Slacker and Steve - Snake Stories 6/21

Thursday, June 21st


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CNN. Dot us next. While we don't have a choice to make what we have to talk about it's determined by the number of disturbing snake stories relaxed on let me ask you system we talked about it before. Bigger snakes the more dangerous. They are is akin they have to learn how to control their venom so they'll they'll load as much of all of and one giant has the baby must think they got found a Wal-Mart. Oh yeah. Actually connect you. Come Shura was why it means so this dude. Was shopping any looked down and his car and noticed a small mental mistake was quick around the base in his cart and then somebody you know. Brightly just start shooting video of it rather than trying to do is thank you go on. He goes out to the Wal-Mart employees and is just starting out groceries seminaries and detail clearly I don't. Don't steal. But like I need to discard outside because there's a rattlesnake on it good why. So I'm just trying to inform you that I'm not unless you wanna pick up the snake in digging yourself. And I've got to rattle snakes on my they didn't let them usher out of the Wal-Mart got somebody to come in something a while okay. I thought I had a longer story than SI think something happened where he did something everything was okay with a guy Oca bomb but the again. Snake scared the crap out of me rattlesnakes the most. But this little baby snake woods. If you're sure that there are more dangerous and I'll then I'll and I'll be scared for good thanks but no there third third track to me well. I've known you all out all your reptiles birds and not at its core area it's. A bomb yeah no I mean it was the first amateur to Disneyland. Monastery. And that's that's the once you don't want to be embroiled in Europe don't lose you know I don't want to stick. If that's yeah arm celebs are first neat story but next line we are talking about it as I understand. I snake. A 54 year old woman. Went missing in some Indonesian village justice she went to look her garden they say in the middle of the night them. Arm. And people went out to look for her and found her belongings. Including sandals and a flashlight. And they couldn't find her. They eventually found 823. Foot long that she yeah I saw him she used that had swallowed her. Holes yeah. I know all twenty fluke he. I don't know how big she was. But I mean. Let's say she's slower slicks for. That's still too big mean and ways like Howell floor and that snake unhinged because it doesn't chew it up you're right it just on hinges in passing. Oh yes my own so everybody thinks that. She. You must have wrapped around it it obviously you do leave there and what a snake EU right so probably killed her first write a tell you you have details that we are missing and I watched a video of them finding her and they. Did they cut it open when she was it was she little she yes she was very petite woman. But here's the thing so here's what I thought originally when I read the story I was like okay. Why would some woman might go out until her garden in the middle of the night may check current crop there aren't whoever you insinuating she wanted to DD nice. It just doesn't make any sense to me but and then here's the even more messed up part is it's not like the garden was just right outside her back door was halfway up put up what cliffs. She had to hike up and there were caves and all this kind of stuff there that there were no loans sneaks in and it was a half mile away from her house once that I have so you think somebody. Killed there and took her up there and let a snake eater. I really am not saying that it didn't happen. It's nice to out clever to do remove them analyst AT and hopefully if nobody finds there right away. It's just how listening ticker sandals not. That's where. I saw a snake story out so that also includes single and she another one snakes slithering out of Virginia woman's suvs vans thug. This just say what can this Hamas. As for mean I think I sell the car I crashed the car I never give back in the car. That cars had been redone with the go I'm done with that car while per share a certain it is a big snakes that night came on your bent. I don't know what's in store we need it but don't don't. How does a week or so go to god died for mistake you know we didn't die he almost died all in this. It was the other dead head it was separated from the rest of the body he went to pick it up in a big deal. Okay I want you just the last question I have about that did and how it's snakes. It doesn't have a body to move. To be able to do so he put his hand literally. Right next. There's there's no really good point yeah. They can't links turn 'cause it's heads cut off Julie moos spurs has had only just open it now but you know I don't always take it led to do or I might. Force it sell us a dinner that's true. Selig did Japanese anime thing that they deal on the newscast what they do re creation of this as if somehow launching and get this he needed like 26. Doses of anti venom. To stay alive and he barely alive diseased kidneys are shot those injections are cheap and you normally needs for our rights. One more in the mortgage music stories any snakes are there a demand cereal box and went and hid. In his dishwasher this one as we're the corn sneak. Yet he thought he was haven't corn flakes but he had corn snakes group mayor was he really didn't complex. Yeah what's the current. So big these Lin reporting yeah it's. It's mostly indigenous to America but apparently they're like that's known englanders on going on and so it's sound it's usually just found its way to corn flakes because it smelled like what it's familiar west I thought so but they're saying that was probably a patent owned by somebody else and got away images got him this nation everybody I don't know why our athletics. Earth ice so we've got a few stories and we wanna know he doesn't have to get to try to murder your Stanley or swallow somebody whole but if he got some weird experience with a snake. We want your snake stories Melissa. Yeah. I he had a six story. I do know we have a knack technique I'm sure Clinton and return I cannot accept you like I returned makes us. Eager to hear it how about conduct during glamour around them but you do they like birds single news. The comeback. You know animal control them I know have nothing to do that we were very nice you know. After allow. And read about you you you you. We aren't spray that won't stop that like XP and played installations little out of the minivan yeah. I know awhile here. A Smart or world yeah and lea traded I would like. We moved into summer. With my experience and talk to earn. Some pride is slightly insurance but what I had no idea that you're listening to so he amassed how CO don't mean this. No matter how important is this you know oh yeah. This. Saying well. Yeah I'd be just when there's a bunch of them altogether from rising home acids and I had. So basically stated that is kind of scrutiny blaming the other determined and I feel there might pay if they leave the door open for about eight seconds and then. Bring in one of those Amazon boxes with the stimulus. And no thank you may not. Mike Hsu. Yeah I I eat snakes or solar. Yeah I was at a wedding when I was little and after the ceremony where an amount somewhere right around and its fuel all the little kids you know we're like I've detectors all. And I would come the speed of plywood were jumping on a regular kind of noise and running around that one of the parents yell at us like they can't be quieter there will be quiet. But it finally hear these travelers it's. Yeah they call out animal control the governor of the momma about warning you've made your radler is. We've been jumping on her. Thirty minutes. An hour hole now. Is Laura. Yeah. My guy promising to it and let it go back Dublin appeal at all we were stuck in order. Could order a broken and you just been in the states. So it was laying on the ground so you know as tall grass so I don't know what the order it or not there's somebody popped it out. Swords or something like that sort of laying on the ground is covered up by the ought graphs that we were down there and I hit it it would have broken and we would call them but they couldn't quite cleared out around their. You Julio almighty gives anyone at burst and it bounced around the whole Karl that is until we can thank you prove true call might. Hi Jennifer. Yeah I hate snakes. Oh we had a nickname mr. Brothers and he departed and make the Sterger. I'm looking into the import out there and thank you any tips. It was almost out of forcing yeah but but. It's that it would compare I would it would it. Slid. Does not want to sit with the home idol and it wasn't a device on certain things. He. Didn't tell my dad or you can be used the it's as I was awesome thank you better. Com. Jessica. Yeah he's snakes and. So when ear bowl Iowa about a deal and I'm a baby you're out help may I am I thought airbags. And hope that shaking or what but. You meet our our our department and Elaine aipac eastbound. And eat it like freak out about net. Wait you're like a hole when you caught us a huge. You're dull but my other adult. It was. Some schools. I want like I get it up probably bet oh what they are up cheering right but I'm aware. No. But we are opening their weight are white and now we. And came controller venom in a windows machine. At least not how we all went on the area. How I got spotted around about a other eight year old but I thought your. It physical way to get out. Therefore duty free just oh my god put you. At. Home run and I am now there am I that's a new way to give. I meant to ask her did she just can't go. See she probably did sites easy Steve knows everything you know he's close to the mountain looming herbs loses study of an outsider I don't plant housing about snakes. Tony. Yeah REI hate snakes so. We were yapping in my dad left our little German shepherd tied up. Two little pop up menu hoarding up I started eat it but it was still look to the pro sort of ties on couldn't get away. My momma screen dad Beattie it would have room and it may cattle like spit out that dog to get away. More old but the dog darted past. Oh. At home. Yeah ha ha who this is just. I choose don't know who we were out of time so we have to end on that this horrible visual could hungrier. And stuff and not see it.