Slacker and Steve - Stories of the Day 2 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th


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Staying on the there's really cool stories out there right now it's. Like black panther needs any more good press him go black pay us. The movie's going to be the biggest blockbuster like marble blockbuster an all time I mean I just joining us our wars who always to do is bow creek and up and so it's irresponsible. I. I don't come all bomb and it never heard this story is just amazing top Michael B Jordan who plays as the villain still monger yeah. A parent leave. Some dentist or somebody put up on Tumblr. One of my patients came in for an emergency visit because she snapped the wire on a retainer watching the movie black panther. He said win Michael B Jordan took his shirt off she clenched her teeth so pressing hard she snapped debts since this is the asking funniest stuff ever to mean this tiny seventeen year old girl is thirstein so. Horror she busted steel stand. Name well apparently Michael B Jordan somber tweets folk get well. Loans. She saw the tweet. The girl so tweet tweet out we did guerrillas need this post is about me. I'm she's embarrassed Michael saw that on and basically. I said all buying. Paul buying her new retainer Omar got hope cool it was a replaces many entertainers or she needs to watch black panther over and over. And just. Do we want a star does something I love. That there's so much right now about stars being lecherous. Yeah womanizing in peace is a great. I see and when somebody does asks. I don't wanna pimp this this cherry thing I don't buy anything from domains all may I have none so I just charity thing where they set of experiences. And ten bucks or fifty bucks on a singing you might get to go. Watch the Super Bowl with Tom Brady's wife OK I've per hour until the stuff yet there was one where you got to go have like I did on one to my wife both you and I did on one that was like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon hanging out at Tom Brady's how's. John Krzyzewski right now and his wife what you become what do you go have dinner and drinks a diamond and go to the red carpet premiere their new horror movie they need to get. Poll tossed I say this I'm. Friday did you win it did for your why aren't out there now I didn't saw when I gave money you know I don't remember what that charity was are also was firm clean water they they choose legit it's all you know so how. Cool is that I really wanna win the giant I don't dot I feel like I can be friends to join presents do I see it totally because he's so cool laid back. He's huge he's a big boy you and I might just shrinking you know your little guy yeah I just fits with the success of hey I gonna bid on match. Until we had to get out there Michael Jordan yet I knew he was a cool dude what are you cooler easy so cool here's a story that I think is gonna make you feel weird. You okay bomb because I know how much you love when you're on the road. Seagate. In conflict you like to be in road rage situations puts his arm right in royals is wrong right so if you happen to be going across Arizona anytime soon. Arm and you get into a confrontation with a semi. The third driver lifts. There you all there during the drier looper is actually doing Nestle a semi or certain color or so driving. Bull bull big rigs while. So apparently if you got a big rig kidneys and go through Arizona you get up to the border. You got to pull over they take jobs and they put on one of these things it made this self driving when takes enter Arizona and the need to pick it up again. On the other side as a CU YU three guys have a problem because we are afoot put up no I don't truck guy he's. There's an over employees sitting there in the truck only so it's male and then for now. What while they make sure there is no bugs that could put that club. Oh yeah. That's. Right water zero. I give myself. Senator session if you flipped off a big rigs are totally drug isolate you pulled a little more a general lord mayor get a little pill and I bet eventually the AI will like don't have artificial intelligence it will recognize hand gesture. Is she is how many lives you lobby need this were a little bit. Break Jack off for patriots and then if somebody does the little hand motion and it's cool off finally I don't know how many of you have been following this story. But there was a dude who got busted yet a bunch of drugs that he swallowed. And he got busted. Foam plates in January. Okay oh this guy look the guy to guy. And it's anytime that happens all the time so we'll still bringing in illness swallow it we and they they take you to you know like we Aleman. And you go to jail and within 24 hours a passive like your recipe for bats whom. This guy arrested on January 17. Following a drug bust. And was refusing to coop I remember he willing to easing d.s here's the deal dude. She's not eating you know she's still eating at first like you saw she was evil about everything now is most leading through sorrow but you what does fire down through all it's come and I'm a regular guys it's common dead end last time I checked I remember it at twenty days and I was like. Okay that's anatomically a positive tennis. How do you know how you ask you have to avoid a eventually you do and he's going now he's on. 47. Men know day USA is where were out on to watch and guess what's going on endorsement before him about. He's still fell well they can be no attrition in the news or three T bit they finally had to know. We have to give him bail it's like these they have no evidence he edited. All right and there are eventually had to say. All right what you're at the scene of the drug racing after. Answer for that but they can't get evidence out of them she's held I'll help his coup I could never ever for be number seven then I. Days and and so they'd put him they'd put a bail on him he went and paid his bail and I imagine viewing somewhere and it just learned. Yeah now it's the truth is more recess I still love 47 hours I can go 47 hours no real high drama and you BR month yeah this. And yet I just thought this I.