Slacker and Steve - Stories of the Day 3/16

Friday, March 16th


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Do you ever so what are you don't. Tomorrow what's tomorrow. I feel like you're the type type of dude needs. Because you're single guy you could go out now and have an insane day tomorrow in seem to borrow one saint patty's day but I feel like. Knowing you as long as ammonia okay you won't be within ten. A thousand miles of a bar you're not doing anything are you cease like your average. Professional drink here's a guy Rodriguez would have pitchers sixty grossly that is you're job to be nowhere near the epicenter American I'm well I'm just you know. Not I. I'm not Irish journal good Marines. I loved to party but that's incidents I don't know what's tomorrow's an agenda so now. I have to go out tomorrow you do you usually you avoid too. It's you know what it's my anniversary. That's why you deeper and you guys picked today that you always remember. I like that title literally we had to take the day because I could only take mutations starting on the eighteenth. That's twice what we got married that's odd Saint Patrick's Day we actually Wear green no you don't soared after the cold I don't know. I mean that's OK excellent I have to go I go down and didn't stick and how much is gonna cost me tomorrow half exactly did you get out especially to get out there and glassware dream to know the -- okay what I let me ask I forgot the tradition of pinching thing tomorrow that means if I'm Irish and I didn't Wear green that I get pinched or even if I'm not ironically routers are you're it's one of those stupid things I was reading some stuff and I don't I have all of us here but it sites. It's a shame flexing could my dude beat just about 80% of the crap we as Americans. Bring into our man unto us a single mile or Mosley cup I am sure you're not he's not exactly. Irish tradition none whatsoever don't Wear green it's not even their color so I go it's just wanted to sleep color isn't a slug right in my early where the other. Or chip not a good point this is a role American made it is not a the holiday just a day does it spends five point nine million dollars and so is really what we spend our hard do you believe my putting nine billion yeah. Our co apparent according to this story it says it's one of the top three drinking days. New Year's Eve Christmas in the fourth of July or the other days yeah. I also invest at a lot of New Year's Eve. I don't either a boy he's a rookie Cattrall third or is it is going out tomorrow. Just please Mickey jab I'm dead sick I think I don't know what DP he's got planned them but there's. Definitely going to be checkpoint just don't be stupid don't go killed. A saint just especially at a manufacturing data zone as stupid so anyway what I what are the most from being young as. I get tense because since I don't know. It's usually depends if you were bred. You only get oh if you didn't know what happens if you wore red I'm good I saw it happen if you were read by a million punched her something eat hardly draw blood on you. There's something bad breaks it would be like you would do it's like the what the rebels would do it's it's it's your way of saying I'm anti same caddies they saw. I'll see you talk to warehouse full on railroad tracks you like. Something bad happens if you Wear red armor windows. Are so if you want a couple of things to do tomorrow apparently McDonald's. Ticks Austin is there shamrock shake out tomorrow as I was who is noted it's just tomorrow. I think it's out this whole season but I Boca. Dunkin' Donuts has immense brownie doughnut who Krispy Kreme have green glazed donuts most dairy queen on a mint Oreo blizzard none of the this matters to all Steve has been talking about since he heard about it tomorrow apparently sonic has just decent corn dog yeah. I doubt that's. Right now or yeah actually has nothing to do and let them on the national corn dog day yup Cianci the more fun and it'll be like. Blue are vibe because he said sonic does a decent car and they're like oh that's a once when they're out of the week so this is not that's special on. All right so there go those are all the cool things you can do tomorrow to have much chips and numbers whose policy guys downtown for my anniversary later on. It's not much fun stuff let's talk about bad stuff. Bond. Apparently. We talked about how loom close killing him Yahoo!. Just found out your deodorant is telling you. Locked. Apparently the chemicals in deodorant and mom are giving people health issues like migraines asthma attacks and skin problems. Was similar deodorant that. Doesn't resent. Says well the hot. It makes Libyans say. Scientists engineers to these chemicals so we are little they do you know the answer a lot of people called in instead what we're talking about aluminum foil thing that aluminum isn't deodorant. Once it's in any burst rate. It is all my news there are just do deodorant and you do yeah. You have to via. No I didn't know yeah. I didn't did Aqua and Terry I do similar vision is that I am a sweater yeah you you've admitted that and that's why I said yeah but I like my wife got this one that I'm afraid to try. I wanna go off on his pretend its somebody just told me it's something it's some medical thing that you put on act night. And like it almost becomes a piece over your arm pits saw awhile and then the next day you just don't sweat. It's like you sweat from bear because what somewhere right. Yeah don't you you have biologically and I'll tell you ask. Pete probably meet my seat have never stand. Mike's Colmes never sweat while so I feel like it's it's a better trained us to just have completely Dana Pitt's. Bench jail. Should somebody's hands who had to pass the guys are so what I'll go problem white and I don't go much. And this is embarrassing. I mean come down with just so afraid type club that's. Holes of can say you yeah settled a similar revenue hole. Cook. The blood sweat hole. That. All have noticed. If you fight so I guess your deodorant is killing you your plastic bottles you're water bottles are showing you both from water apparently 90% of I'm Bob bottles from the big companies I don't wanna say a mall. Have tiny particles of plastic in them. Olmert and Justin Leonard ask your drink bottled water you're drinking a little tiny chunks and will eventually. Could make you sick and potentially kill you OK if it. It's sort of thing he's talking well yeah. I would like. Yeah it. Though and then your commute is doing him. There's senior commute to mess in your head according to a cycle an analyst. On the stressful commute is more toxic to your body even PT EST. Wolf moved to adults who just reverses mocha needs are and then there's another asteroid coming. We were just the same one we just have one up early this is different but but did you. Here's the thing you use different weights and measures like you keep IQ I'm trying to think of an example we have Freescale. Yes like what's your scale for things yes yeah acts. Well they apparently all asteroids are now compared to the size of the Empire State Building that's why I thought it was the same story it's a different understand the giant doomsday asked her act asteroid. And you. And a final agreement we react because it could smash and earth in 2135 so you won't you mean we're good Boca actually last week there yeah. And they have literally no idea scientists have not come up with a plans. On how to socket so this is a global killer disease so the other one. They did say this if it's nationally and it could absolutely wipe out life on earth entire a like a reusing them at the Empire State Building deserve. It is weird sayings and yet to measurement error under other cooler buildings now are some building in Dubai it's like it's we use our group or the Transamerica bonus. Chris armed I would just like to submit as we talked about the last time. If all of the NASA scientist and stuff. To come up with a plan I'm sorry what's in the guys can of the Carrey Steve temporary skipper hasn't Morgan Olelo literally hit him and his coral. A rocket I. Tell me it that seriously wouldn't work being drilled I don't know about it dropped to new. Why wouldn't work right mark one minute I mean we can grant worth it tests those things once from the top marks to supposedly it's. It's always been aim it right it's hassle for the no solution size smaller buildings to being league's top ten hits. It's no longer mobile and I used.