Slacker and Steve - Sneeze 3/12

Monday, March 12th


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Staying on the Zune site you know those numbers because my sneeze is way bigger exactly we see let it out thank you. So freaking out about I want to start I don't want to do that story we want it. Stalwarts. Don't sneeze is that went wrong. Don't play bad or you know somebody had to sneeze and apparently a brawl broke out in the library in California since it is somebody sneezed. In the ass Sacramento state library another person mourned the sneeze or. That he was health risk to other students he needed an evil yeah yeah bounce in the Hamptons. It's voluntary action it has been killed people. Zell times in the words in my mouth I wonder if you can you believe that I believe that Tom that he was asked to leave the two engaged in a stare down. And then pretty deep down pit put bizarre and campus police and paramedics were called the scene she city firefighters had it comes to calm. Somebody had an asthma or panic attack after 00 while. You can't have so that's sneeze sparked a brawl we wanna know what happened you. With your sneeze this is a story that Steve wants to get to there's only one that he wants just a goal we don't want you are you sir are now clear it is important yup. You understand we need to sneeze just come up. It turns into an intervention for little DBS he's a sneeze or there he is this like Iran. Dumbest thing a human can get to blow your head off to them. CA. I get the big O out of a sneeze or any thing. It's definitely a satisfying thing especially that third one or that's good yes when you get a mole like oh my god you finally getting whatever. Especially when it's like an allergy or related DOS related sneeze it's your body trying to release something totally honest here's it'd. Com. A British man. Who decided to hold Disney's 200. He plugged bolster his nostrils at all. And clamped his mouth shut every day's. End any sneezed. It ruptured his throat polo what do you think is gonna help I would change your eyes would fly out yeah that's it big bulge for sure. Illustrate the you're eyes automatically close right. I know we can see their eyes open is the fact biologically it's impossible for the human body what little I spent two months I wonder like I want garbage they wouldn't fly now I don't know. Doctors say this injury is very rare but they warned people against blocking your nostrils to stifle a Snee will today suppressing sneezes in cars injured guys chest ears see. Yeah he's a perforated staring X. What it's a good thing in game per throw it in for a perforated parents Bob you don't switch and alt a perforated pairings but that's my. Arrington generals and good nation ladies and gentlemen parents as. You sort of difference anyway armed he was it it's impossible from the slow that extreme pain sees us as vice Jews who. Let me ask a couple here's another I dude on the part of brute Sydney three in Colebrook. Cold brookdale. All units that we remain mantown announced. It was almost sounds like we talked to me and a meadow at the end of well it. He'll sit. On top don't run cold cereal bowl steel is the name three different cities and there's like no. Our cemetery in Colebrook may have been shut down after a tractor trailer last row. Of Brad Brad. He suffered sneezing fit left the road it's trucks came to arrest right side up in an embankment just off the road between guardrail and it's free sales. Did actually. The speaker just went off a row but yeah and flipped it over and then to have to lose. You people trust you only get. You load out of that of that yup seed here's a woman who let it out. Monique Jeffrey she was mine and objecting emails when she realized she had to sneeze up she sneezed and it broke connected CA. Any. Her she wanted to see two vertebrae laughs QUE. And her chin fell onto her shoulder leaving her hunched over in agonizing pain are. Off her husband was a work she had a newborn baby in the next room knows he realized she couldn't move her neck in began to panic que ha. So cynical police or something doesn't really sad says she was placed next traction on harsh words like Daniel thing where they would drive those screws and skull. She's like an army yeah. She was yet manual device at mobile as the neck muscles and allows them to seal for fourteen weeks made a whole recovery. But then three weeks here she injured neck again. Blocks and I should somebody is making inappropriate jokes and then she's her head back laughing so this woman to ever sneeze story the last. So what we want well what does this mean he's done to you for you. If you haven't let one out if you've got it. The weirdest what's the weirdest thing that's happened relating to his knees we column sneeze stories and we wanna hear you works now Larry. EIA season. I I would train with my nephew and we're doing at school though chances and you need attention and burger shot into my nostrils. Yeah at shocker right in there. So you are sort amount is this yours is my what's your right. Little sifting stations but I know my daughters and this is not my bit with the odds. So when you guys ask you know kissing like upside down. Not a late stage it's still the Robyn Meredith and I don't know how would app didn't get how it got to see you and they just. Witness. TE EEU is better than in your mouth so yeah I'll give you guys are a joke. Not long. So then you're blowing your nose in other people's bloggers are coming and that's true. I didn't even that was possible top half stuff that is just now he's got to start from lifer you've got this yeah he's death serves I don't think he remembered it yeah I'm definitely start to yeah. I would be O Steve wouldn't hang out for new IO rules element this right now grown I make him. I'm learning me Shannon's. Hey guys niece. I hadn't kicked me out about the gallon on average writing could get there she'd leash injection. And look even not an however it up front windshield and trying to narrow. Three and now at many ally has been a candidate got there and play. Everything yeah. That night that finished the day. Trust. A life this is a car full body fluids and bury you eat it it's that got him a whistle it had to be a significant amount of windshield for you know bar us. Are now unlike. Green not be popular and show OK we know it almost got Steve and I know world. This is her first day. They got embarrassed at all it was my. I think there's no bounced back it's CPU it's. Nerve in you. Ever again to topple the Yankees Janice news amber. Yeah yeah I hate sneeze and. I don't know. We're account varying in my cousin was probably tear for the time and he was even an awful little not so we have to get in the camper and chatted at the table and told him just. A third set up either recruit or have any need Eddie kept like calling my answer to can tell him I don't hear you shut up. Finally after your screen it's been turned around and he'd bust in his nose and meet me on the table I would just gushing everywhere all. She eat because. Didn't have much enough head control what I do is like fully cracked it open. Yeah he is just clicked. Three or four pretty bright at that level like right at the table so easily campers you're not too far from the killing at centenary and yeah you didn't get the deal. Zune I just don't. Yes it's possible that that there about it needs. Now that's a weekly that's an awesome scene is just the thank you remember the Lindsay. Yeah I believe it's no reason. So I am ten months pregnant now and when I was about pork I am I mean and got me. Cracked. It. Put the ball boy lets you see Sorgi broke your impaled this. Yeah I it's my parent kid Serb led doctors said that'd be like a rough pregnancy but it's seen and it's so I think my whole bottom half what you. Paula now or click. Whole release this is normal or what where you snapped off the the scientific term for that bone was called but that's the Cox's yeah yeah you ruptured you're you broke your caller alone. You didn't fall down during its easy just sneeze with such force that it broke it. Yeah yeah. Did you would see in which child's OK everything you're OK everybody's okay. Clinton's outside and I mean I can wake sleep at night now good. Everytime writes neither cost carded an old what happened pop early ardent. Eased. On the slow side kids Izturis lab rat out when it's time. I'm over it yeah. Well Lindsay.