Slacker and Steve - Stories of the Day 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th


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Staying on the day. I don't know why but we have like 47 stories about two to now weird food stuff on the assert here in the pumpkin spice things. Are you in the pumpkins I sang you know I understand it though but I don't seek it how would you like pumpkin pie I do. And that's the only thing you want to be pumped in flavors I don't drink coffee word gets flavored I don't drink a lot of those other things mounting pumpkin spice it has taken over people make pumpkin spice muffins but they're making pumpkin spice pop tarts or break him. But that's not that I did somebody's already late it's a good goalies. It relives this is program people believe. Your dating just decent paying and I just that's my favorite part of yes I want stays like salty pig made you come home. They are making pumpkin spice are rusted slate serial. And they're coming out soon. -- that's cool I Pryor won't her today communal sort of people that are into it you can go for open but isn't pumpkin spice this is -- and I guess I was due to its danger you know make sure the cornucopia. And the whole who's now it's going to be all your round our really needed new pumpkin spice type thing to replace the pumpkin spice things on special anymore conflict it's like McDonald's has their shamrock shake but they only let me come now. Is that during saint Arizona around their Yahoo! in the Kuwait special. Kellogg's BBC letting up and circular there are also died about special case don't come pumpkin spice as well so Kellogg's is committed to digest that. That's got third using actual pumpkins are now they figured out because I'm there's gotta give at some points I think if we don't do spiced everything there's going to be a pumpkin shortage I think you're right. All right so that's food story number one the story number two will frustrate you to das thank. Yes there eating popcorn with chopsticks heard about this I do not this is dumb. Okay what I mean talk first of all the purity popcorn you never put your hand in the bag you pour the popcorn is that we're sharing your. Show. How did my share unsure. The movie series dark we're worried poured onto your shirts but there's Greece already shortened season near noon wholeheartedly that I'll pass it. You really pouring out. Yes it's like you're a bar and they have a bowl of pretzels. I don't put my whole hand in the pretzels and Paloma now I did you hide poor what I want a peanuts you pour many European. What did you or bold no. Well it's community boy yeah you're right it was my bowl but when it's for me in my wise we only are Germany's do you my kids eating popcorn picture tell me I. You are such a German folk hero amber that's our. Is wired arrogance that can be unhealthy is person ever but I never you never that's true hardly ever you because you pour your pop city we thought we. Before your problem. Your popcorn at the content so researchers had 68 people eat popcorn have for sold eat the normal way. One kernel at a time one Euro zone around the normal way I are you a handful and it's well I think that's part. Part of why it's kind of gruff like I that's the one thing about popcorn and I can't say why don't like because nobody eats it. Civilized so they do look good and down and it's it's the do you already know what's classy include so you're allowed to still use your hands. Use chopsticks one at a time yes they found that those who ate with chopsticks enjoyed the popcorn a lot more than the others. It doesn't taste any different it's the same I think it's it's something about they said it's because your paying more attention to it. And as you're paying more attention to it. You get more enjoyment from it it is something that you haven't done before it's something different news so I guess I'd be a little extra and what is joining do you get from have been 67. Kernels in your hand and start. And so our kids to have. And it's just free and outside your head there's no that's annoying is that it gets Griese face here this I think you know what I think now that I'm linked. I think that's why Japanese food they're allowed to charge so much for it. Because there's something about. You get more enjoyment out of it because you're wrestling with a toxic told tiny like when you finally are feeling cooler so I see Richardson like all. I thought because I would shock the academy says it dollars I want everybody to know you would think somebody like Steve who's not a duty to reach 99% of its food out of McCain and yet and boxes and whenever you would think he has no idea how to use chopsticks I didn't so you talk you have become. Like. Wearing the the the downside is is she's so good that it may be strictly keep picks up crap bossa table. Except it'll it'll rock your chopsticks sat on or whatever into the NC fancy Japanese restaurants just he was actually do. A a lot of the old regular blood. Figure I got so close of fully picking up your iphone's six do you want it's I've I tell a dirty you know I knew her legs cut with the only way to accomplish great if you take those things he's just putting your malpractice. All. We're too much here that's what my H ago. Configure both provide so then there's another story that is is like this is all you like you can read about the milk shake odds are a result the price in a world record it's it's a New York's restaurants hundred dollar milk shake in it's it's getting Guinness record. Hundred dollars for a milk shake. I've for so impartial the malts. But milk shakes okay that's a difference it's been put mall to get into the malts or gives that multi flavor also like whopper. Yes yes which you I don't would you like I loved 11 okay so little he makes them. Are you need to be multi I don't know I wish I never at a place I don't remember the last time I was a gun to Judy's and that's about the only place I can think of that I get a Malta and you there's a drive through so more than I think is like good times as malts maybe there are sonic fan me yeah there you go. Yeah I've never been to a sonic. We do are you know I've never been insider where you pull in the drive never meant was I don't like to pull up and have the person come out here especially since they don't even state anymore. But some some sonic soundscape the most underdog out of luck man. Yet we don't sing here you gotta state. If. And it's not roller blades either you got a speech all you know I have some more speed they do all of meals won't get going slowly. Now you're stupid or more you know a girl would hope people are apparently not. A regular states we all know yes this is why I wanted signs OK you don't want sonic no regular stakes don't go there tonight is the perfect anyway inside this con this. Milk shake it's worth a hundred bucks is. Jersey milk sources from channel island calloused. I'm just reading words while it's federal any of this means sounds like Fallujah Tahitian Vanilla ice cream who imported the mill. This next little ingredient I don't know what it is enemies nor gag it's hard for me to say it all DeVon Shire luxury. DeVon Shire luxury clouded cream. A lot of grief as you hate lol I was Claudius draw did create I don't know what I want so. Clotting cream. Clouded it's seen its like 'cause she's it's like James sour cream it's like what we. Oh my god does know this hour what do you normally. Why would you already know this seems shower I'm Jeremiah Mexican dude yeah who speaks our treatment collided. Auditorium anyway it's demonstrators have got to northern town money can go off Madagascar are Vanilla beans usually yes he shouldn't Vanilla ice cream in Madagascar Vanilla -- tweeted 23 chariot edible gold okay good they always do this with the gold yes Sweden who are so successful Shapiro a hundred bucks so you've poop has shined do we can flush the goal Mississippi then what happens to it. I eventually did somebody give enough to believe there's like sewage plant as they're out there. This to me I don't railways or bring her fifty bucks to prepare mentally this is true. We didn't go to that diamond national park and we can just sort of playing up the road. Want to be able limb I don't know shakes here. So this is the only thing I'd be unit donkey carnal SARS featuring donkeys milk. Only get wouldn't need it exactly like real donkey Bono is no I don't okay implant oh and then Venezuelan cocoa. Who is saying Joseph is it's a melting pot it's got to culture. Reverend Ted. Could clog it Kirsch and then looks aren't so gourmet marry issued series which I love knows no you're aficionado knows the words to make the best Manhattan and you don't ever use the red ones they got to be the purple deluxe sorrow heartened yeah. That and finally whipped cream you would you give Deb. Only six whip Cory you brought against Arabs like. I. Problems associated with a related wood grain. But more liquids and a magnet which so much the other stuff. Radio whipped cream on DeVon Shire plotted stuff just shouldn't argue puts bugs. Oh yeah but I already would have music that's out there. 600 bucks we got to slide in New York for that bad but I peerless jitterbug clotting treatment imply they could hit on the flight when he some popcorn jobs and army neither of.