Slacker and Steve - Stories of the Day 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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Steam. Ever since first yup. Happy international women's day oh happy international we'll wait your guys are. Air 120 present that you cannot sign up to have the international where you know what I love what's the I think you've lowered that. IA have lowered Dresser I only know I mean not you do that and it's like my estrogen is actually higher goal. I used to be a corner estrogen oh that's your right it was a court and we'll be sure is small we knew we bumped it up of a few months ago to like 31% 31 were at 31 I didn't so did you dive bomb oh. What taken to spending more time watching soldiers return videos just don't know much else crashed if you prefer and I feel like that's I your I agree disagree with him about. Yeah 6% increase in estrogen levels just followed and so on international women's day. If you're jumping in on this we would logs are due today. We're damned if we do impairment we don't I'm gonna say it will be useful to put together a thing for us it was like members listening to things like I'm offended. We need saying that just so we didn't we can play and when we think something is just has gone too far ridiculously. McDonald's. Tried all I'm staying back and Don steak house allowed preacher are made on all and all digital platforms McDonald's. Turn their am. Upside to celebrate international women's day that's because an am upside down as say W is right terror where today no Steve's. You're an idiot hi Jessica upside down and that is. Is proves half so when they were right side up and shape of an come that you were ever upside down boobs but now that we turn the M two W now there boobs. How does while. I did this happen I want this to not be a real story. I'm begging for this to not be real story but it's a real story did some McDonald's what words would be cool we're gonna do this will slip PM upset WW and then also some of these women are disposed off its arch with this McDonald's chief diversity officer Wendy Lewis. That's a title hunt. Eyes said in celebration of women everywhere and for the first time in our brand's history we flipped our iconic arches for international women's day. In honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurant nice stuff that is awesome. And then. Ian comes deed goes bad news this Twitter troll outside of the room with the cut but I'm it's. You win. The McDonald's salute to women as highly problematic to some followers on Twitter legs. They wanted to see they unintended consequences in this visual. Thus it's with. Are you are asked act and genocide and underwent an antenna and I don't know apparent bad Syria and they turn the Yemen to a W an honor men accused here I guess so I'll. Earlier calling you an idiot because I designed to see a mess with. Now I don't assume that no trouble for that go have a reason it's your boobs look like yeah I'll. Got a bit ugly is rap salsa hi Jacqui all my god I was gonna say it much less offense so you have the other. So hot it really cleaned it up to the poem. Is there any. You've seen this whose genuinely. Offended are these people who are course saying this just full blown Twitter trolls I. I'm serious but at what point can we just not do any thing you care. People try to do something nice they think they're doing the right thing in the museum blasted out of the watermelon. But just don't do a million UX. I have many more days to get listen hey I should not and I. So I just want to go look at it and if you see boobs NN I never I saw what was well look. You know me I look at her boobs and everything I never real memory was saw that so we have this Jain warmest white board in our studio that we bright ideas for the show and everything and whenever Steve gets a marker he draws something that looks like duke I think you're right you have all these little. Drawings he perfected when your child that look like some form of genitalia or something. And the fact you've been able even McDonald's your entire life just like I did. It's just I'm back I'm. I never even realize it in sell on international women's day we'll women's pointed out that yeah. So if they to a McDonald's do they flip them back dubbed our were were they yes are there on the side now okay which side do you just shift the I know whether there could didn't. Look like they actually slipped on but I don't think it's like big mostly just due to did you lead the picture I saw look like one restaurant actually had a it's actually possible is when they mountain secure those things they're pretty much in Aaron would have liked bolts on the bottom of these trivialized by creative to do a lot to flip to yes. So the answer right now is. Just a few C boobs and it. There's not too cute either not if you see it maybe you talk to somebody OK I played entirely a psychologist or. It's. Exorcist. If the thought the other thing I really wanted to get to you is and it. I am spring this on you and I know you're not gonna love it I don't know. There it is that's all I needed was if we're a woman on the phone right now what would you say is. I pretend right now on the phone is a girl named Shirley okay this heat. Yeah I surely. In. What Lowell now I know you. OK any times where anytime you talk to a woman you turn into a different person I do not on the scene got I just yeah I surely there are young you do that I don't you do and she still may be OK and I psychologist. Psychology researchers just found out that men who speaks to women. Like you do like what. Any deeper pitch I just my normal pitch. Listen we're talking now. Before these fugitive hunt drugs already yet you are yeah. We know now because when I. I couldn't deal with sick the entire time united had a showed again why we're talking to some recent call Shirley let's pretend they surely cost just as surely he can you talk like your normal things she's like asked so anyway like I would girl Americana harmony in Arizona and you're like really yeah. Since I don't. Everytime I ST I don't realize they do a real as they do I thought I don't mean a recent study our participants were played recordings of people speaking. Are they were given no other background information about them are women judged the men with a lower pitch voices as more likely to cheat. No no I just go and they say it's more likely to prefer those men for short term rather than long term partners. Here goes his voice low enough. Malone nuts or what it's super early bird with Carnoustie but I don't want it and they're mauled to. That's correct. This suggests that women use something in men's voices to try to assess how likely to cheat they are and as general on trustworthiness. With reality and be able to have you'll be approved pride for family and protective family means to those are the things that but the only other wish I was my. I just thought it was this is right here now. Have two kids. I'm year old eighth asks. Yeah I threw an AF under the command here that will be would come running in and punch me if I did anything else that is oh wait that doesn't. So normally you're. All she thought I'd see what are. Yeah.