon youth. Oh my god knows where I didn't Edward argument that yet we're gonna have to get into just sort of first these stories all know an avalanche that was an avalanche there was a couple this is old news couple days ago this is really scary Bay Area snowboarding couple. Was lucky to be why they got buried by an avalanche while skiing at squaw valley oh I think I saw that I thought it was happening here was actually saw more. I mean it was like. Avalanches are breathtaking and beautiful in my opinion but not when there's a person and it you know who are powerful and dangerous there was tons of fresh powder was Superfund they said that they heard someone yelled and look back and saw an eight foot wall of snow sect leader is hit us. Said one of the dudes. He said it was like a tsunami overtaking him within seconds. He was conscious about 45 seconds olives under the snow then he ran out of oxygen as pass house. Somehow his wife who was also buried by the snow was able to free ourselves. And lucky for him the tip of this snowboard did not get very soon. And so they had like for lack a better word much in grave marker. You now to numerous starter that's what they had no area I saw on the news when they're dig in and out which is. It wasn't like they dug his face out he was like Reggie go I don't if he wasn't nobody that's what looks so we had a smile on his face but he could wiping they often lose they serve until the rescuers. Yeah so it was really really weird. Our ski patrol sister there people were buried in the avalanche two of them went to the hospital with injuries society there were kind of on the surface. Close enough to the surface you can still find him that's wicked and if you don't know this. If you ask her story out little you don't we have to even bring it out of your ever caught and an avalanche. What you I mean first up don't just don't shall try to. Well just stops here and never happens somebody who's on a groom to linemen. Winter Park to sexual midnight it's just these red poles and markers in the big the skull and cross bones. No wonder that it seems more slaughter to steal remain there to cook it. Okay we'll tear any sort of lawlessness really how this all I have a concussion bomb woman behind me see what happens. Good stride breeds it only. Did you did. But if you get married. I I'd just assume everybody knows this but there's a lot of transplants who don't know there's a new did you get buried in an avalanche. You've got to dig he got to try to. After going down. Try to cover your face yeah and clear days and leave like a pocket in your face so when it's all said and done there's a there's at least enough room. For you to spit and then why are we supposed to studio we think you don't stay at my desk. You just let the spirit come out of your mouse okay just dribbled around your yes OK and I think whichever direction in this day goes. Easy. Alan yeah gravity will pull stood down when an easy you didn't the other way go the other. To dispute behind you and because Richard didn't tossing an avalanche yeah sinks. If you are buried upside down from you seal the blood clone your hadn't stuffed you can talk so much you don't know where you're wrapped in point T seal it so there's been stories of people who like got Gary Barnett ranch didn't do this big test started digging themselves out and they're digging deeper into easily tailor. You got suspect and then go to our house where Iraq and go run away from the spit. Asks why did you guys. See the video of the guy that was in the Red Bull skiing competition a couple weeks ago compound was absolutely insane so it's like one of those Helen skiing competitions they drop in Moffett the top this super rocky jagged mountain town guy and he's racing down what was sudden an avalanche starts behind him and he sees some of happen and so he just. Like poker show or is it yet and goes. And he's out running this avalanche any hits a cliff. And does a back flip off the cliff boys out. Running an apple wants its understand 'cause he can't. I'll I'll listen I really don't try this at home I know maybe it was this. I guess you know let you know somebody's filming you you know you could die I'd like all wanna I wanna shall we re all a little bit Michelle. Why is it that everyone skiing in front of benevolence talk to me never get to the avalanche in front of you nice solid down the Montauk in my always 'cause you're probably the reason for the avalanche will probably started it. Okay yeah it be weird to ski down I don't think I'd ski down after an analyst would follow with us I want you got Jeff isn't yet. Do you think that's sexy when an ambulance passes you're. That's exactly great analogy yeah that's if I was ski if I could follow an avalanche okay yeah we're gonna find a way you have. Brings you cautioned bones we have friends that winner park okay men we weren't dropped we're. You're going to be up on top of the mountain. We're dropped you've from the helicopter well right after the out of cushion craziness all of that bad boy down is that this animal you do the back to a political coverage to think that. The so. Now there's so I got to see them if they tossed. I'm any other skis or did the big one that's been in the news is his little girl arm was clinging 125 foot high ski list. I couldn't I what I saw is still. The still picture of her. Understand Souter was her dad or somebody next door numbers and adults another kid in there to some. Experts. I could manage to Lincoln's polar I think it was a mom and she was she just didn't have arm strength yeah she couldn't hold the child doesn't share your. Is strong enough to hold their longer have to dig guys came with like to fire fighter like or they all hold trampled trampoline thing yet. So she I don't hold our Obama and on time for them to give all the way up to where she's couldn't. And muscle it yes supposedly drops the girl ended up only five yet they grab the red TARP 3COM and use it she didn't following him didn't come cut by the guys just aren't nice to have you you actually released yourself was at 45 feet or so easily. Not use it but. If she was Smart she would dangle like when it's your role to steal that's what you wanna do. Is they extend as far as their worst you can. Yeah then released his own show straight off the chair source like what I did what I did it and I did it on purpose was first place. Hazard jump off you turn around and you hold on to the bottom of the chair okay sort your calls first and better and so your tolls are down on the ground and you're just dangling there. It was dangerous to me rookies in this Steelers just to have stopped and both so you got stuck you got caught and we we just we were sitting there for like ten minute some lights and it's. Really powdery around the poles or whatever so all we always like followed. It was sort of fun. That's how easy and it's powder that then you know what happens if you land in powder begins Kia. Also know you're trapped now I gotta do what snowshoes my ass out that I should just stayed there. I always told a story like it was a bad ass and it was a really terrible mistress after step in and have gotten to the song powder is if you're hole and not to ruin it's like. Things are fine pastor but if you just started to. And it's an easy devalues. Usually. It's like skiing out of a marshmallow it's is that it's never gonna happen so the person that stated the cheers went much out of people and failure with it's been less. You can spend on your. But is awful good for the casino but this did help me I knew which way it was all very different look that good but I honestly. If you've had some. Catherine you wanna mountain and we're calling its key stories but Lee knows some of you ride so ski and ride whatever it is not an epic. So no Steve's story we wanna hear it Amy. Yeah I see stories. I need have a I have a friend I mean it's still lit up in jail and bonds are where IQ on lager ale and not. Entry into. And had a little patch now and wrapped his merry and chi. Boom. It's yellow head coach Fred Hill. We what was then. We got it on the go. All once sleepy NASA he shattered the shattered his her. Clean break Corey straight through rain melting Glock in the next day they put her. How old are in good I mean that's your your federal arteries right there isn't largest and excited could definitely died. Holy smokes your first thought was to fill it with. The ball. Yeah. You can control. They are they had a technical how is he rebounds Corey he he's still secretly. Are here. That is solid. Food super I edit I had a friend in high school who Brad distaste around the trees one. Like she looked he was completely different person from opened fire tedious Stacey does it all the seeds are gone all my day yeah. They had to start over honesty CC from here in a tree. And I still go in the trees and IC which is stupid a homebody I got some guys are all glued on they give are calling me. Chris Cooper. Yeah I tease during the group. I had I needed to irritate everybody of that interpreting it either it. A bio and that and it blew every day and he ended up cutting brother lives. And that ethic to pop them up in two big numbers up. And yet a locker around red diet comes up way above it had like few week. She. Always solo I realize how sharp Diddy wants is just I mean can I guess he's a Steve racer so he needs the ads. Yeah you definitely sharper and especially when you're. When you steam fast you wanna be able cutting edge or whatever would that mean that's ridiculous. Hopeful cork in the bush is trying to kill themselves. NCA revenue from the abbey not a candidate. Wow I'm so I don't weird skids like every you don't hear a lot of people bleeding from his wrong doing they do for the guard Chris. Britney. I thought these these stories day. I cheated snowboard out in Horry in all and after I'd done several times but not my sister she lets you want to come Whitney anthem shiner the rope then how you know let that keep your parents are all went over. And now we're getting attention where I was telling you and they kind of ended up in any treat you like I was up. Calling into one of those agents goes around the trees. You can and the only way out through the trains. The a lot more Fiat doesn't run just kind of carries he strayed little hole I gas. That's what you're on the bank of the treatment for sure but couldn't. Are reaching my boots on the other side kick myself. You're literally. I'm sure you've got limbs and eyes I didn't bring my yeah there's no way out of that. Yeah on the hill again and was laughing at me or he liked how how high your door. October oh yeah you're off. I took cartoon image I've seen you land and I. Are. The IC in diameter. Derek. Yeah our guy Steve series. Yes when I was thirteen different mine was a really great order. One data start to charity a double back flip while he made about one and happens throughout that we're gonna stop much. And kind of took complaint are the rest of the day that historic just really really heard project plummeted medic tried sit down on our final they typically made him go to Medicare into. Is that if appendix. Burst EC scrimmage. I just really good tennis or spleen just they just they kind of burst on impacts from Idaho almighty to. I just think that if you don't we had a few more hours mostly go to that. And that's that's poison yeah we Yahoo!. His poison seedings purely a lot of people blowing up ordering the whole game but you're touching. And I thought.