Slacker and Steve - Sorority Grants World War II Vet's Final Wish 4/26

Thursday, April 26th


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Steve I am so there's a story. That I can't decide if it's really I mean it's heartwarming. But our you'll like me are you and everything's through the we need to fill out there and all all the time. Com. I'm not complaining about that did this story when you run it through the filter is less. Is less cool and more creepy I agree in and it is not hypocritical it is still you are do it's kind of we're going okay. We'll tell you a beautiful story. About a sorority helping out a World War II veteran their hearts in the right play absolutely. Aren't they deny anything going against okay. And didn't want what's this about a FaceBook page want you to jump kick aside. I I just I find what they did lovely but I. OK let's just say what it is a bedridden 92 year old World War II veteran had a dying wish and that was to dance with a beautiful woman. Yeah apparently he was a navy that he wanted to dance. We the beautiful woman one more time before he died. In a sorority member from. Fine move you OK okay I'm not gonna decent he moved he moved Simon. Umpire move. Slots at Seibu sorority net the net at hospice where she interns. All she found out about their request and invited a bunch of her sorority sisters and hospice he danced he was bedridden but yeah he grass there hands. And down. They sort of danced around and I the picture I saw he looked elated believe it was. Truly dude it's a beautiful models sweet it is thoughtful I like worker that is that they gave him the gift of cynical touch in ceiling desired. One more time in his life I mean obviously she's probably married and lost his wife send. You know we was near death and whatever. Bombed the vet said in the end. It feels good to be with all these beautiful women. So if you're right it's a beautiful moment for both sides and that is real I think that's sweet Mets thoughtful but but you said earlier though do when you run this through. The hash tag me to filter. I take this there is now. What's more objective find a women's he's specifically so he said I wanna do is a beautiful women like. So if if if they were beautiful I don't know he would instead I don't know I said do you. I don't. And makes heat. He wanted to he didn't want Justin to steal human touch again she specifically wanted it from young beautiful women that's. If if I may. Said. Then I wanna be here around young beautiful women. That would be back right but because he's dying does that make it okay. A dying wish him maybe because he's bedridden he's not threatening. And that the women can feels safe right does that make. Is I don't know. Where does it yeah it is not gross because I just just saying with lunch. George Bush senior is latest tells a joke. Whenever somebody takes a picture with them and now he's gotten called Aaron he's been in and out of the hospital so. People can't really persecute him for being like a predator but any time you take a picture with a beautiful woman and then lately he's been in a wheelchair. She like grabs there but. And say oh you know you're taking a fisherman David cop a feel. In me that this is the president's former press. It used to do that I never heard and I started coming out and saying. That's grossest lecherous he's grabbed my but it's not even funny que no or not it's nice it's it's nanny and senile funny it's just trying to pull my goodness. Things are done for years apparently. See now I'm just want to. This is this that didn't grab their bites use and held there he Jones. But it was almost like burn me musical episode though though the woman girl was on her coffee mill citizens. And it's like they're like a hero like than like the Allison Mack's blatant sex cult stuff it's like pale but it's not that I. I don't not to do not like we're not trying to negate whatever the dispute is over here rights. It's just that when you okay. But over here is a bunch of other questions that if she wasn't a 92 year old war veteran dying down we'd be asking all these questions right we're just 280 it's dry you could look at everything go. Wherein I didn't ugly side is not lost on us. But the other side yeah I was just I felt and company was a little I didn't news we it feels good to. To be with all these beautiful women I ate dinner you. Steve leads a walking to a sorority and say that. You'll be on the news the next day you so you know. You know it's just it's hard to figure out. And in the mind of of the people that feel offended of water yes what's his okay for I and what is the I guess it's up to that I don't know it's up to you guys now we're gonna throw this about our case for page and you decide. Is this. Really beautiful and cool. Or is this flat out creepy.