Slacker and Steve - Snake Stories 3/20

Monday, March 20th

A salon in Germany has a new service on the menu. For $40 you can get a 4-foot long python wrapped around your neck to work out your kinks! Would you get a snake massage? What strange snake stories do you have? 

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Slacker and Steve on the. Are we supposed to come the last time we talk about snakes what you got now you snake Wrangler and year. Janice Wright because I know how to move good. Ichiro sneaks as the work you're you're you're person coup. When we get on the air likes to pretend I know you're not afraid of a lot of things that I don't pretend I just not afraid of the protest. Stamp. I swear to god is if you don't get snakes in here you are I don't I don't I I I don't even have the power to fire you but you have to. I was a snakes just grab them from behind the head done. That's all the guns. And if you're reading this story about the woman who woke up with a sacred union are met how would you feel about that. That was a little off putting and slowly putting yes but not scary though to Cisco can't score we loose the tight right so. Yeah. You know it's scary do you feel the unknown at first wouldn't be scary. I would assume logically and figure out the situation but that's to be startling maybe two slight startled. We need your snake stories so you tell us what's happened between you and the snake. And down that there's no more frightening about it because I want Steve to yes and like I think it's a year snakes I think steer you look at fearless it's a weakness. ICC here as something that is kept our species and life here is something that you know. Some are just people in and then in the species we walked by said tool of snakes and does that somebody let. Hey. Oh the listings backs OK any inside eventually no way to tell you just your instinct. Interpol logically you're like well. It's inning you don't plead self preservation kicks in yeah no yes. Totally discredit behind the head on out I'm Christina Humphreys of national congress of I would an unwanted bad partner she was. Awoken by speak peculiar feeling. She expecting Clinton catch a kick this is this kid. Who can you describe the BQ okay. As. Except with since. She rolled over expecting to catch found chicken snake coiled up decider instead chicken snake. You know changed is that an afternoon with chicken snake on chicken strips face like snake I just go through live not just nothing is done. If you look signature hand. Code named this stupid since that we run out and then. Oh yeah handler at Lee's. Copper and we didn't next. So what do we ask questions for years and I'd be mad about tickets. I blew on the Tom. Tom. The Shia the large snake stared back at her while she Syrian and they're coiled up next to each other and then he's right about now. The group's key right arm. She she she bailed or something they said after a thorough search the reptile was found hiding underneath the bed move and was released back down into the wild. Understand this I don't care euros. People who those animals as I am I've a friend who. Won't kill a spider in her house and gently release yes. Released this indoor domesticated spider out you know I'm known benefits and. Not just one can aspire. I've not been outside it's matter anyway you might yet I find it chicken snake. In my dad whom weren't have a good stern talking dude I know why we call on chicken snake. Then he's dead well my head because all us Abraham snake Wrangler never mistake. I wanna watch you kill the snake I want evidence of the dead chicken snake is if you will find its way back. That's exactly the way I was wondering here you can size stuff. So dark it's it's like when you put some you testified against somebody and they go to jail. Every day in jail they're doing pushups going home you know home do some. Yeah except this is a chick instead Sarah who so. We don't really getting her. This book. And she believes the chicken snake she spots outside on her twelve acre property team through any pipe connected to her daughter's room. Yeah kind of structure of the security Adam I Smart and he's dead I'm Jeff how do you see has spent the last I don't stalling this whole time so did you just a tiny little with dual tools to. Chickens so weighing one I chicken steak is. It's a name Mara term for several breeds of different snakes that eat eggs rodents are small birds so. If it doesn't tell you what tennis they did. So could be a bull snake there's a lot it's great. So it's any snagged a mighty rejection rate don't rattle snake is a chicken sank could be. Who destroyed find the person who wrote this in Nashville Tennessee and actually some chicken snakes on the bond. Got it I know a woman had a snake on events while she was driving low. Any you start to go there looking for red rat snake does stand ready rats they cannot wrap did you. You know her and she likes it. Don't oh so good. Collins just tired of all the recent series you get your colon your story with the content or else we're just gonna keep tells stories of different needs and it's a I. Yeah hey. Why. Barnes. On Florida woman nearly crashed her car. Red rats they crawled out of for air conditioning that tellers more than one is just cut won't just what he wasn't like raiders of the lost coaster kind of knows calls. Snow who's just won it's funny how did you know come with an event was it not told fans single mode hours are going to be actually make good out. And the little holes in my event when you have the little isn't returning ones you know you're an attorney okay and that I that you took items like Olivia spot. That would be the chickens cousin of which. They want to read rats thank. Several different species could wrap snakes include corn snakes could prompt throughout the southeastern and central United States three to six feet long. It's perfect because with the policy chickens did get a read write stimulus. We're starting snake club sweep. The first real estate club tell your friends. Reduced. You violence and right now. So far couple Playboy snake stories out there expensive issue just colleagues and I just sit down there again to make these tensions could. Opus nations audio rigged you're okay good literally has instruction manuals for every stereo ever made so we contain teacher got to get rid of the you don't kid 47 arc when he winds. Are now so we are killer snakes come loose so global and a woman alliance. Yeah apparently a whole Florida neighborhood is on higher alert Brian Purdy reported this to slip venomous cobra. Snake and. Even this country looks like for years pit bulls back. Little girl I. Know we get sun looks a big thing we site owners don't cobra today. Yeah. Yeah he was licensed them easily cracked yeah license I go to create rocky starts a week. I can't do it concealed carry permit I'm Potomac bulletins have come my cobra like this is a look at the this is by spirit out yeah. My therapy anyway yes he's got a cobra. And restore normally you would keep a cobra united placed under animate. Heard you talk yesterday at a time. Now you're not a commuter and then a minute it's not good enough to make the banned list but I like just because I. You de land Florida wildlife commission is leaving the search effort. Current. And why does it since voter too so I'm going to be here just follow the trailer did you've. It. Israel are generous nation Darrell wanted everybody's night I told Eric could be related to our country will be sure investigators won't let us know up. One more and then meet new wing of the didn't wanna talk about this this. This company in Germany. Wants to put a python around your neck. Oh yeah I was healing massage therapy they literally rent a four foot python around your neck and its leaders in crawls. And as it goes around your neck all the muscles in the body are actually massaging enact yes it slowly constrict your flow until you die in an ET. You'll see the black dots next here. That's. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be forty dollars what good is taking off your card can. Did the snake is unchanging it's like. Anyway guys it's forty dollars for a half hour let that happen there's still there's the one that freaks now this story's a little bit older but a boy found rattlesnake in the toilet. Terrified line no running he can lose he's using the online amigos in their sneeze coming out to a scary it was terrible so they call the snake Wrangler skimming and we got around sneaking into our own guys like. Yet I don't know you just tell Biden cut their agendas like this is not a loner snake there's other snakes Amu and and they found like twenty flew. Or more rattled she. Floor toy or Juan. They split and under house already come up through the toilet as like Tom never came back. Says they must close a chickens the only two issues. They may calling it the moved uses equipment he's. Dennis naked turning around and had permanent. So if you had an encounter with a snake and we are gonna try to pull this back together and here you were snake stories. Sure. Naive snags. OK maybe not at the door open all day each candidate yeah he's retired Howie. But it was a vote each. And it was always at the washer and dryer you put it up a little longer. And it was without. At each site that route that's incident. Yeah and then not lately that actually. Work. 240. Pounds he'd a bigger guys. Keep bringing. Coming out of there fast early and get whoever I end. Dream and I'm in her. Sure but I keep faith and yet they're gonna say. Yeah I read you'd do it. At the Ryder rhetoric that and that's how I know how long quiet. Well they're Baidoa wash your dryer and might get out and let's not get up and got out. Meanwhile persons. And the aren't a that I am it's what. This to. You what age here though they don't want that. I know I don't go to I don't go to this NATO leader again it was thrown this film because they're snakes that are clear the building I see this is even though there's still Erick OK you know every once I see that story were so do mistakes and escaped welcome when he escaped I only know the guys who's at building all okay it's better than not. Play soccer like Debbie I got to pull out of their pocket and make sure they're gone before I watched a laundry. I understand them better attic it. What are seeing this in the bull snake is a very deceptive snake is it's the one that I've had by my house and it pretends to be radler that's the one tries to sell my. It does and it and it it. Act like a corporate get some back. Okay oh Claire loved and it moves its tail we have right losers are still within its making the rattle sound with its mouth so single. And he'd say too much done as good first semi sonic thought it was a radler might cool whereas they had to losers Nash is you can tell his lip syncing to the barrel in the South Carolina hello. British it's a complete any. Hey you know aren't snakes. Sneaked so I was holding onto eighty. Friends black crap thank. That's a euphemism for something else KK can keep a family show America. I don't wreck site OK those bad ass taste like rats snakes. I don't know how to read my earlier drew him go to the Redmond so you're holding these snakes. Now they know loading and he decided that I area got a maybe it's me I'm hearing. And. Was it like a black mama do you we have a limited amount of Tylenol and. So now I. I can't appear anyway it was Blake a lightning strikes around my am sorry hit me on my hand see adrenaline hit my body. So parred it let lying tramp and politicking you met's huge stage it would trim my name. Hand ul whenever my arm like one big shot of lightning. Giddy little Maine yeah you know to my heart and then. Think it throughout the rest my body isn't. Mean all there it's not venom that image just it's just scary just makes you. You know I mean there are no NN and he didn't I'm I have left a little bit about like a murky green Blake street they're daring and he can ball to necessarily. They found it it is just my adrenaline just kicks in. You're supposed to sucks and then amount since us led him to lose a lot of grass Steve Smyth grand apparently it not to even do it. So attacks. As an iPad yeah. No it floated around in my journal oh only digs go down from Democrats Nagle begins don't want to show streak is its. Debut early going and how long. Haley. Yeah yeah I snakes. Well I'm currently in Arizona and win and I really trial mine I think it Goodell about it and we don't know where they're there I think back. Independent camera picked out home for a week or pulling debris out of those type written that the. The war broke a wheelbarrow or else they who. Narrowed a bit edgy you know what did he do it. I. Right it's very early. Since I can see the stick was obviously eating that whoa yeah. Yeah a little bit to ditch your own woman. Oh my god she used to grab it somewhere on it's I. Yeah. Can you send sorting this and it's pretty easy yeah snakes swinging the rich to pay you for that god dealing with terrorists. Aren't. Just cannot get here I don't mean this Nicklas is that you can no snakes so. And I. I'm I want. Iron about shake you know told me a million yen it would look better and yet we count on my property. With the rattlesnake who might not crap day prodded into the house and decided to chop that it cheap since. Yeah what's. Yeah he's so. How you found her rattlesnakes. And you'd like more or less. Alleged child usually what does it chopped it up in the future and so moving around RJR all which you turn. Are you serious. He did just too big to do and experimental watch it now what is what's. At. Like I was about shaken I would like Cutler and I put so Clinton. And mr. Q&A guide. And the kicker is cheap as the barbecued still warm wet he wrote a place like. You need. Is like chicken. You lessening Dahmer yeah. Ala. Oh ports are moving I've heard this they still I think she's kind of camera. It's a campaign. I don't I don't want it it doesn't I had no tanks. I know you sit. There are a few new children's home and thought we'll take more scenes stories and more if you wanna stop by with a snake we can sell all add up. Yeah so Steve can grab their heads for the first time yup. You're snake stories on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.