Slacker and Steve - Social Media Cleanse 8/9

Thursday, August 9th


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Staying on and so we found a way to make people more happy sort of kind of beyond. First off here and social media and Stephen I kind of army which oversees the page with a ton of people we've enhanced program that I think we posted some on like something you was five years ago some like down whose last time you know we're gonna really trying to get better dancer. Oca instant. Earned Boca. The cool kids out there there's a story says social media is actually making us more violent yeah you people are just your violence is a shot out like you social heights don't post it don't do that it if I look around to your side of this room right now and look on your computer what do you want bio mom of you create you know I'm also on FaceBook. Let's face look. Some sort rap but yes some sort of new talking to what his social media you may not post anything you can post pictures of your living on your general tacos that you may have a ground you can catch up to right there you are social media hound you stock people's profiles all OK do I do that so there they're saying you've if you spend too much time. Looking at other people's stuff. You're if you're getting negative thoughts in your head because maybe you're thinking your life isn't good enough yeah I heard that a lot that's a huge epidemic which don't look at you or you're only looking at stuff. I'm a true beauty here's what I look at it. I search beauty and seek out I mean I just I was hoping you'd find it I'm PC way to say it I congratulate him and I was like if you saw chicks so I admire be my producers Lanka. With the she's the like you you act like you're over there with the ship leaves us is Groupon a smoky Jack yeah. It's got to start doing bombed. Our big sheet this psychologists are psychotherapists. Said before people before social media people you stand face to face conversations. When they disagreed innate. Would talk things out and now social media has made so somebody puts up make America great again banging like. Are you do you love brands is. It takes. They put on something like Barack Obama has Leslie. And he can't tell where it. And it's like nobody had it's true a neat being nice discourse not we can have a conversation anymore without. We we've tight so many. Negative hurtful things that we almost now talk to each other that way I see that. Last ten and you try to talk to anybody now I refuse to let late. The last time a lot of parents in their eighties you cannot have a civil conversation with anyone about politics anymore because of social media. It is everyone's a bunch as Porsche sport loser. And why how and no matter Hulu Arizona and going to the movies yeah so my side bus so I hate you all that yes so that's that's what this psychotherapists are saying we've all lost touch. It's the way to go in and we Austin. It's cool 'cause it's too easy to go on their aunts and there really is eighty skirt full terror things last their return so well we've Salmons is a way to help people. But. I'm one of those guys who doesn't believe in like really presenting some humorous I'd be willing to try myself so maybe we shouldn't do this because. There is a new study that said we should try a seven day. Digital detox. OJ. I can't do it. And geez yeah. Everybody the only reason you're clapping. Why is because your soul passing afraid of technology we have spoke since we would sure you do detox would be lights. Pretty smooth maybe like me sing Stevie got to spend a week without eating vegetables you've been on and I'm done I don't need him. How exactly I don't even do all that how you guys on your phone Jesse umbrella view. Where if you're away from your phone for literally six seconds you go into the some sort of -- this is a UIC everywhere around here doing it. Panic mode sister Haley dean. Just now my defensive mechanism went off in I was gonna try to make it night but Steve that's normal kids are that Steve was it but it's that's that's BS that's how it's it's a little I guess you need to know my kids need to know right now there every six seconds I don't it's. It's a copyright I think I saw notification pop up late to twelve seconds ago and I know you that's all he wanted to do was go chuck we're on the air minicamp I can tell you would find joy this I don't. Does he is here line and their ancestry notations on my phone right now. So you can get. Since it. Did you smell hot I'd sit at the top ones from my life. I think your bookie to you might do it all right so here's here's how you do a seventy digital detox only got seven days. First things first he Dupree clans you got to let your friends now. They your mobile habits are going to be unusual in the fought in the in the next week but he says oh yeah you got your way out news you can use your phone or whatever maybe have a face to face conversation go. And look things are going to be different China's claims saying so I may not get to your messages SaaS as I normally do Boca or not respond to emails or may not even pick up the phone. I am not read the west impressively through this I don't know what all you have to do these can tell everybody. Might be a little different. Except it Chauncey your seniority have a drug until you have a problem with this already yeah I yeah there were only step one we that we are ostensibly free time until you're not David so yeah. Priority every holy smokes day one the app purged delete ten apps right now. Oh just you did you get to pick Emery get randomly used go delete you and I. They give a damn winter my phone scrolls are hundreds and hundreds of these things do we intend would be no problem for me. Because you don't use those tigers so many out there I might want him wanna. I don't even have this in my thoughts and so I was not ours but you can never re download them once they're gone they're gone you sure Boca. Lot of you know what's so funny is like drunk we Angelo we were both football game Abbas and so I have their life mass transit in my arms like all right well she's only. But I did too great for a day. Everybody color pictures congress gets. We put her phones and very scary that in ninety yes. Hopeful and I know I don't I don't know how to do it. But what does that say that how would soon I think the lack of color the lack of migrants might make you that's attracted to Boca because otherwise when you jump on FaceBook you like who either don't know you have your so maybe that I mean I don't know we'll figure out how to go great as that sounds cool. You would I what are you notice is the weirdest thing that I know about Steve. His home screamed oh my god why do you bring is blacks and it's not. And I'm like I say just you just chose black his home screen now we just put this finger over the camera and took a picture package that I figured out or use that. I took a day at a little daughter and it's only her students ready to keep taking pictures so we got home without a doubt. How lucky group member because it was one of the weirdest things I've ever I'm watching this happen no end is this real. You're admit it's pretty bad as located or they really are you that's like some grace she'll be easier for you on next day three to 24 hour notification fast. It's turning notification talks for like viewed attacks are an email yes you just go in and say no notification so many if you get a tax. You won't buzz and the screen don't come up but -- you have to physically go routes that hasn't yet he if you have if so what what draws me to my far more often than not has been. I'm like you that's something that you know what if you kill the six for six seconds you all have delayed due would it will be my kids all all all it's no. I'm sure it's go good move whatever they've got they've got. I'm really attacks on school days for storage war frissora my clearing five gigabytes of media sought to clear photos videos and tax that's a lot for you were everywhere how do you go in until pitchers and your family all this one's no guide undisturbed McLeod heard their permit a scrap Booker some. I don't print pictures yes this is my digital media fasting bang I'm gonna print pictures and odd day 560 minute rule only check your song what's. No doubt one it is possible for our and the next time you can be honest ten minutes. That's a long time. If you haven't checked your phone in an hour it would take you ten minutes clear everything else would take me ten minutes oh really emails and all the tax while Conan. Again you can do like a John usual. Ridiculous client I talk about it's. Quite a vegetable slip but they six sleeps separation no. What is sleep center setting your alarm for bed put your phone completely out of reach and don't touch it our minds in the kitchen when you are better armed Orrin near my phone. You what if something happened that you needed to be contacted. Well for your our fart on the morning I guess for some of them. So you leave all the new ways USO whites know I have to do not disturb territory Israelis are going to disturb means there's only flake cited people who can call that's right and your one so fights next to a 3 AM you already can't hear you. It is sort of pick inserted off off. I want to test he was so when you're Milledge. Clear your home screen screen of every act. We've only text email and your phone in your tools. But I know everything else in a single full don't need to I'd there's no way newness I am seventeen pages and maps. Mean like would do the scroll yes the only thing on your onscreen are you text and but you remember which you have that's stage Nolan can actually do this thing to just get rid of the App Store. Now in the news it's done you can remember when you can never get any new apps OO the big dude. Yeah I know then played when somebody wants to join a fantasy football leagues you can join when somebody on all. Then moan some cash you can download then it's like there's so many things where. I'd like to turn its muscle memory of that page so a lot of congratulations but I wimps if you win you're doing the digital. Vegetables both. The great.