Slacker and Steve - Stories of the Day 4/23

Monday, April 23rd


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And you know that today is national take big day I did not national picnic today go when's the last time you've been cut but I. I don't remember the last amateur do you remember us and Unita picnic I think you'll was when I was a kid in my parents and the family get together wants to eat out of school my feeling as a parent because my kids don't picnic. I mean we eat outside the time knows who's sick now have a good going to go bug. The barbecue was people grilling food on a grill all year bagged guy who has to be home considers the distinction in this float as I know areas where you don't have to meet that guy about it case a lot of good skating around someone's backyard with a plate of food my hand and I can evening in socializing guy gears up. I can't remember the last time we intensely packed up food and contain that's the difference right Gary as it is it right everybody asks it makes you come to my house and you're it's kind of a picnic for you because you're not at home right but it's not a picnic because we're not. A picnics only when nobody is a well there you go I know insist the called console but that it's for everyone sits down inputs in brings all there. Cultural mind of a table down on a nasty wooden picnic table at a bar or oral blanket. OK I just threw Boykin over the picnic table owed on the ground. Yeah that's the kind I think obviously the movie picnic where sites. Ashton Kutcher is courting who never though I. See little actress is in the terrible movie he's in and then. They play a blanket down on a mountainside and he has a perfect played a wine grapes and cheese and crackers and they sit there and see each other and that's like a picnic picnic right. And gas okay well somebody in government or somewhere determined that today is national dignity not almost a means we're supposed to go half a technical flaw. Or what we're supposed to do with this information. We have the top ten picnic foods a lot of hard to remember always baked beans at number ten. Always cold pork QBs are remember remember you would see a I can just tell you could I could never eat pork and beans Cole you you know gosh wave that's cool. Brooks five to the point soccer that when I got older they sort of make an umpire Mike what do I can't dual hotter war you got it. So you we don't just in the can't without doing it you gotta put like catch up and brown sugar Estefan and called you don't diesel. Not all add more baked into it but the big chances like spaghetti a water is wrong it is kind of you at all. High number two. These are picnic foods through soured fruits OK remember that it Leo but we've. Noodles new cell processor our buzzer sounds and you know that's right next to a number seven I remember that number six this is the one thing I remembered my parents bringing. To take next week go to land in park Bozo at Wimbledon this in long not. Yeah and we'd bring double legs yes you gotta have dug a hole thank you know my mom never had a thing and I it seems like. This was one of those things where. Do weird thing in your head like some day when when I'm rich I'll have blanked sure the one thing I associated with rich people. Was people who have that Tupperware. Where you could put you just had a little half old bulls seem to put your your demo bigs in there because. Ours for just sitting around saying all the blanks again all is some Saran wrap for the tablets and they're slush all of they're all like this all I had. Three and wrap up my my aunt and uncle who had a lot of money team had a yellow saying and it was like an old boy and you can you still lit up window like. And you just pop the little crisscross topping their devil days for her is there some day and now I probably have enough money to afford one. And I just I never McDonald and just do it from memory they're going if you're not. Like how to make double leg I'm just gonna eat it right there in my kitchen I chips and dip. Is number four. Just remembered or thought it was you sell OK to sell the here's the next three are everything I think of a picnic okay. Number three watermelon. I can't have guys he watermelon which you gotta have one there. Do you do I know I decide what's neat I don't. I don't know I just so pleased to see is an agency does now then you know I just realize that the other day and still seeds are just white seeds I was gonna say is grown up there are black seas are white seed yet the white the white ones were like so we slowly but surely do genetically modified don't really only have the white ones in there while okay oh yeah probably dying from it but probably that's a that's up about fried chicken in numbers if okay no question in so it's a hot chicken it's going to be cold chicken Lori. Well so it depends right so now we are are getting cooler is it a key hot hot cold right so you could have like getting cooler with your would your fried chicken in there guys. I've seen some other stuff. Make your big means it should be warm not and can you weirdo can end and you take that and then you have your other cooler with your potato salads in your double day it's not easy container. And you bring it all need they your blank it out and do your thing okay. Mom but for me. Cold shooting is better than how it's gonna be called chick I'm with you a 100% finally sandwich is number one number one picnic items. You've been inspired by this list we'll discover which seems to like you and you don't like are you gonna picnic later I have not. Mash up big day all this not being. Again in my DNA guided us all god speaking DNA real quick you know woman who's been she's suing ES states. Oh the capacities David Jesse if you're under the age of 800 no don't know David Cassidy is. But he was one of I really didn't know David Cassidy but Shaun Cassidy there was a generation like my older brother although girl's. Had a picture is Shaun Shaun Cassidy was one that was enough in the like the party tool that I yes. Is younger by about three or four years of David capacity and they were they were yes brother type of things he had perfect center hair oh I'll say oh David Cassidy was him volunteers answer is no he was the Partridge Family. Danny gonna do she'd surely you know all the gay guy okay how so he was the lead singer in league it's I was your old one NASA and the right thought he was he was the oldest sibling that's right memory per trojans' next in them the unity that chick. I never so I Schneider Susan she was in LA law she was Syria and I had a mad current when I was young like I always sure I don't mad crush on her hair everybody had a man crush on her category perjury is well anyway this woman has been claiming she's part of the Cassidy family for a year or Syria and they won't acknowledge that they won't. Tester and they won't whenever. So she goes on eBay and buys a bottle of Poland Spring Water. David supposedly drank from during a concert in New Jersey and 2015 yet Powell so she brought it back. Swap it yeah blob yourself. Incentives to one of the 23 near DNA what ever. And they said she's. 99.9. 9999. Sides. 8% chance that they are my father and daughter so David Cassie because he might have had quite a few other kids out there run around. She's she's claiming. Now I mean what are the odds complete. Let's pretend it was a really is water bottle she swapped this water bottle whoever did this water ID is her dad. Yeah it's true I mean this DNA if it's 80% is like I couldn't be too. In my county nine point 9995. Jazz that's a Brit was sad though is is David Cassidy is a state. He really didn't have much money at the hands on her probably night she says she's not in it for the money boat just wants to be in order right or just leave. Closures and yeah ever IRA's and if you pick I'm related to a ten those guys that you don't even know it is and according to this latest report. I don't that's pretty what do you think it's true. I think it might be that the way she went to discuss Smart what she did I know makes me wanna Soro away my water bottle. We're currently offer here.