Slacker and Steve - Is Steve Right? 10/25

Wednesday, October 25th


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Yeah new single working on on the show called you can be right but still be in a hole to cut costs were for the the and see what. I don't know who will pay episode. Starring Steve goal on the first things first. If you jump in on this and Chelsea she might. I still I had I still somehow think you're right in this weird scenario but if he thinks he's wrong you can jump at it any time and talent if you think he's not. An A hole you can also jump in adding time and talent. On and Steve for your tartan in this game you can apologized to the people who hate playing lots. Any time during your doing you wrong to me they owe an apology. The title of this but you can still be right now summarize but still be an a hole. Are those found out about the male one after arkansas' you don't get a haircut today and got a haircut place about a minute before they opened and the resorted people standing outside the front door waiting to go win it was like a bunch of by parents it was a group's appearance and I got a ton of little kids posted little girls whereas in the barber shops or figure what's. Yeah there was cup. What's weird for me about it yeah and so if you're always just a thing or the parents take their kids for their first haircuts and stuff out that's key you know and their kids are all excited way to go inside the barber shop so I went there he's parking spaces in front of the barber shop. And I noticed the one on the very left end. Has taken up one and vowed. Half the space she and then suggest he got that car parked illegally and then you have to have the space next in the car and then there's other cars parked and X. So I see this you know me I'm like neighborhood watch you drive around the roads of someone's doing something wrong it's my job to let you know you're doing it wrong you wouldn't do it in your Audi that's true you're right I never yes you're that's correct. I hear in your dieters throw away car or your right so I saw that space and I come to line up into it I'd. It is just nice and tight in there and so now I get to play the victim now here's where I get to let that person that car know how they did a wrong. So it was a mom and her daughter. There was no other parking spaces in the sparking tons there were so I'll stick her limo as well it's my job you know everywhere no new. You have serious out. When you were interviewing for this processors for this job but I only it's okay you this job my son who's from up here and beyond trying to proclaim we blessed we as the person I'm going to be the guy who shows people that they don't know exactly OK so I I do well against her car. I'm wedge or not touching it but I'm wedge that I do the major production of trying to open my door and only goes openly two inches of Michael X it's my windows down well there was a new car that was a mom and her little kid. And they were about to join the group at the barbershop owner that's some member who's down and before backing out but from the victim here. I go how typical visits to parts of the local within the legal confines of a parking space you said that I said that out loud. And looked at two girls and she looked to her mom Mike I just ruined the smooth talkers. And I probably didn't know so I took off and then you dead but but I don't I had to let her know and so there you're not yeah. Series here's a day where she proves that she was in the wrong and I was right so she didn't know what to say mom looked at me like you do home. And then she turned were daughter tried to explain what the and they walked up towards the barbershop said he did show that she didn't get her car and corrects her park job so they'll Holtz and those kids and their moms in the barbershop the warm perhaps you couldn't park. No. The law comes I was you don't price how. I still but you're still an yeah. Have to do this I have to ask an important question yes there is when you were saying you way to when you're giving your description of events. It sounded like when you were yelling at the mom they're me you might have started to say a word in there that you couldn't headset on the radio. I used profanity I did not because there are way too I did clarify that I did you sykora there I did not curse I did not cause what I said was exactly what I said to the mob. And so that I pulled out limited production of trying to get in and go out Yassir. But. What exchange oh yes sir do you because I known you for a long time when you do here episodes. As I like to call them don't you snap box on anybody doesn't matter who it is learn. Whiskey in 86 to 24 hour period. You typically. Have a moment of introspection. And you know. Oh man that was not to yeah and I did are you very yet do you realize that there was no. Nobody gains from what you think I did how does your Jane hopefully she learned a lesson clearly none learn a lesson she didn't know the call. She did wanna admit that I was right she was embarrassed she wiped her daughter what can join the other group appearance and daughters debut after right pull out of the lot maybe she got Smart got back in the car and realigned it legally within the parking space therefore not taken up to. But probably not show Yahoo! a little bit. It was a it was a look at the girl's face. And the not to see the other kids and parents and there'll look in the what's going on a kind of ruin the moment for them to me and Stephen must feel so good to have never made a mistake. Are you what I don't make mistakes in public you wanna do I admit it I corrected. Marissa. Nine weeks. Definitely definitely it Jericho. What part. That was one of the options it's either extend rights for any hole I was bullies kind of ball I don't and so you think Steve is easy. No. Pay younger I'm not I don't think he had to do that like now I'm. People park Ing and a spot like that because of their but 208 and ending note someone can park somewhere else. Oh that's not illegal. But you're right Marisa you're right I was rights. But she needed to know she was wrong and she got to correct these behaviors are. I didn't know parents and you see your kid doing something wrong you does blow who argue her parents she's always got a big old. I can't get it. Wrecks your children's behavior I'm legally responsible for Steve you don't see the distinction. You're not responsible for assuring the city and town rural during the planted together you recycle old non. Cardinal are you gonna talk about how this could actually affects you you're. I thought Heidi hello I want to. Sorry. When you are right we sure Susan and John do you give occur. Crap about this CD to you about you how sorry you had to walk to get your hair cut. Because you would why you take about six Norris asked you decided to snap off on a mom and her daughter her truths were insensitivity. It's sloppy overrun in my life now and I was forced to deal with it due to the cormorant. Your insensitivity slumped over on her life well she needed to. Jennifer. Hi. Steve Wright and the whole ball. You re saying you know Jennifer. We heard you correctly on behavior not cold you're doing some room hi you're. They semi trucks are living telling you what that weighty people driving Loretta weighty people park. Everybody about the LEE. Purdue what you did did not. Yeah. You spoke very much a month I that I got to be on the. You have to first base he just was your little girl looking up to you would little dull eyes going. Mentally and detain them Maine's. The man who smoking Marlboro reds like it's his job they're just almost a team tiger quarter panel also bar car every viewer part correctly want to rapid. Why wasn't for the girl I choose is at that luncheon talk to that little girl exploit that. That would out of if you could secure that doesn't. I say look you've made enough mistakes and they aren't just your right super glad you. Your car now rest a little girl who growing your money's an equal cooks she doesn't know how to park she's just so you know. I am taking it upon myself. Self appointed. Best driver in the world of showing her. Sarah is. Am I not help the. Don't eat it currently do not bow and he also enable its. Too you know. The only thing not gone are like. People driving or parking not quite able to make me cheery and had to hit you know cart. I'm sure that I part correctly that so. I know somebody L door that aren't responsible. You rock Sarah. Which everyone was like us are just I just context we got a whole Sarah I gotta get this out there we and it's actually detects it says she parks that way it's actually from a friend of the woman. Her son who is actually in a wheelchair and she needed the extra room to get her son out of the car. So that she definitely didn't know enough meego. You don't know that it did I think you're right I do know is not a huge snap off right away did argue that have handicapped parking up close no it doesn't. I know which party like aura. It. I and I'm just saying. Day. No way you approach as experienced pilot got a quarter mile. Yet your Blu-ray I'm sorry I parked it well. You know we're making the returns are my children were in the car. And they mean and our goalie Oppo. Opera on me in the parking my credit my care I don't care who like. It's be it can't could potentially be the eight year. Working jobs and. You can also really good guys because of the way fun yeah no thank you for the call I just wanna say that slut. I was running the everybody agrees thank you they also agree no. That you and I.