Slacker and Steve - Special Time at Work 8/29

Wednesday, August 30th


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Yeah this is one of those moments where from I'm going to say this thing. And I don't think anybody's gonna call. And then he might the next four minutes I'm going to be proven completely. Bright sun nobody's going to call they are. You honestly believe though you're insane. No one you. Not here. It's not a guy that's not specifically here I don't get on the boat okay let's hearing on the same page. There's just sat out that says 39%. Of human beings. Have had relations. After job. I themselves yup relations phone line. Your job I'm saying normal call. But if you don't it will boisterous guys whenever you need. We need people who. Who who related I themselves. Network. You don't yet you you first hear it. Will never hit a main job not just moved Eddie yeah. Are you talking about while you were to you worked at a gentlemen's club for crying out I only I DJ a couple times and that would be bold last place you would do it. 39%. It is at super cell. I don't know if I got enough fodder about placement in the over Mitt perhaps earlier net that's the one job he was. Job. She believed they say yes I'll go one further. I think we might get a call from a guy I mean I don't think a single female has ever done it. Ever I believe your sick enough to go like wow working your taco John's is killing me I need to go in the background. Where did you do please everywhere you did it. It was a part time job it was our it was it was basically a farm job. And I was driving a lot that day. Then the aboard a million still excited towel. Think I'd say this but I've talked to you said this to me before we used to drive back and forth to do to the Dakotas or whatever him. That's another place I've never done all you have to never are c'mon you're never my girlfriend we had a long distance relationship we live in towns like two hours apart. If you like. Oh my god the whole way here I was I'm like watch the do you view you talk like. Are people I consider myself to beat. How could probably overly strong libido but not in the car and a long road trip by year's car and a long road trip wish someone absolutely I can completely keep my hands off a meat I can see you but these keyboard that is not Nelson do you gonna stay away. If I asked I too believe Dominique eat crow on the first call Tammy. And I let's clarify some things you're a female. Kind of work do you do with the. What are the important market. At a computer and you had a long time now works. So you type with one hand. Why are. You there are achievable Reynolds we. What. What are you know owners more than one so now I'm. I'm curled ugly without getting too far a girl can be more subtle nuance about her alone time yeah I mean I'm more relaxed. But if there's night. We assume on what have we did was that the plan just something you like typing something the. 00 item. Could go all off interim prime time Romero lol and I give poor but I don't know who. You stay in your read your cubicle or do you like adjourn to. Special room. I'm my own offense I am I close to a 400. Okay. Now and he do you serves anything you're just doing it right you're just went. It. Comes in for youth you have goods for you won't hear 100. I didn't I didn't go there and author of open government there would prefer president though. Oh do too long with the election time that I mean I had relations your chair I just want to hammer aren't. God JD and Steve this yeah. I don't know I don't buy. The statement called Andy you're gonna be shocked to hear the name of the next colleague once again must be another team and this is also voice disguised candy. One. Guy you you're another one where you were newer. We're. Just kind of work do you do. Are trigger. So sounds like a lot of the so and just in the middle of the day in enough hot guys won't buy you what what makes you need to go in there and just add the that was more to. Lugo who warn our. About not long ago or actually were a biker in early. Oh for months ago I heard stood for migrants yup. Number migrant and out of it period. Apple what populate so I went to the upper arm and. Fixed it. It's. Seen its medicinal slacker so I got a headache Amazon I'm sure you didn't. Thank you because Daniel. Aaron. You're a guy you're also disguised shockingly are doing another one. Well I'm European and occasionally. Look where you. Well our kitchen nutri you don't murder. Don't have a directly. Off of work criminal would promote. I office worked in so just it just at random times. Is it out of boredom is Mike Green released what is your excuse for not being able to keep your hands off yourself a work. Not my agreement which probably would try to connect ordered it. You you're just you're just have a libido on high and you just need to do. Occasionally Europe they're in there are completely acrylic being here sharing tour rule that if people are injured or her older cute. Kilgore I don't. Due to supply closet or you're just sit there where your work and ash. New York copper you have girls are typically don't. I tell you say this that's another thing that's bathrooms are not to play especially all worked out. Relations in my bathroom because I know who cleaned it she re booted worked Astros since the war classroom here I don't touch Syrian over I can tell you I think I can free dive to about 300 features I know I can hold my breath a little bit long enough to get through my business. But not along in the music business. All god no media on this one Mandy. I don't oh yeah I heard then we'll know voice is Kaiser and you're gonna admit you do attend. Absolutely yet but Benedict Arnold well job and my current job in my op Ed and at previous jobs in the background. And altered and it in my Carlyle and turning down the street so you know and can use need to and earlier. I'll bet you it's a lot and it's as well that's a lot of time that is a lot of times. Is we need we are doing in the car as it typically once tiger and Steve Iran Haiti obviously honor them. Oh. Did she didn't just you genre known. Carlos.