Slacker and Steve - Sleepwalking 1/30

Tuesday, January 30th


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Staying on everything it's loosely blockers you know we do actually. What's going on with you people it's really weird isn't it it's creepy and you live with them so hi Harvey organ to experience George where's my Stanley slowly but surely. I don't know why I am but they're kind of coming out of it can be your kids because they took after your wife yeah my wife doesn't do it as much. What's open and I think that's because she goes to bed just plowed and can't get up on Hobbs and no I don't know why there's just thinks he knows the behaviors less among us. I it's not happening is Austin blight and bomb. My kids will sometimes and don't in my bed and then date accuse me of getting them there likes. Why did you bring me in here points yeah you're right I'm really why I am really sorry and broad view into moderate on the armed person in New York I have no idea how this person is a nice. He got out on. And sell out of always a sheet. Internet. He took his girlfriend's sorry I'm reading all these different genders. This guy took his girlfriend's sleeping pills before it went to sleep all. Honest about 5 AME climbed out of the eighth floor window and fell onto the scaffolding six stories below. He had nothing to boxer's. And apparently he's not that bad a shape I don't know might help firefighters and he was right. He was OK so he was sleepwalking though. How really how do you sleep walks through those and ask you because I thought your self preservation. Just over powers everything that your about to find there's some walking around I'm still safe because might. So preservation kicks at. As you start to climb out the window you would take is like when my kids are Mike Weiss are sleepwalking. Gay. They don't bumping into things it's not like what you see in a movie where zombies they are their arms around this whole show yeah. They're walking around the house they did know where they're going inmates twists and turns so you would think that brain knows. And you just opened a window on March 8 floor of an apartment complex. That's a bad idea. Why are you putting your leg outside exactly and it didn't didn't. So prison rationed securities to go and that's that is strange yeah wind do you think he woke up. You're supposed to wake up with sleep walker and golf is a may get killed it dead doesn't happen but I'm I guess my question is do you sinks your body you know when you're in a dream. And you do the following. Oh yeah did you think he kind of wake up during the salt or did he wake up when you hand it while what do you think woke. Following sixteen story sixty seat since she got up and walked away from the accident I wanna say he was still unsure. 'cause otherwise you get all Bridget. You're right yeah he's he must not swinging and still sleep following. Firefighters helped him get back in the buildings from the scaffolding thru window. So he actually just got out that's weird he was taken to the hospital but. He had broken leg in a red that was it tougher talk has jumped out at all armed tax actually awesome I am telling you I put a little. But screen door hooks on my house because I'd give the kids know how to open doors and everything noticed but there's wondering. There when they eventually wake up I'm just afraid they'll they'll find themselves. In another town. Hope which weird it is is they took after what so it's hereditary or is what does he everything hereditary it's got to be and I had a little bit. When I was a kid but not like she does OK because she'll just be talking on what they're much I don't wanna do this without them. Because there's a saying about how to handle a strict closely blocker in the first thing is don't start the persons like all your. We are good I just more sleep walkers are per year than people in car accidents. Only a month. It doesn't it it doesn't mean you're gonna die did you sing don't startle them because when they're they're they're gonna be testy in disorientation. Winds forced to come back to consciousness what else you know this was a serious losses it says definitely let them go to Steve's house in restaurants like this toy collection and looking at this. One Leno doing whatever they wanted to these tasks. Problem so we don't another sleepwalking story and we look here's what we want we want you to tell us. Sleep loss has a memory but so if you sleep walker units tell us what the people told you done but if you if you're like I mean a victim of sleep blockers so the tell us the weirdest crap you sound twelve I was like this story this one from ready com this feels like something had to enter this at my roommate. Cop was once standing in front of the fridge freezer door open and knowing. On a frozen bagel just once when I asked him what he was doing and he told me don't mind my ass in business and go back to Peru. It has worked so liberate MB and I'm not Peruvian and I've never been to Peru to pitched so they told him to go. The worst part of honestly barker sit walkers are scary there's kinda scare sleepwalking or sleep talk Hearst. That's scary when they're having a commerce issue with you they don't realize early comers and I wish I I know it sounds weird because because you'd be at my house link near or bad. But I wish you could see it. Okay do you would you know my wife yeah she's speaking like. Her normal self dude but you could have whether or glassy eyes are you cannot tell all now been told you you breed a waiter the next stage is a forty talking about. Typically what happens is. We did in an argument. Because she's seen something stupid OGB means she's a mean sleep book. Oh she's just like like I said that she's she'll be looking at the wall go what the hell is that animal in the wall and did our dad don't put my station so moment. Seems talking about what are you talking about as soon as I raise my voice she's like what what's written up. Right protection he's like and why we're here. No I've got out and decided to start aside. Looking for an imaginary forty foot I hater that's how tonight. Wet but she's right to be milieu for waking her up because she couldn't. Which could adopt kids more people die from being awoken from jump blocking your own car accidents you heard that statistically accurate statistics. On the slacker in Steve's show personal startle. If your sleep walker we won't hear your story extra points. Bonus points squads really huge. Points somebody's woken you up and you're still goal alive if you've got to sleep book in story we wanna hear it Elisa. Yeah. C all are you keep talking okay are these are talking right you currently unconscious hours out of the the. I am very proud parent of anger. And I wanted to face slacker are very popular weight and I'm still alive. You were slapped awake once yes yes so I am honored there you else. Mood sort you to sleep on her she is or who is no I'm actually barker what happens. I want an important. Though and I got out Kirk from. My car keys and I'm having a conversation. Myself but I thought I was having a conversation. You might actually and I am looking for current team that don't exist and ammunition educator making a lot of noise like it and actually make. And it scared my mom wide awake. Antique ambition achieved means you can in the conversation between forty doing. It's different currently there for that group who the heck did that many. And super I would need and how awful which could explode across the birds. Just how sneaking out how often and that's horrible gut and then my what did you mean. As we woke up before that I used to think she woke up before us did. Eating or you went on you know now Modesto. If she woke up when you when she got all all we're saying she woke up before they hit you and men just gave why should I. His tax or couple portal I think my mom initial occur this and woke me yep that's exactly what would you do you still lives in your fourteen so who continue to hold and so you heard your Mormon expert on what a fourteen year old is stinking that the fourteen year old South. Africa as well if the do you still sleep walker now. You'll break. I don't know I don't sleep well anymore but they do talk in my sleep any kind of at the time scares my boyfriend. Who who who I'm telling you basics are really were Deng's wish if you got your eyes open they give me the Collison because I mean you know I. Again I doubt that I want you in my bed but I'd like to talk to my wife's in the middle of the night ha Internet OK okay naked thoughtful and artist should the yeah. I sleep walking talking her up. And so remember you're from Chicago. And I knew they are quite I would buy. And she would leave block armor rounds down to downstairs you are front windows and open up the window and start screaming out we know. Why then humid I don't know that you would got a kitchen got hurt so bad and then go back in that is doing what she would do. Is sleep or screaming. Shrieking and screaming all the same I'm lonely girl she wouldn't like dark. Now eventually issued and go back up doormat. That that read the book lead blocker and to get more agitated and we've flopped more in sophomore or whether that higher struck moment. Troops but I hope I'm more the mimic or even the trauma so like that's moving and we are barely I guess but yes you let it go back and that went on her. Might we had plenty of our friendly local boy simply show up. You know I guess there's a child screaming blood and I wrote an open window saying that is. Frightening movies in wake your Internet bola my wife she's a bloody end today. She obliged here in the twelve year old teenager it kind of let your. A quick Bartlett but not yet that the dear Kwame at this event like this morning. Own crowd. Screaming about tennis deli you know and generally don't know my guess is that they you know the golf bond Kayla. Yeah sleep walking none. So my little brother haven't and a little brother or he would have a clue what you got there. They put him aren't out of camera there were apparently cut at the nation and he looked up at the battle of his nap. Snarling in kind of growling you had a T clenched so bonds rose. What's going but he and he'd play. He's like I see monsters. And she panicked so where do you feel more than he's just looking around and growling and he turned my mom and point to his head. And then just stared at Everett back and then started looking around growling get and then eventually attract me. Why you. I gotta get my hands and some Tamiflu you know wow that sounds yeah yeah I mean it's got a lot of nasty side effects but lengths online that's not a nasty one over the donors just don't know it's over ten yep absolutely had to go in look he's pretty bad at the end of the the giggling Williams. Yeah totally yourself a little memo. I don't how the sea monsters in my head of the snow I did this for you didn't that the isn't he didn't remember any big if you do if you win tomorrow oh my god thank you can go died too I swear I am. I usually not on the actual doctor can you hit us up on the things a page tells Steve you don't die verified. This will go ahead to tremendously block game. So happen to me as a kid until. But I found myself and my instill in think I know meg down. Just laying out and my neighbor and be hired and apparently when I woke up my momma thinking elaborate firming of my neighbor came over to tell only. That would knocking on their door all night and they kind of saw that it would. Incoherent and gloom rambling. I even got so they let you guys want I just walked back outside in the yard again. The only I actually discovered that my plea blocking it will help you what's wrong with me so if I'm stressed I hide things in the French. There. I'm annoyed or an angry I usually go outside and I'm if I'm depressed sometimes I find myself from the back I'm. Home. My yeah yeah still do it to this day you know known about twelve or thirteen. Is and its allies so flat out which got a little chart you've got your little magic up I was. Who who I don't know or any.