Slacker and Steve - Something From a Celebrity 3/20

Tuesday, March 20th


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Staying on as we need people who have something from celebrities suite to tell us what they got a I know you stole something from a Shearer and well left behind a look like stone you want it. It's otherwise she wouldn't change should do his performance out and you stole his sharp double wasn't for me and I didn't steal it if he should have. It's particularly if you will lead late around. Still carries its I did I'm so stressful and are supposedly. There hi yes OK I didn't. So here's the thing we like anything you have from a celebrity whether they gave it to you stole it when he stole it whether. You just found your body art and auction. Taylor Swift got us talk about this because she surprised this wedding couple with a bottle of dom and your crap about he said dobbs like low level should pay it is now. Is there really expensive phone is good stuff is good stuff based on the price of terrorism cat. I don't use very young all right that's a I mean they are registering bubbles it's like anybody I'm sorry if you're one of those on the boards like you and I just you know. You're doing it for the shelves. You you really are a goal. Go to your favorite high end liquor store. And say. Alternatives adopt and also you bottles for like a hundred bucks the taste 500 times better control. Billion bottles per like forty bucks a good taste at least three times better guys sort of like. A little more room. This series Kristall bets were cheers Chris soul is like a rapper version of Don all you know musicians and rappers were like Jason Chris last night it's written. So you like letting him. Pictures and doesn't the subtle matter is good I mean it's gray thank you I am very dear friend keeps buying and anytime we salaries that part of both crystal lake. Oh it's great it's great it's just not all high appearances might not know Betsy with third. She gets to her she's darn and it's a 200 yeah. So she sipped dom this couple but you know she had to make it. It's innocent I love her but I you I think she's awesome she's super talented but. Know the world's got a revolve around her well as like any somebody show me he's my songs in your wedding. And then so I just seemed congratulations Taylor. I'm only sending this because you do something for. You noticed how important. Who. But DOC receptive you're chic yet but she did so this couple now has a bottle of dom from Joseph that's really cool thing ever from a celebrity. I'd be tough he could still keep the bottle. Oh okay joining injury she cited not a disease and it says I'm charged one ebooks from donors yes just you know she did cinema handwritten note said so that's cool but I was makes me so happy so they Dave dance their first dance was just it was a love story that's cruel and they got to their reception wouldn't welcome to you New York blaring so. On the that's some from a celeb they've got some from a celeb we wanna know what you have from a celeb like Blake we said earlier Steve's. But in Steelers though. But I wasn't for me was yours no. It wasn't his anymore you know it's anyone's anywhere room Havoc in his possession wanted to Wear something different on stage he had all of this other stuff over there that was just by ourselves so I guess so yeah because he didn't blow with his other show. It's called dibs on insulted and I didn't do for me are so there is owed in Hollywood these these musicians saw a lady on the side of the road. Patent tour struggling to change tire they went out there earlier and I haired Jack to not change entire. Want to when she started coming towards their like she's in trying to pass this is telling now she handed them eight by ten just signed by her it was Meg Ryan yeah. Somebody's got some promise let's see that's it's kind of sad when you don't know you just change make rice tired. Or are your. Those who are much easier you givers imagine that allows you to say well she's given cash is another got to sell our head out you guys are. Are you personalize. Hey my name is literally common girlfriend. Jennifer. May get add to Jennifer at the common spelling. So that when I put it on he'd ever played millions jitters and a blank and I can do it later driver sharply so looks the same. It's a and somebody else was an up all the things you have from celebrity don't have to be intangible children one did somebody is an after party from Black Eyed Peas. They wanted to leave party socked. So they were leaving Fergie came over held their hand for a second in the big smooch on the lips yeah I chatted him up and stuff that's cool that's. That's kind of cold. Bomb somebody else was walking on the streets of New York slammed into somebody they both kind of fell back did not boobs against each other low and the person was like oh god I'm so sorry. And under fifty bucks. Watching TV later that night she realized oh my god that was surges Parker. Which it has its urgency apart melodies aren't Joseph Arpaio who they have a fifty dollar bill for a boo bump could. That's. Though that's the best a lot of I think fifty dollar bill for a blue blob is the name in my debut album but for bald BE you know. So if you've got something from a celebrity don't care it's anything good use until sort of celebrity up or whatever we want to hear your story Stacey is the yeah all you guys which are government celebrity. Actually I beat salt and pepper shakers that are still half full for my Angelo full motion and a few other items actually. You're so don't I don't sexual fully cooked that's. That's a stretch she's Canada's saintly tell you how and what what I am how did you get home. I'm I'm I'm like Carolina originally and she can Holman monsters they learn. And we issued hash Amherst family allowed people to come in and look at her home the Dalai Internet but your salt pepper shakers that pill or capsule they have her personal copy of I'm delighted caged birds being from her asking her office. So that way it's supposed to be looking to her home Marie's was due to differences or AT&T. Need to fill out their many people and to look inside what they would like to thank spell. It got out kind of cool. While while they saw as a solemn preparers so she did last meal. She use those who have the same salted very. Well that's very cool thank you for the call. What I don't know if I mean it's Kerry it's almost the same as your stupid they will maybe sure just you can just tell everybody your business then shares going to harrowing now CR as I said well. You talk about selling people that you can read it I don't want to so assured his smell like it's some is smoothly and that she. It smells exactly like him I've been disclosed and so is it the wrong and Jessica. You guys you are disguised. What are you got from a celebrity. We were out these. If you can help our third test. And very close to the entrance and meet their food of the speech you're actually came off the page Q we being. And who wind blew off. On before and we'll pick it up and we try to given our view her. Body guard the ball we were trying to break the law and but we still have the ring. You do in grave. Why are you saying we gotta get down back to our bowl oh my gosh that's cool. That shelf fuel so drug she per. And I and her interview with me in and I feel photographed wearing it. Always probably an heirloom it's valuable to her is inscribed does it say something like chase I love you loved him or some manner. The other from prime minister could sneak under the initial trauma. Jessica you need to try again audio out of sync still. 'cause oh man you know. Jessica that I'm not sure what to do with nowadays even adults it's actually cause she was trying to get back don't know I thought yup she tries announced no harm no salary. He had no harm no foul territory cut its heroine in she's with yes. Yes what you have from a celebrity. Yeah I died and I so it's not me it might need. He had 890 you go elite from Steven Tyler. And actually made reference song or her while playing the ukulele and spend it you're. Warrants. That's our goal that is super cool so does she have a copy the songs you. Yeah we have a we own cabinet bracket that video on our own camping in the Bronx I'm that he makes up as he's playing yet. And he broke during the eighty minute and then defended York. Want to I have done by bathrooms. You know or is she hot need is one of her to have a ukulele and confused why you have it. She Augusta interprets. Performing schools are edgy play guitar. Never really good friends and I don't wanna eat too much but I'm her sister who is was picked feet girlfriend that he can carry now God's. All. All you Linux and she did he sent out ukulele Zoller principal that's cool thing you've gone here this kind who while Mary. Yeah I which you got from celebrity. When I was five I was rent rotary the American heart aren't there is my dad. Slight jab reached up and stole her plastic water bottle and 23 years later it still on a shelf my parents I think yeah. Who finder anything it's just like how old water. Going to be tired I just not. Mozilla and the uninsured the truth is I'm feeling slice it's the cook until the day you really column there I was pretty crews on ten and what. You guys woody government celebrity. Oh in my youth won't Mora got to come and go look later. Why Powell the railway gazette of continual basis to know who is the love we I don't who has it. Well as you have now. To get more you guys don't go Google and find out why airline Moeller would be significant.