Slacker and Steve - Stories of the Day 6/18

Monday, June 18th


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I ask you what to world capitals are I've been checking leg updates or early July manually you don't like saw. I don't know I would not care if I was you know do I admire the heck out of them as athletes does death. I'd get that hole to his Barack and a dealers say redeem a soccer is what's up. You watch it. It's but it's 45 minutes straight. And then there's then you can walk around and like make chicken wings make you hunger now that it's not like any other sport there's no. Commercials. Period while they're playing that is pretty courageous story hundreds of watching and then you go do stuff and you come back after halftime and then another forty minutes watching okay because. What I did that give you fused at the end. Because this there's an oil and until well yeah and then you oozes into the refereed just decides it's arbitrary date if you ever know whether it's good news but can leave now and August say okay should do understand why they do that though because like during. This soccer clubs that happened throughout the whole thing or somebody like gasoline brushes your shoulder and it's like a and clearly Clark's new word yet so when that happens legs the rest is kind of keeping track of how long the doom. My all okay. Around and then they don't call timeouts at times obviously you're right does that at the end they go. Yes egg I laid everywhere you meant to happen in this other guy we'd like senate the ball to the penalty in this they sold us let's at five Mormon. It's OK so if I can I timed the slot guy let's leave flop for twenty seconds to why you have got to you know who can't the other and add 28 seconds roughly there's another thing like in their seats I. I didn't I didn't I know more about soccer and I want you do you like if some rest it's its ties and they east AC light. Belgium is doing pretty good inning Mike score soon and won't have to and it's time though I had more time just because they're like this might we might deal break to toxin helps the other to help. Here we just don't like they don't want the games in in the size so they'll all OK okay did you go and try harder discussion discretion that the CI we saw you know non professional soccer like you know kids' soccer you don't want winners you want tigers now wait actually no loses and you don't. Or is that the way is a pro to. I know our pride and we won't know they want that the water where hey this is the champion of the world so when the kids play soccer maybe we should know winners now because and so they're doing the older anyway no. Anyway sorry. I know you could just be masa I don't know the main reason I brought up soccer is soccer caused an earthquake this weekend. Actually but it I mean it registers soccer registered an earthquake this weekend how does that pump house because Mexico. Oca played Germany. Oh they were like good last year Germany one last job we are they were the winners and Germany like Brazil weather is one more moral cuffs and anybody got a pretty big deal. And Germany played Brazil and in the semi finals in Brazil beat him like seven no one was ugly well what one of the most humiliating things I might. My in laws didn't speak to have anyone. For months it was it was best to have mercy rule him are you doing today and concluded there is there no participation trophies that could slow they're zero to zero but anyway. Germany's loss coming in just just smear maxed just like is supposed to be ugly it's like well. Germany team beat Brazil they can be oh my god Mexico's meanwhile there's gonna. And Mexico all these these competitions it's only then surely I don't pass over yet so little Mexico ought to know. Where so she ever and Mexico with so excited. Did you whine at end of the game I lost everybody. Jumped. Oh you're talking literally shook me all this. Activity. Don't like. Additionally people did something I. To see what the reach of the show ends and sang yeah. Let's let senator Dodd and we would do it and we we can't do this to you guys would be almost like somebody wouldn't matter ask what do we ask everybody to flush their toilets at the same time. Rights. It would probably be measured the water that's been the usage at that moment. Ratings system for what we do do you and it's. Arbitrary and weird and whatever and we don't we allowed even say that much about it not even. I think more people listen then we get credit for so I would like to go down to. Like to water street gangs in highlands ranch. Watched their children need fresher now and then go go on the belt are her body islands branch slush right now and see. If we could actually affected change on the flushometer. With the flow Solomon is saying. Well Mexico's soccer team knows they can't so we all like jump there was so. I'm sure I don't can you imagine. Being so powerful storms guys they both soccer players right now are like. Germany was supposed to annihilate us. And not only do we beat them we shook ballpark I think that the literally roads Abreu he's still could. The most awesome things are never bad is I'd like that is so cool so you were true. Highlands ranch place as the flushometer feet you are covered did anybody just. I don't know what he did it would happen is people would be like all I always did what well how about we set up like everybody. Hoops are easy to thirty and then just leave it there until we send us what we 'cause what are you wasting water and just like pulled off. When your one flushed tell deep. Whatever time we enjoy your college Brett. I. The cook a a couple of I'll choose the best day that's a Columbia that's a good enough terrible life is always towards going towards good caucus is there any part of you this sinks. You mean he's got the power to get everybody jumped at the same time though. We begin the slot and a few tests for it but tiger is he would joke no. But would you flush. Well I don't think they're fixed when it comes to those pins. So the work in progress most here's the other thing the McDonald's is doing not this is where. I I Aston. I have Xanadu protests and I don't know what we have to do. I'm willing to be the leader of the movement so the approach that revenue movement hash tag. McDonald's is starting to switch its classic strives to paper sharks let's caucus shows videos about whales flown around only 8000 pounds of plastic just. And they're straws Steve. That would that would total Wales is abroad are. I said you are deceived his plastic that's basically mostly milk jugs right there could be a strong and what I actually read somewhere that plastic straws are the biggest source of plastic garbage in the world while. By what I need I need footnotes where did we get Palin didn't. I took it from. It's so territory happening United Kingdom and Ireland where McDonald's is there no what is switching from. Classic straws to paper sharks were critical path did you ma am I think I was a kid we still were just teasing out those papers know. What was wrong with the paper struck staged what you know me. You can't put. Yeah you should put like I didn't we're trying to lure to or anything your crew. You can never while mentioned you straws anyway but yes you're right what are you gonna do you can't ever I don't order McDonald's no. Good to save a classic straw and you think McDonald's is the last place is gonna do it on one thing so Tony the world all I all care about the world what I care about is bars. It wasn't a star Steve could not OK you always told me that I need to stop drinking booze out of a strong apparently drank it all looks so. War. Please give your drink and Berman did you shouldn't really have a stroke it's just uses speedster is okay but if your drink it like a big tall body tonic it's your own unit who gave her god he's okay. You listen to me he went yeah they like action you know I hey. Good coaches. Who are sick. Our I don't think recovered the wrong things so yeah I said this before and I am not I I think their suit is exceptional no arm I'm talking about what's the name of. They sell bison. While it's ahead as sent Jose used grill earlier Montana Montana grill that they have the paper shocks me that you mean it's the worst thing I've ever like I. And it keeps getting I go to. Yeah put in my water mud. Not supposed to drink water on the glass I just Seattle servers touched a glass is totally your lips to win her happiness is Danielle and I put that's on there and and it's like someone took linked. Like short some like C earns less. And my Tom. Our quick are they the small are the surge is not that is a plus it will be a bigger loss sadder because they know they're gonna start to get soggy nasty new drug smaller. So he's giving me anxiety to think about going in a McDonald's and having knees the whole world is gonna go to this note to say I guess borrowers are gonna be the first ones to besides if you are still it. I was gonna make a threat and I'm gonna drink anymore that's it that's. Your source it was National Geographic but they said. It's not the most of them like the biggest contributor to pollution but it's one of the most dangerous is. Big and little marine animals can you do you are you guys whether trendy or are you willing to put dry wood near mouse as an alternate I hope I mean for the safety of the fish. But that's probably not so. Movies on Santa finally it's the whales are fishermen some thought so too awesome job.