Slacker and Steve - Splurge 4/11

Tuesday, April 11th

A new list has come out of all the things a woman should splurge on. Among them are a luxury handbag, a formal gown, and skin care. What is the craziest thing you've ever splurged on?

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Staying on and so it's large splurge and and so is still urges are careful. As a talk we need you on the phone if you splurge on some blues now. Because Steve and I are both twelve but the more times we see splurge the Mort soundscan during the hot. We're gonna slip fire yeah we're gonna just keep saying splurge. And would you splurge on this and it's just the disaster at times. Splurge on it lets you should splurge on on the oh huge additional that's something that's more splurge and he says yeah. I don't. I played for a mandate here you're making it worse with the all right anyway so we want from you is what you splurge on because. I don't know who put this article out but they're stupid who can beat it's like ten things every woman needs to do it deserves to splurge on. Number one a watch. Always watch who still usable we got sold its I. The first time I think he it's more than eats like a close. Solid not she you know so what's it a fashion statement 000. OK you know censor rise and I don't know why eats. I don't know if you're if you're. Thinking of calling in and telling us your splurge on watch story. Great just six point it was my best work to except just like its thirty day maybe I did and I'd like you could lose a ton of really wanted to attack watch. Like I did it through the I. And how tough the tag however whatever he adds up pretty intertwined 500 bucks and that they're just there under relax O older yes amigo my great friend of mine. But accused wife bought him a Rolex war. There anniversary and it's I mean I think it's probably 101000 dollar watch. I yeah I do or I it's I don't I don't Wear one and stuff I'm where I'm apple. Such blatant you know your fitness but still it's. Splurge on the fitness. You know when you say it's much sturdier than me a scorer. I support John Cook mom. I necklace and earring set yet number two on the list of ten items every woman deserves what she did that some must have let's look at a blazer for men just that of generics are quietly just like something's gotta match but something nice yes nice go tinier and yeah really that's a splurge is if you're saying it's. If it's necessary I don't feel a dentist I guess which you've got a city little upper you don't go to the next lo lo she's got a impressive ladies. A luxury handbag. Eventually yeah with the way you can if you can afford one it'll last you for ever you can go through eight cheap ones are caused by a woman who. But you need to work and Nordstrom that was good I know because whenever I get my break over the break up with me here just. According to an ice and into the outlet stores could still. Nice and that's just. That is a big cast. Good Blount wrote. But notice that stitching drawn the week and next bull coat. Okay this a code. Is the call to all manner I splurge on a coat. Why would you it's a cold is not a sport tried to tell my Smart yeah the first words I ever remember. It was White House. When I was I owe you our Tony is. It was my first time I had I had a bigger paycheck and I knew I had my ring covered and I knew I had my car payment insurance my phone and I think. He's covered leftover money and I'm like. And go. I guitar again and and I went to a store I bought like six regular sent to that's awesome because you grew up pour it you couldn't afford actual demo and there were no leg doesn't really only my neighbor of kids' friends. So that was my sports that's I think to splurge is no you go. Spend much it's. It's frivolous. Money on. On something that. Truly has no value what exactly in your life at that moment yet these things have value a coat. I did it's a wool coats but it's still just a single key to Bora right utilitarian. Physical technicolor dreamcoat that I may be but the success or. So I don't know from actually you get your life to splurge because you go by all the toys you didn't. Or you had when you're a kid yeah splurge you need it you're you're right now but you might memorabilia from like your favorite movies into an umbrella from singing in the rain so we. Principally I forget I could actually put her house. Housewives it's an umbrella that plays singing in the rain we notice it yes. It's a collective you'll you'll have no that's slower usually more than your client it's and my leg goes but is not worth more than my likes it sings. I would go through the rest of this list I think we really I mean there's let's go to him fast formal down. And just a mosques every woman needs at least one high heels. Don't get why the red bottle unless bottomed out tons or room sunglasses. If that's a splurge my life is sports I buy new cars and buses at every year you do. Let him nice pair yet because you'll save up every year and you like to get those nice long what it's like me in jeans I Wear three things every day. Jeans and shocks and sunglasses and then whatever pressure T shirt and I sure did like the senior guaranteed to see near the three must stats show on Friday. Jeans and sunglasses that so I don't. I don't buy cheap shot by a good job you do a good sunglass. But good genes I don't Syria being so one of the camera and no these are banana I'll trust you these are traveler. And those viewers out there to get the traveler Denham is worth splurge. I never I would scourge on this traveler Dennis. It's but. We'll do is it's gonna go to complain because as you read your book that the attack. The odd couple more and then where did you trench coat another coat but military owed club well. It's. All well ladies that go hi Ian handbag you kind of eventually have to matching up with an ice time and you know and then skin care. Get my I think you should splurge on skin care I think you should by the high dollar stuff. I don't think that's a sport it's a must have item I think if you wanna look good pasts. A certain each rate needed the good stuff you get to that stuff about it's it's like what you study combined ten crappy handbags and or buy one good when you Google buy stuff you can get your grocery store put on your face you can expect or you can go to a three storm. This. To an institution and get the real stuff. Sony Syria though with our rights so if you if you wanted to admit something useful she learned we just want to hear the real stuff not. Utilitarian stuff all the. I don't want to in my head I saw 100 closed in around 2 o'clock. But oh. Yeah. I. Charlie and the chocolate factory owners keep my money and hot chocolate. To people living in law and bad did. Clearly she added water in this. But didn't splurge on chocolate now this oriental people in the old chocolate factory out of it didn't act. You splurge Dutch. That is the best move we review of a peek at the exact circuit that's what we. Clipped Joe's good sure. Yet heard bug didn't jerk is. Laying in at least the people and it's. All here's job and I didn't go exactly now I can watch the Mets. Are. And the we're off to get good and well we're going with the business side sort of you splurge on something you don't. You have to add anything to do it Charlie the job done he's won here your best word story in its parent and yeah you guys splurge. Are a little bit and it never send their every time shopping responding from my late friend. I am not seeing something unique and I'm one time that we were looking for a card for him and I ended up walking away with a convertible. No eat dairy have a car actually did you think knowing I love it if kindest convertible in nice Arnold Karr and no it's a classic it's an 87 dockside encounter LNH oh I love it's sometimes eleven got extensive hearings or brand. There's something this is awkward maybe we need to see yummy due to put post something on our FaceBook page that we are on the official Volkswagen committee. Having grown up in the area where they win their cap relays were armed him a big deal. I used to be a certain amount hot to drive one of those every girl I drove those cars were hot. Every single one is pretty easy it was weird UC can't really and it's like solar cars and why because there's a hot girl dry every time anyway sounded. Let me see. Your irons high and where you want with this heat is hot car. You die that's sort thousand dollars splurge. It'll play and I have to keep and I love it I definitely it'll work on it. You've turned the wrench in it for you. It's just an open engine that's right all right there actually. Art science. Behind art rock. Yeah hit movie news and did you like citizen fishers of you cruise and on the highways and thinking you're tab relay. They pick you for the splurge era and it's weird to think you can bomb that. Matt Matt. Up yeah out splurge. Eight tracks seems so are you telling the truth that's not a splurge that's that's a bad investment that should cut the. Both England Abdullah in front of nearly eight. I think they were all going while. I couldn't and the heat in the early yet your phone via a little. 300 dollars of the eight track tapes. This was they were already like everybody moved on to sex or says something else but you bottom. Our art. All of that all flights yeah. He still this Steve Miller Band on eight track you around the do many tracks here he. Well late dad thought they used BW then it had an eight track player and it Ed that's what I want to listen to him so. We saw people are very unjust for the hatred for the. Yeah. It is house to Intel's older given as a VCR and why yeah. Yes and that's what you just described that's actually awesome yeah it's a bookstore and from money worth a lot nowadays mad or. 00 what was their trash. Okay the playwright and your favorite song kid who was all one program forward. When it slipped over to the next program I remember Venus child listen and in my appearance playing country music no and it's like right in the middle. How did you talk here. Don't waste time. In Louisville and. You got it happened right it would Google or you know since over the it could get it out of it at the course yet. Million each piece for a women's match abuses we ask you to give everybody now has nick you can even realizes. Hitters today yeah. And they're like I pods and whatever your phone like we sent to gently took a book with CD and it. We don't like oh my god look how small the pieces on its newest old encyclopedia. I'm sorry I. Reminded but I advocate and everything I had the I don't. You have sleep or KJ there's no hole. That's kind of bad ass so she's if you're an idiot when it's kind of mass in her nature I Chelsea. Yes. You're to splurge. Well I wanted to dollar personal last year and that and the I got a 150 dollars or do you think you're just for my clinics. Now that's storms answered that's a total splurge. He's a calendar app on your phone. I did. I don't know if not the famous and axles planet any Netflix got looking and that the lump. That's true 150 bucks is so what are the stickers all like we had a football game goatee put a football sticker on it better. Well I suggest you hope that terror age old habit tractor per water engaged. Clean. Grocery shop being as possible that you're used to or not. This is merger and yet I am. And all my other ones yeah. You tell that's a weird splurge say you've been gone well if you wanna continue to tell us your splurge genus urge. He's because we send it that way probably no right way if you wanna tell us more storage is doing over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.