Slacker and Steve - Sleeping in Separate Beds 10/16

Monday, October 16th


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FY. ED. Married one oh good I don't win. You know some like this I don't want how you or any hang on iTunes somebody that's like a Leah Harrison they've been married. Eleven years and they're there like that won four couples regularly sleep in separate bed regularly all the time. Only 30% of those people seems to get their problems they just like. 60% said they like sleeping alone don't just keep giving stats I just want is are you listening who actually. Sleeves separately from their husband says this is a good but I don't. I understand it right is like an upside for your your relationship is good for them perjure your your friends you know best he does it. Because. He's a snore or OK so that's the excuse or is that. A little bit she just she just. Just there are doesn't wanna beat kinda when it's time for sleep that's she's just this is this give away for me I'm trying to sleep. And apparently there was a problem maybe he was amorous and south plus them when they probably would follow sleep who's a threat sure and then a snorers so finally you said just go. Sleep in the other room and they've been doing that for so even when did they do the camera sank. Not probably as much deserved been married for so long but yeah actually. Just set put it meat in my room don't you get out from your men and you know there again. Different florists ya I'm the ITC's in the basement. I don't know why change in my brain around that CBO IXEUWBB. You know room and just I don't know who the hell out of the happened jury's still at least close to one another age. What we couldn't ask you several quick. So let's say you know you do eighteen you courts and you get to know each other all aspects of the relationship to get married. Now you actually have to sleep like slumber together. And if you're not compatible you just readjust your selves you make it work. The point isn't to get one of our of the bad you try and make a word you're not good sleepers together we should compromise. I have lived in her leg I have taught women that I've lived with or been in long term relationships because I am. Like sort of a specific when I would love to take my headphones off and come over and collier okay to show no slams and they'll say they did you an. Sarah Palin LA with a book and played an excellent does this or gotcha before making got you so obviously. So did she ask them the error. My so it's like if I don't follow the sign that. Leg stays straight so she asked to leave that it's we're gonna cuddle if we're gonna spoon she has to leave the same like street and then the same leg. So we stick together like to force not job and it's like I didn't relationship where we laid down together and it's just like your legs are all legs at all legs mission mushy and it's like. I just straighten your right leg got a great danger must wait. Perfect. And then you vote and then we don't other. Did the British. Being completed and I know you never sleep with him. That's only one got resolved you don't know where you have. Ready to talk him relations I'm just saying we're just like Chicago's you'll talk to each other we'll know did well that's the ad that's best from the back not ever been played yet. It's I don't think it's a big deal another set it's if you're touching while you're asleep. Or 94%. More likely to be. In a loving relationship and if you're not. Com. Your relationship is probably not going well. That would mean touching just like your foot touching each other or you've if you're really snuggling a little day you gotta smuggle in some way if you don't touch while you sleep if you are rich. I have a huge bed now and there are times where were made so far apart day. And now I do it it it feels like. Some took us all be sleeping Lama stomach facing one way as long as they reach back in just a guess but yeah finger put PM number. You sleep on bass is a list. Of our moving around a lot but so is obviously on a summit I you know. And adversely but my stomach I'll. Why should I I used to installer sir you know of apnea weirdness that men who have reflux and that. Well that is reachable widely does have a finger on a more. Finger yeah I don't agree with that well are you assign. Just as this is me I sang tonight and maybe I should be but I'm I'm 91 night that's big I don't touch your life we we kind of blatant. And our own sides of the bad idea and worse I mean and we don't via the big thing with us today is we never go to bed at the same time who Scioscia always goes better earlier and on the night Allen cycle and a bit later at 99 she's already asleep by the time that I get into bed and she's in the deep sleep and I'm just didn't invent I don't wanna wake her up in the mill nine hey get over here and make my four slick yeah. I additionally I let her do her thing on her the red number on my son taken eight John that is. I'm Seth assistants with the here that he is here it's little these marriage sailing well there. Never like one of the best couple whoever had just not my first wife never saw the you never fought we have never thought you said there was no passion must efforts there to do it it just passionate about so many if you never fight I'd I'm sorry I think you're just don't. Why how we should keep. Why guys are you separate sleepers. I'm so actually entered into our aim my religion requires that a pretty calling for the parents. Bath disaster loans. So Judea and I'm actually requires physical separation from your house during a woman. I'm menstrual like all. Oh. And they you're not you don't have any of the coal anything don't touch a married impacted each other 800 in the same bed and can even do that on your bad. Though that the whole like completely separated and the mindset is that would get separated at least two week. Then you. After those key leak in your back together again and let the whole ritual that you do you. Arm you'll be like in your honeymoon Oliver gamma typical every near your marriage every month is the truth. I enjoyed him I had my ex husband and enabled panic he couldn't stand there and amongst other area and they are no longer together a red. I mean it's a lot of them a lot of coupled it's what keeps them together they're a complete withdrawal from your spouse. So keep them separate is what twosome together. It's that absence makes our growth funder kind of thing but like I I didn't know that only during the time of the month that's pretty selfish. Should I mean it's 800. Spartan I had an anecdote regular. I don't mayhem that. Rule was like yeah I don't want her around the music she's no good immunity anyway that's she. And don't wanna be touched you there I mean an ally. And the like don't touch me a little your knee like I block I they. I had a little artist I know a lot of women and earned the eggs. The exciting for you can't you don't do that anymore now you'll sleep with somebody no matter what you can sit on your bed while airman period. I mean single now hi there really boil over zealous us. This just. I'll talk crazy I'm not seen the religion is crazy just don't fool sounds yeah dated Jimmy sort of the day digging because it was. I you know Indian. I and it's a person never heard anything in the wheel house that I think so I want what I mean I am. Terribly Jewish friends and I would IE I didn't know I'd always been the topic of my next conversations and so you could two weeks things have no sitting on the I. But that's. I'm misty. Yeah are you separate the first. Why he would do. We have our arms as. Believe it. They got a better at different times you wake up at different times and I am. They meant you can't in my knee. Socio too well but so how do you relate windy you relate juice do you like center. Times late Thursday 8 o'clock my room is ROL. What do you mean. Now. Sometimes I will relate with them when he goes bad and I look at Betty. Oh man with the plan that includes Larry I would Clinton he's. And I I really don't like how old. Wow you can't. So you would go to her best I go to her home to home field yeah and then come back to your room yeah amid a maximum over there are did you wash these. The last time I don't. I was in here with a huge hotel was what's I senate I think there's the throat am bed and then there's asleep in bed. What is an out of the pillows a decorative pillows off the bad I had to shoot as many of the two doubles borrowings okay this is the nodded and would you say yes exactly yes and got to do I mean you are useless and clean place money. On the car you this is a wind you can definitely had a fantastic.