Slacker and Steve - Strangest Thing You’ve Seen 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th


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Selector in Steve's son today. Things are bounty we're big town it. That it's can be so we didn't. Complete this. So strange stuff going on broad street new. Stuff. I can't explain once. Judy and there in northern California late. Spotted bigfoot but okay he didn't hit it right it keeps it means you responded. What in Australia. Yet he's yeah he's very oblique. If it's not yet. Oh what were big for its own young persons who hasn't been it is task much simpler. Burns and all we just we just. That's all native American tribe blew this it's a depends on what language says it says much the unity that we could. He's a local farmer saw the creature. At a pig over its shoulder effect yet did this was a really tall one. Little pig on children's dad moon. Bombs are actually six total apparently opposite there was big daddy in the flat little. Little clubs I guess is though they are recalled baby SaaS clutch baby yet he's. Maybe yet he's a little sass gorgeous but it won't come in but he got me inside don't miss any thank merlot. Yeah yeah. Are they little slower until they become bigfoot. That's the question what it was a group of bigfoot as in the gaggle is in a bronze murder to prior knowledge of the you don't know it's. Her but I heard of yet as they watched I remembered to put her old foot. I use an avocado linked by the way oh per tree in forty countries he said one was string Mittal had a sore shoulder other fine scattered. And one with pig was running so fast he didn't senior nation buys called. Bite and a sounds quash tripped. Wow I still see data hunt. On the kiss stormiest city videos. He went flying over they eat sell over there irrigation tight will it how are very. Seeing the first time a human being made eye contact me with this species is the first time a new species fell in trip to know. Well no why would solve down rank one it is a feed two days in and my target is and you. Tell me. I suffer when it is you know my feet a day you know attempt. Actually your gut kick if you treat it really go to Jack I know whose mood I Wear a size fourteen years you really don't really only need an eight. But it's where all eyes for a rumors he's a Jerusalem looks like the McLaren armed. So according to a self described paranormal expert self described. Oceans apart now you're gonna him at a and then hearted I don't know is my zone. If we're you don't let the word amen do the same thing okay I'm about to be an expert on all things could also proclaimed. So according to a paranormal expert. Who's deciding he's not done in common. There have been three additional bigfoot sightings in the past five years all. In east Fresno county so we think there's. Some sort of heard the heard a colleague someone overheard. A big split that's strange was what tripped and fell on the pig did the break up the pig pig run away when I got to take got away almost 1030 death. Another you know early on what are bigfoot has that same instinct that we do what's up when I trip. Even if I banged up my knee my first instinct is stand to look around machinery Sami Demi suit and then you're like. Holes then you can dig you can realize the pain but tonight what I'll do is Alter ego. Remain okay. So the big I don't know but it doesn't mean. Or. From the arms out those are your door and are wrong subsequent days so I don't know. I as a we're announcing new titles I may bigfoot linguists and Coca result requiring the I think ball we can Mahe oh you militant. Dude that's why not even close to what is what is it what was you're trying to convey their what was can you translate for the rest of us. But but but that's just so that's really strange thing they demanded avocado lake salt that's crazy Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billie Chordiant. Oh he got us that there was a sighting of Billy the Kid but the trip. It's pretty unusual records that. Had to take punishment I could see that went into the Howard Stern Show you go oh. And he said she said let's do is quote let's just say it was with somebody once I saw a transformation. That I can't explain. And he says that person transformed into something other then humane and yes. I saw. When it was a human that transformed itself into a something none musician Chester. I shape shifter you don't watch enough of those kind of shows together are like true blood had a shape shift to the guy can turn into like get Susan ran own. Like that Politico that kind of shakes but it's. But I would try to. You don't know until it's right. I'm wolf. And he comes back is that much more these. You like to do is you know his parents what was the name the bartender in true blood was. In nineteen turn and no I don't wolf a minute becomes are they give me whatever you want me to shift into an animal so it's more like just shifting your shape it's like your whole being your whole ever your makeup they just call it should be an aid why we didn't Wear and hung up on the I don't know. No of the world peace is more than shifting his shape it's like a whole NTT. Is. Do you are your and so can I just be round of global bring fuel pools around for. I don't know that that's and that's I love like that. There really wanna grab a perfectly with the you know I love. So I guess we're getting at HM Zardari will look for people. Who've seen some weird stuff. When did it really does all the techsters are saying stop saying yet but yet he's the bottom bulls Obama Osama snowman I just want you know I was when sessions and on this onion a bigfoot bet lives is this ask watch jeopardy for the losing cold climates that I probably under the same species as she is a cut it actually how you live in Alaska you put on the big coat. Seek exempt into SaaS got a big 'cause if you can't speak the truth comes out and talk and don't think that's. It's. Like that. Yeah except. A Bristol so you Eddie Boca because it's who sings I think I didn't I think I'm gonna say yeah and he just to make people who are texting Matt that's that's a kick things on earth is round sixty Eddie's Broward. They do yet isn't there or equipment that it is like every SaaS which would be so when is this we want it you if you see something really abnormal really weird. It's our team bombed. This there's there's a couple stories we got I don't know where rearm somebody just bought San enhanced and things on the this is one that I really liked as a reminds me a little lost. Guy writes my mom my brother and I are sitting in the living room watching TV out of nowhere this thick black fog about three feet in the air maybe three inches thick. Spreads across the center of the room. We all stared at it and look back and forth between each other confuse. It disappeared maybe twenty seconds later we all sought in knowledge that we saw it. In it was so. It was but three feet off the ground. I feel like that somehow or somewhere where their family totally jumped the shark. What do you mean let's let's show got crappy with the black smoke. Yeah I'm getting got a. Did the plane crash are beginning to almost one downed trees yeah. Pilot out of a plane to cool though he was rationed. It. She does not you are going with that theory if you can pick and certificates. And another person. I was home alone in my house and started bringing. Of the household income I don't know I don't know Aspen where it's weird little side. I answered it was silent on the other and so I disagree they hung up just is I answered so I called the number back. Mobile phone on the other side of the room started ringing who. Why are still don't understand how it happened but it was treaty whatever. It was just getting a call at the same time was it not only did this or six whatever. Call them back into that story it's a little confusing just like order the sizzle couldn number I did I I would recognize my own phone number yup. But if he knew he can make you call. He or she is an alien on the thank you don't think that's strange him you wouldn't freak out birdies as to dump. Right here's the thing Boca I don't three more stories but I'd rather hear the other people so can we please keep going. It. Wasn't so now you're not importing their little guy wasn't till the black smoke yeah. Are you serious. Bit of black smoke cool math secondary pain and two people familiar with it I. So if you've seen some thin. It's not black smoke related. If you've seen he added that she's she's better at it the more times you worked word yet yeah yup the more we're going to be making people angry. We disagree here if you've seen shape shifter so you can go wrong bus ride. There's always look each. We want strangest crap you've seen let's start sweetest candy. Our way you disguised oh it's a strange stuff you've seen. So I live by myself in an apartment and I came home one night probably not going all of them from Adam. I walked into my old going into my room I know lifted the world. With a little open and over the goal late coming from a guy you'll. And I am sure why open that door and ice off. Like in the lead and beating. Well okay not all through my god dad bruiser your stuff. Well I'm a drinker might creating an added aren't we alien beings how do you know wasn't a diet was the gray one of the great Steve it's your gonna be that guy. It would mean I've never seen reported that there anyways emitting light your sank. Cracked it would have been and why do little light coming through I'm comfortable didn't know what an or right it would lead to a Falwell side. And arm. You're the whole ball a little about to try so hard to feed articulate a grave but it would definitely Italy and ultra right shot cool and now. I don't want to range priority thing what's which drew or remove okay themselves and obtaining your age if the. I don't hold small but it fear read and I I don't view. Our range you outrun Powell and the next year I hate. We did and I went down again. And there was nothing Koch. Everything we do how quiet lock step. While Mitt but you saw this feeling creature route through your stuff going through stuff. And that is weird because you saw this alien going through stuff so it couldn't. I thought the shots everywhere from what I couldn't feel like wouldn't theory is a list stuff all over. And all of them it's just act if freaked me out there are no freak me now. So she was ransacking the place but somehow. They it's almost like they had it didn't a DVR to put everything back where they had exactly founded. Everything went perfectly folded back and Michael are. You have that nests like home surveillance that you can you nobody puts it in their bedroom moral. No I I don't have anything like. He I could even react I would slogan for the. Are you one of these people who believes in this stuff or resist them where you like a skeptic Intel and happy meal. I don't believe the net. We'll even though the fact that it happens if you need. Arm. He Michigan the opera and guide to be on but I say I hate. It's been hard to tell anybody because who got to believe me yeah I know what I thought I wasn't drunk. I wasn't high I would. Do we coherent and I know we're right off. I apologize for being home valued well worlds because I know I hear your voice in here armed combat is never go back there you have to move it. Not only what are scenes don't they come match. I don't think they exist OK so I know what when they. There's still no one off being a true. Star. Again. There was a singing and it never looked. It had guys and everything not to did you start it was a great to see try to pull battled it but sadly it did you couldn't from what you could tell just like the big head in gangly arms and. He had extremely large eyes. I'm very very long. I accomplish draw like figure out vigorously theory very long and then. Very slender body no clothing. Awesome running clearly that's us that's compelling thank you for the cost Indy you're now 90. Something that's not how leash. The guy. I strangest thing you've scenes. I thought. I would look at Kirk bring you talked and we locking your door. And the first thing you notice that the cashier and was just staring into space but are looking and nothing. There really think anything I would kept walking we go toward the back of the store. Their Q other coworkers also incompletely belt daring not. I look kind of look at each other and kind of treat gala that. And and then you became line and made it like literally jumped back to life and it ended up being finally looks. And the back like drilling now and eat yet he locked it. Any car wasn't true but you really some arrests about. Cedar and that is going to take us frozen in time or something. Yeah I know music attorney not like nothing like it was dead island and that and that door. And I guess small little like local grip shifter kind of plays and then all of a sudden the music turned on me like snap back to life like nothing happened. They were gonna duels. Do you think it was like a flash mob Danielle you. We've got window I do you have I don't know what I take daddy just. Yeah he was in the Blackstone Group lose his term plans and then I had a uniform I just allows the tell me up and tell yet he's okay and I'm the same as the SaaS go straight there was some reason that's not a yeah yeah Natalie. Rihanna. Guys. Strange things never. Yes so we are campaign arm are hoping Atlanta got there's an actor grant died we are also in Archie birds they're talking about you know it's all and I reached and we look up and their labels. And reflection of exactly was going on the other side of their camper on the other right of the walks it like a movie screen in full color. And everything else happening on the outside Kimberly could not figure out why. Hasn't. Your camper mall became translucent kind of. It would yeah it would your rhetoric like him any like TV screen noted at the top of the camper like in the top corner. I'd like I think wall in the ceiling and screamed he wanted to say we still couldn't they gala happened. Relaxed. I know well at last ended. We're doing a couple of our members are didn't went away Larry really we could install color it was on the opposite side of the law. Want my ass really crazy and many Eddie locked by and. And are still be okay. Cup all of you got a young team effort. Com here's the big we're late. Just isn't quick total side question doesn't have a ton to do with your story temple where do you guys buy here pay you react a kid. As we need is a I kind of makes timberwolves trains and stuff.