Slacker and Steve - Snake Stories 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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Staying on and so the world universe has told us we have to do snake stories don't know a lot of sneak activity they're. An influx of really weird snake stories a lot of python's while the browns stink so bad the brown ones I think it was a bad Coca. Is we just pulled that out of context are now belongs browns they have. Australian snake catcher was summoned to a home on apparently. One of the toilets in their house just kept flushing a great and they couldn't figure out why a bomb. There was a brown tree snake inside a wall. And somehow. On the snake was in there is some sort of flushing mechanism in their walls and in so the snake was resting on it so this in the toilet we just flush Willie knew she. In this guy had to come in around. It says is a home. Automatic flushing toilets I was gonna say that's bad ass on what. Now we're we can't lazy state yeah I mean it's excellent saves time maybe Joseph we don't even flushing them. It's. It is set it up and it had its head when you when your dominant closer or. Starting slacker and sees Steve snake Fleischer service snakes terrorists like. The title total working on yeah as you progress through. Fund. I think we need to know is brown snakes bad revealing is that I think all Australian snakes are bad. Who is in Australia one of those places where you don't wanna see is neck I think you're right connecting to a somewhat. Kill you unless you're big enough to it's residence district north of boa constrictor python's used instructors are squeezing your seat and Romo I thought the constrictor squeezing any deal. Oh OK once they squeeze you don't does they have so I just their job in America. Ozzie python's housewife. Went to bathroom Downey ten foot python. Curled up next to her twin by the way we want snake stories and they don't have to have a courtrooms bomb ten feet that's so. These town had slither out through the pipe work passing you bend of the twin of the Ford she'll show you know GE's. It's so nice to sleep. Of every creatures that are missing are creatures we've flown slumber Sarah rests. Drift its. I didn't want everybody to note today Shelley's is going to be like Kona where readers with the yeah just keep saying the same thing over and over if this were her words. Or do you think there breastfeeding day to adjourn. To nine I went in thank. Odd they grapple with rising beast dragging it out on the front patio word spreads just before it was put into a large sack she's and they let it go back in the wild if you found a snake and guys Alito. Describe your I was X it's easy there Vermont anyway I love that you're ready I was against this team. Dissertation how. I'm just revenue I get it so she was really scared that ten foot snake and he got a seventeen foot python this is sick. 132 pound Burmese python was down in the Everglades she. What do you do that thing where they were having people go until the snakes because there's surges and a lot of population control thing out. They say don't python's are ravaging Florida's wildlife population. So they'll eat alligators reckons possum daughters and pretty much anything out there. To somebody went out found AM she's seventeen footer that slick are here's another due to sentence for smuggling king cobras in dictatorship chance. In a Pringles can think self. Is they're not Cust chipped Pringles. Are there kitty Canada has a braille and that's just exactly like him that are really not. There is anti drugs Oreo thank basically didn't Freel lay due to they do something called stacks or something and did he tried yes they do they do not take off canned milk. Are high as one of the cannons were gonna do here how we cobras are 12020. Cobras in one little Keener how big day. It is a little you know little baby. Cobra stinks she. Are they deadly. Are they more deadly when they're little they're and we just learned that yes they are like the more they can control is the bigger but less than mannerisms and because little ones have to learn how to control the amount of venom there spewing out so so it's that you. Then there was here's another six or people that I'll rushed to a hospital which is eighty cat out. OX state yeah. But the calendar until my instinct. All I can you believe that. All it is I know it didn't feel like a snake story that you see that's what's coming did you really think how had been killed from a snake bite and everybody ate this they know somehow it was Mirren meeting in snake venom. And I'm. Yes so they all got sick son a good Mirren and it's not snake is now it's been it was not a good match. May I recommend Italian dressing really would also need to know a piece Italian dressing on chicken. I personally know George Foreman Grill guy and you've never done I have not so we take you Italian dressed as a bottle of wishbone and yes. Port on the meat moved putting an ugly before you leave well noted in a plastic bag and might listen to her. You going to homered to store on the Schindler elegant nice little Italian coating on it looks much better in the snake venom starting funny to saddle and then go to sixers yet. Now sword and do your best chicken marinade recipes. Yeah top America if you. But we are snake story we'd love to hear it holly. Yeah I did six source. And the prime time comedy had to dig into that very anyway in the back Garrett thank you wish he'd got there were open. Turn that I would like copper hagel and it got a hat if the panel. In her mouth and her cattle a couple of I didn't scattered them back in she lived that part of our current term black likes Alaron. She and her purse hung pro world. You add heat don't have like a little. I kind of part of our capital that you're not there he won't show up at their route. Hey you viewed rusher that facet she would have been done. Usually a couple of those scary is comrades are like Superman MS Wright I think so. Yeah see happen the comprehend that one was okay. Edit out all. OK bet some. Least he became the advantage of the her position for him today and you actually might soon. All it took me to go to the snake the only thing right there for what could go on me taser conference handling ultimately going and the near the golf it would just half of my. I'm too soft look loads. Oh I. Lawrence. Yeah I nice snakes or race. All my friend had his maid get the packet and yet somehow it seemed like it to split their out of it container aids. And it's slipping or how what they want you about where can he last bet I did see it reminds. We had just live lake I don't even now lake aware this being is he looked everywhere. They're eventually like fire and calm and he had hired delivered him in his path out of it cartman oh boy and they take that it's huge entertainment center. And they tilted it slightly UN they take it out. And then Gerrard just pop out then and it just. Popped out and it slid area here and I owed it to me at that sure. I'm one of those mover is I quit yeah I'm like okay he's our condolences dropped your entertainment senator I AMP entertainment center was OK there. Again it's it's a it you'd think. If he was just happy to get his snake back while oh my god that's awesome. On JR. Yeah I snake stories. RT I gala for it has. I went to work near Khost diverted in Brazil or go down there every couple years and as do some checking down there and Mira buddies were there we had pretty much. Gone out all day came back and you can add Shipp says that thing there are so. I went off and on my own little things article click the take a nap. And a what I woke up but there was something like. Touching my foot on it so I was looking at it and I was still tired. So it. We are you come out of first I guess that's then I realized. It was flash huge hype on this is. Signed do you want to set you it would just going past us going over my foot and that it would know or my Adelaide. It was it was meant it was size it was as you grow up is that snake gonna low blow a taste and we San. I'm puts it is can unheeded Jon and have itself today. And her record. We have of course let's take it a try he must have not been hungry because like I was just sitting there are sleeping he could over because rafter rallied from this easily so I've noticed feud going by and eight just he just slowly war and armed by air and like you. Yemen lives it's where you walk over the python's goal. I guess I've never it's just I don't like when a dam python and let us live there and in the moment he's meeting he bees is saw. Nights they do for cars and oddly you didn't seem to be an advocate for anything you can tell you're not okay if it I'll call Obama. Austin. Are you guys snake stories. We're letting your blow my mom gave gave me rattle quickly let's. Look so apparently she had a nice healthy life insurance policy you're talking about that. I urge you got home and bought the earthquake and are bright boy and she just scooped up like a copy can it and gave it to me when I got home she had no idea. I go to rattlesnake. Should I was trying to say and I said thanks mom and rhetoric like before she gives them she snatched it out of your grass version but you're welcome the long tour. Big deck like what and that's the best part of the story that she didn't even think twice let stupid that the snake. She's bad as he's told us she she'd learn from me just pick it up now bad she went to this piece this cool. There's. It's. Odd that is also Muslim wanna for the golf.