Slacker and Steve - Sleep Deprivation 8/9

Thursday, August 9th


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Steve I ask Steve. What that is. There's a story about some of the stupid things ten strange things parents have done because they're sleep deprived. And one of the first things you said was like. Are there billionaire mayor. Did we blue boots. That you'll. You don't like don't you don't have. You never I don't even sleep deprived because of drugs means I don't think you understand. What baby brain has liked question. I swear you could do waders seeing it why are you trying to get me angry does that mean her I just don't dude don't. Questions so you've got your little slow down your throat out. Had sir I was just curious how how often do newborn babies newborns sleep. I was told like 20/20 hours in the day hero. So how does the parents can all sleep deprived it wouldn't believe he sleeps the big draw and so what we want you to do us are calling with the weirdest thing you did. While you were sleep deprived. Now we can because your scene of cramming for finals or whenever that you sign but what I. You really wanna prove to steam. Is that sleep deprivation when it comes to being in new parent both for fathers and mothers I think mothers go to your heart is it to get up and breast feed whenever we owe more often not. He's a real saying and you do real stupid stuff. Home for your little three year old observation like Clinton at forty yards short maybe kind of know. Not a hero. We call this fall any given moment this some not a lot of people know about you you're ready to take a nap. Who kept my. Ask you to step off your chair and go lay on the red couch in the studio you probably saw him go throw you out in my HID to three minutes I'm never sleep deprived. You Claudius Leo I'm an apparent Michigan play nicely it's like well you're just put yourself and relaxing place OK and close your eyes. Sheila. Thank you relaxed. And. Oh I know monitor off actually tried to turn them maybe not. My. I think maybe it never shake a baby commercials because your so sleep deprived. You don't you're just site please stop what it's like you're washing machines he's buzzing your liked. You go to junior hit often simply stopping you like doing everything you know in the eventually just grab it and you go so. All that's. That's why they never shake a baby campaign was one of what like I thought it was brilliant because parents. You would never wanna hurt you the most precious thing in the world but you. But you losing your trapped two point pitchers one unless tried lost close in the toilet. That's something all and he did nobody does that actually say you don't even good people people they get too much sleep do you know. Now sure your I don't care it's. Way too much sleep that's the problem. You know what that we are wondering about two New York Times people. Hi I do I don't know I'm trying you're sixty are just making observations OK so parents get too much say yeah that's why you're washing clothes in the holy land because you've just lost your mind. Are understandably you must ID I lost mine mine's. And I wasn't even get up for every ceding. It you still wake up the monitors don't not feel like. Decision and in. So you're never. Slowly. And ran. Oh months. Why what on earth you brought that on yourself I don't know what to tell my parents I mean I just let me try to help that it doesn't know you're trying to once you're refusing might help here do you want to do you want someone to walk you to your car tonight because angry mob Maldives for -- goofy -- but obviously also ran a campaign off shifts at its chip but they're waiting for its bravest yeah. The dad you couldn't handle it for two days US baby that you displayed yet. Happy needs to get up it's happened. There's a need when they got you can tell it's not my. And trying to. Assistant before it is why the meaning need to get up the Eagles tend to lump or you knew everything. You can still asleep at somebody else. This loop and I did this and with my son somebody else wrote on the sleep deprivation and we want your what did you do while you're sleep deprived somebody said. I was so tired I forgot our son's name I gesture to the monitor and ask my husband has what's his face to. Carol doesn't employ this strategy if you forget the name of your yes how do you do you have your posture cramped duty did you sleep in too much get out of bed yeah. Constantly the eight kids at the time we had two kids and so nose down and I couldn't think of his name and might. Put Seattle underwent a quick look at that there are the first one to boycott. But let's not cry when I don't think it's the what are. Oh wow. So many other things started cooking dinner breakfast on. You start losing it's like being in Vegas man it's actually deprivation where you don't know what time it is so it's like mission we are. Go to breakfast our own you want to sign is pitch black here and who. Low to what is it lets you wake up me like a kind you're linked. You'll have to sleep more I mean c'mon wool over Ottawa hull doesn't tell you guys who just missed slumber. Deeper. Bore us with. Yup. Appear to help and the help of a good helpers. So the soccer and Steve FaceBook page is where we want you guys to realign and figure out how being angry mob moms can get it off. Love I tell you which side of the buildings aren't we don't know what I'll give you a license number of his red GUK. Throughout the patriots are boxer got here's the good news for you get some sleep Bob's before you know over fuel is awesome wanted somebody else struck two other people who work in this bill majority that things are here you gotta. Great but are you I would suspect iris print in my car later tonight dedicated to be. Sleep deprived took the I want to go to our list of what it. Stupid things you've done that while sleep deprived I'm refreshed after reading this list and I feel good. It's like you wanna get her car club just like you're a day we are talking about the sons of silence. Oh that's that mode don't do it. And you start doing their likes. And you've OK I think Jesse you're done you're putting here is our. I don't that was inflammatory I was like please stop and you wouldn't stop do you like Mozilla dogs on that show you know what it was like he's begging you stop. Like I seal of angry mob are worse than absolute eternity he doesn't do this song is a silence are probably still aircraft with some angry mob mom's good. And if if you're SOS in anatomy for xanax. Once you mean my mom's for a little while AM Adams joining up with NASA and this is while that's. An. If it's a I like you've put in Brighton Beach with well that's actually show almost all thought that there does but it anyways but it looks good up. We'll probably be black caucus at or Thomas if that's your eyes sort of live and also just now during the latter took the car right yeah. That's a good ridiculous. Under the influences of sleep deprivation we wanted to on doing hi I'm Jennifer. Yeah I you guys leave depredations. Yeah I am a working mom and it's my first guy and I had picked up my son to eight Al found it can't you can. And I was barking out the doors. And then I'm gonna take my thought I'd instead I left my phone call and check it out. Exactly right. You know we know there's a price tag and Bob the Builder on your life. We rode here the local CEO and board now he's. Thank you know I got to do a top level and she's. Got to think when you love Jennifer we I mean. It's not out of the realm of possibility that if you for the call Jennifer Ellis unit. Norah. Yeah you know I sleep deprivation and what revenues. I I was getting raves for word got everything in my car. She drove away. Sounds like you're usually just got sure yards pursing your cell phone in your all your crowd you set that day or daily terrier down. That the diaper at. Yet. I forgot the baby yeah you really good to be pretty quiet usually quiet yeah there is beautiful it's like well why. They're armed enemy are you really want pizza Oklahoma guide to Siena go back to his other people in your complex going to cut. They got no I don't know how you like it or hallway about how he says you know I had to go back didn't let you look happy. Looked up at me smiled. On Arab. And it's awesome they've forgotten me out there remember this one on the again by a car went on sixteen no number you did that saying when nine Pittsburgh got behind Debbie. Yeah I sleep deprivation wouldn't do you. My daughter born I worked or not just and I wouldn't bet I would go to work at 9:30 and up 1 morning I got up that the baby and then. And get to work at 3:30 in the morning. During my maternity leave. Who could speak ill obviously. Oh yeah. It would went splat and my agent got dressed and got a car and went to work boycott some attorneys. Geez I don't know what hey what are you doing here being we're not hear the security and Montana have slept in my amateur yeah. Every good son and that's the real time away from the baby dominion with a it's really well you're doing a poor little baby brain loses a rose. To you to break thank you Debbie. Police yeah. I sleep deprivation proved to Steve Israel sealed. Oh. Come when my UN just worried about they. And I. And coddled and its final thought the art manager Greg Harbaugh. Please can you inside it was a pain confusion. With I can you aren't and it kicked some piglet. Paul Thompson's mind quick question and see how ugly is your main thing. Ha but you. Oh look at it in America Online and download hates the wanted to go to any old bones and the computer I know many thanks. Who took the it is all hells yeah. We're there to bloom in the heat and apple corps reserves stuff on the ground now. Yeah that's real bug me you've been volleys against Rebecca. Yeah I know I sleep deprived. VW been outscored duke. Currently he guys he's made some people very upset desires. Yeah. All Italian dairy eat. Only might started actually from college. Go anywhere Britain and others with them really. So I greatly. And I decided to pry it out one night. We should t.'s Sloan and her as. Exclusive big. Only physically remember about fifteen minutes say I passed out in I have got caught by the hour with. All the her sole well excruciating. Pain mighty gum Blair believes. It says they've done at Ataturk. And injections and the kingdom where the pieces. Head and which you can see your team from this oh that's true then. On the plus side you're tiger Warner.