Slacker and Steve - Snake Stories 9/21

Wednesday, September 21st

There is nothing better than relaxing on the couch with a nice delicious snake... I mean snack! An Australian woman got the surprise of a lifetime after a large python popped out of her couch cushions. What happened when you encountered a snake?

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Steve are there. Snakes. So. This for some reason there's a ton of sneaks stories in the new market of those people like you know me with clowns. Yeah and I feel the exact same in us next big mistakes are our friends money they kill things that were worse than snakes. Wrote I sort of get Katmandu there are friendly advice do you. I was at an event recently and they had a snake there won't fund you better and play with a I don't did not Weiner. Because it's a snake. I'll just do a deal. We talked about this before when you want to order a snake if you're afraid of just walk up behind you grab a behind its back and if its head in the in your safe. Is easily one of my favorite things that you believe will actually happen it really is that he's. It's not that easy and that's how works on. The woman in we were just on the story out here. She 83 foot python. Turned out coiled around her shower curtain rail. She's a Chicago woman. Unfortunately for her. That's not forced snake. That's been in her house suggests force yes. And so we did some investigating and stuff and they finally realize that the previous tenants were breeding sneaks in an apartment so ruled no that's why they got kicked out now who need to be a ball of riding 668 of them say somewhere in her place. If if yeah. I'm just quit your day where they go work towards a words war then it's like dirty little boy also. Could be heard what I mean but so does the previous terrorist breeding snakes to catch a breeding snakes big kick come out. It probably sitting there cleaning crew communal place so Alison lurking and you know not so forth highly when you shot. She lived there. You only live for now and then they just come out when he did get her from becoming the home. Read that or they'll store someplace warmer. You know this hour no wonder there it is this Steve. It was wrapped around with the than those shower curtain bar or whatever yes Jeff. She's she's if you don't generous thank you want your story any kind of stakes wheelchair like yet but they. I isn't happy that my my neighborhood lives a little stakes within garter Sarkozy as a garden snake or garner joked you're I don't I don't I these dark. I don't garter snakes I don't know why is there assuming you're girder but girder. Anyone well Lou but there filing gardens of the Mueller ought to gardens perilous times audition Australian woman. Got arrested she's having a snack or cows any python came out between the curtain or the cushions against NAFTA was just. Or a carpet python he coiled up. On May you know. She's trying to eating got a orange alone shared well you know I don't know what that is on she said this liquid back in hiding in non. Odd guy try to catch it it's beyond the helix lose a guy who was loose somewhere else in your place or something un human under the around here so I try to Newman from he's not following these Steve we'd school. I prodded him with a bloom when he came out on just for the way broom across his back near the head and grabs it behind yeah. Is in Petaluma and. His masters series now. That's kind of a silly drugs but that's what happened. Next. It didn't nail the title one python's let me stories on our own python related. A Wisconsin Tyler says and that's reverend Laynce Nix. Okay Alito is it till bill and she did the sneak in the money's actually open up. Black mama and my mom mom half off. Yet know who that's a that's right the golden eye patch dead yeah yeah. Yeah. Carol there and yes there's an economic. I didn't blow. Yeah it does matter. Indeed it notes it surprise you lying people enjoyed this. You in enjoy this you. Who you I don't and he's initiates enjoy this who you are now do you care. Parents and some shield but did we have did biter and our supply companies wrap around you Rhode. They did and they become brining an issue. Civil rights to the baby congress. There's still venomous they are malvo those at that age almost a drive late show. They're really used injecting new lists what it. And so it's it's a million dollars or are you and everything about you right now I just wanna squeeze a welcome relief yeah. I heard. Goers knew it drug fight so that they haven't developed as you energize the troops that's what does it to a we call it. And I pay extra for the truck but it's. With the I'm in Culver initially receive news true presidentially commenced deleted so where shelter behind. Stevie southeast Asia then you slip didn't shoot any would've been dead. No I don't think self. I think even shut your foot all the wind because that's a baby cobra initiation or drive by drive by the economy but my advice and made our decision judge. These were my mom and dad MW wit but the equipment I don't get it didn't matter ran a snake during his wedding photos you add. Our editorial do all got married in Fort Collins power at least. Gaffe he didn't show up for the reception has yet but Matt Reynolds think well they're taking their winnings out of some bright eats something in the mid mid rush from their places and there's always situation I hate that mastery the next sentence when. Well. We'll turn in my room fortunately for the man. But this snake. It was a driveway. Yeah. Yeah well I drive my dad which means a snake didn't enjoy acting inject its NM sort of go to the hospital you're treated for a safer was. Peru drab but I'm just don't know you don't know. Earlier or not it's a way. You don't feel the them going in. Oh okay. Undefeated Kansas minds -- the warm I don't know that's a good question you know what it would sting did you got did so in your psychologically you'd be like I'm dying right browsing does that mean you know that's a drive by your phone just to bring a rattlesnake with you to find out it's a drive minor kind of like when you have to do its look at grant directs to the and he brought it evens rather I didn't know if you are owed it to do is is granted you have yet. Notice little thing you receive the I swear I threatens every time moody if you don't get a snake Wrangler in here to just release something. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I look you're good you address tomorrow your back is how. And then I played I would put an L he's at right outside the studio and this is good but. Okay this night aren't there and he's got. Yeah even with that but yet to alarms sound like the. Six in the studio today well today I'm OK today is a good thing prepared and I give you had. There's an encounter with a snare drive by so many snakes I honest to god extra points it didn't dry ditch them. We're resilient for good snake stories Taylor yeah not hate snakes stories. And so when I don't hate school idea that I grew at a bad just they can literally get them out quiet moment Batman. It's usually quick timeout Taylor but here's a tanker captain of the football team he's dreamy he's got a wicked Camaro everything about this guy is awesome. Yeah easy he's handsome every woman in school wants to be with him. You. Together Cairo I made this in the fifties but include unpopular. When he tells you. Video as snakes out all those other characteristics. Are no longer valid. Jurists naked figure out how guys he's relationship. Over all of her best run the table. The vast Tamara. I don't rookies snake obsession with with the good I didn't think oh my god all right so you're playing with a snake thinks so we'll look what. Still the Glendale we're being commander at stake on I had the one make out an ethics complaint which aren't ramat but that you buy XP and come hip mama quoting it and it. It's been hurt he hadn't seen it would now like go oh sneak. The snake. Keep like her in teaching kids. To the Catholic out they have to. Decide they're yeah us. Yeah. And it it didn't decide that as in. Hold on. Where it like it after an hour dates at the top off the back into the toilet and put her hand and beat the league and public's need to drag and that's. How were still listening to get it's like Yahoo!. Well letting go any other why do I did I mean I you I have but I thought snakes to swim. You need to bring that to come out and breathe those days they used drags on them once adrenaline go. Well they can just open it and wow what did you scrap repealing the head intention is a jobs. And I am. That being alert and end to you know we thought about you know like to thank Ted K. Try extra mouth open but because of that courage sang it it would have to six record and. As your momma screaming and. Her mom look at mom yeah and she actually like. It's actually like creep Lee com about. There's sneak people only talk. Times great Camaro or Nelson since you're awesome to tell their hair or not support you gotta balance on his experiences. He's so I just what she drowned a snake can walk and not in the sun when he's yeah. Jason it's Taylor all go out Sarah. Guy snakes stories. Allied aged are actually and then I'm out walking on the beach and I my parents and a brother and my other friends and ate about a and making carbon plant after it asked me and what started me and my dad strangle packing with a deck. So. And he's best Christmas make away and I think the flesh and I grabbed me and rat in a way Adam yeah. Monsanto is called assassin you so we're at how one class in more woke Aaron it was Alice erroneous you're hospital. Type either of you. My head and bank and has only got just a bit accurate and how many times do you mean Ernie Els and murderers you'd Intel's. And and out. I was walking at bat at the out my door a little clapper guests. And our bank and a kind and a half and after amber talk about it I think mainly and I collect data I think doesn't make him and that dole. And guys had to pick the snake and put him back as it was back then embark. It was like a trash can. It's probably eight guys had to pick up to six. She meets. Duke cards that it was thought they had just closed door as. Actually had to hold it right so they can put at picking away and put in the gut. So yeah hey. I would have had you forgotten welcome to America we don't do last year wow no big snakes like. What do you ain't. Wow. You're lucky to be beyond age you may do they call hump. Christiane. Yeah and I is Nace. Hello Michael. You might present. So yeah we are now presenting your voice and what. Steady Anaconda as a pet that. Yeah I like treated like a dogleg it would like it's grown around how Phillip Medicaid and like it would loyalists and that webcam. And down and eliminate it over and he would stretched out. But wake up a whole batting average with what like that for the next day we can contend that if you went wrong. And the vet said that he was fighting apt to see if he could fit me in his not. Ericsson so low in the zone he's going off. Hope that in there. Is there SA and hair on my arm designs whose son he's not yeah I guess I could see daddy would you ever since the night hello look at all. Oh I don't know I mean credit cool Bruins Sunday you've really gone Terrence. You know I hate snakes. Yeah I I would helping a friend to pack America and she had contained she didn't want and collect Durham in the back of my each station wagon including a budget urban schools which and now as I'm driving home. I see movement in the arm patch in your spot while and I look over and there it is. You boom Italian with her two parents. Our ashdown. I kind of kicked off my feet up I'll turn the floor so it stopped. You know driving. And pulled over and I can get him out and I had to drive all the way home and each delicate like open up all the windows open up the trunk open everything. She wary lunch you probably isn't legal into the dashed as it's warm and dozens and now however what geno can sneak us. Garter snake out so I. Dangerous let's include people stairs zero you have. You'll aren't drives. Is it a touch easier and yeah you know you're gonna win in swerve in ninety I eats you are. Yeah I'd want to keep actually on the gas Canadian wanna keep it down there are yeah yeah existential assurance it Indian style to it. They are now. Yours is surely I would. Boundaries you can't tell you really don't care couldn't you tell me you wouldn't. That how does Dramamine you know you have no money and all you just can't. Amiri and yes yes. Snakes I cannot. So all oh win. Lived in another house and we had bunch of snakes in the garage over six speed is a must have experienced. Reading them oh well what needs and eliminating like AB. She knew as soon Steve. What kind of sneaks out over a month and have just doesn't like you know regular. Regular and so do non venomous on the regular huge. Com yeah what are they there you really do you have like I have no idea. We're sitting on a little them. Outs and certainly under the utility door this snake because he had up yeah. They're always thought out of our purse for all and fluctuate that's funny part of it is who started to all of them jacked up the sticky chaps. And then we tried to downing him which obviously doesn't work with challenger got and then I wish. This karma thing kick then and so then I started China's Abramoff. And he'll mop the. Speaking chaps let him let go release maximum while they're still come on there. No I got a lap we used to herald sir up. And and it sticks and broad. September. And Jenny get this week Yahoo!. Oh man the stuff you can learn by losing this idea because of the show Carmelo right no no not karma snakes I don't know I think. The good you are snakes isn't I like Kennerly about the states and so there's seals up. I hate I shouldn't say this but I've never had a mouse problem in my house because there's somebody's really you know put it exactly as always painted it to play news. Lit up there. You and I living here you were good British Sunni you start coming here. They'll come around foreclosed neighborhoods 20 really yeah that's where I live oh. She coached the lately they've read the paper tasted so good you guys know my guys. We have been foreclosed neighborhoods could somebody like hitch a ride on a semi driving through this the fifth with Michelle. Yeah I snakes. So we lived in Pennsylvania it's where outpatient. We're sitting on the rocks China gets mentioned David had a little fun match. We weren't catching any. Jumped into the creek and we're just plane in the water ash and it didn't realize that there were baby water hawkish than moving all around us. Move though that's a super venomous and grace sue venomous incredibly scary your babies I didn't drive by. Night and if they drive right Christian god where they were pretty scary yeah unit that story. Eight did you did you swim waves from the make or he's trying to latest splash and is minus what I mean just there are better swimmer of the united out swim move so what did you do. Really swimming we were just kind of splashing around and waiting in the initial little shallow creek and they were swimming along the shoreline so we just got back out on the rocks that we'd been sitting on and yeah. Out of there real quick. Yeah I don't sit die you out straight just that's night. Thank you garter snake I mean I can tell but like the Al water moccasins and your dad you are gonna get to a hospital where I mean we still love to hear more of your snake stories if you got guys who sign are slacker is Steve FaceBook page.