Slacker and Steve - Strangest Thing You Ever Got Trick-or-Treating 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st


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Yeah it's time where you have startling Dolan threw bags and bags of candy in trying to figure out CL we'll kind of crap your kids. Am excited for one's overall with a reasonably thing never actually happened. You know comes up every year rigorous as it never happened getting comes up every year so what is to come out every year exactly had to have happened right otherwise why would you bring you the channel has now you know people found now. Mass. Once legit mixing in my with the gum mix and a booming gummy but Wisconsin woman tennis bag crystal meth and your child's Halloween candy. She spend her kids that your country known in Indian reserves. Beyond that you found a small bags filled with metal along with candy she just say where that number. Since the fifth. Of the. The bomb. Yeah she said so nobody they say no nobody's been arrested yet. On men know men need a nominee. And Dan then exactly. Correct that's right it is a nominee was no accident nominee Janet what do Doug Otis out they knew it doesn't mean that's got to be there anyway going. Sorry if you could all of so they sound mess. So not a razor blade yes so it's safer so that's that's a par worm mom goes through kids can do it all just go ahead and you lay this request for the myself. Eisenberg yeah. Mommy demanded the any blood thank goodness that mom went through that I know is what is it to tunnels rocks see them just rocked and I wonder how many kids who just showed in their head. Just just. My kids. Like my son as he is flat. Last year at his school Halloween party or the black party whatever wasn't Foleo throw on harvest festival part of this coat is celebration because with costumes padded with no masks no accessory ocean tsunami you know there's no guns no yeah. Sure are you sure this is over Kirkuk but that's what's the are we off on attended the anyway the GA so much Johnson couldn't that your country. It that night I. I remember rushing home for Halloween a year ago and so much she couldn't you argue more he was like the most eaten some weird it was night and I opened his backpack Dan bloom isn't the the ED nice. Thirty pieces and saying yeah there's a lot so. That's cool they just they're CNB on the look out for obviously the math that happened armed pot Leyland and edible plot. People that they're thinking that and fentanyl. Palestinian tunnel fentanyl is it's used for exile effort get exactly what it is but there are soaking it in two TNT you can beat him. Shot somehow soak it in and why would somebody if I paid all this money for my sentinel there. Why would you give it to kick just think that's funny I don't think it did what would serve or to try to kill K directed but she that you never good to see what you trying to do with the kid you're just doing it anonymously why would you do you have no idea of the center right pot TH C and dissent at all it's it's. Could you can tell the kids right did you Jan. Yeah so that's another thing everybody's got to be if you if you don't throw one search of your kids Cheney certainly makes good luck concerns of all I think securely smell or taste that are known. What does it do it isn't like you don't feel it's amid a similar for you with the use of four but its recent settlements like a horse tranquilizer or whatever nuts can mean. That's my god we call a special case are just going to ask you this what next. Steinbach has its morneau out is that you're so that it seems all right. Just doesn't seem like its recall from you know fix that it seems like it's something you read it just looks try to get high figure I. Let's go horse tranquilizer yup that's dollar given up for Halloween I think you'll read about special event for the you are so fast and I sometimes when I answer really fast about alcohol issues I know there's there's always people waiting to do an intervention on me but that was scary as hell do bass who's. Got. Since the great you know Louis B yes so here are according to read it some of the oh my god no way what lot. It's what we've got to whip we're always talking about the things that bombed people are found in their trick or treating bad. And somebody's. I swear to god this is an urban legends now share is gonna perpetuated for another year of. Jerry. Are you not sign ray lay your makes you not. No I'm originally you're in the know how unique are. Not made the point on the apple and the murder rate the plate and thought well let's we're OK art at a buyout. OK see you next time when you're just saying the origin of it. So that's and ilsley in the seventy's I was an early seventies and I think he amount that's when this religion began and so nobody no. Has ever you've never known somebody who has a at a razor blade in their apple or any of that stuff. What'd he happily my. You idol milk are a racist I don't go to. Reds and jail magaw. Big for the golf they so viewers and our listeners a psych currencies full of information about it whether originally came from now if I know sentinel close. Ellen yeah okay I was. No it's a synthetic narcotics. Like morphine there really super concentrated. In the state from chemicals rather than actual opium. So it's someone that's killing people is when the people are O dean on. If it isn't very very starring kids. Very easily make you stop breathing fists children you just cannot forget yourself deeper. How would we know yeah we had sentinel on our kids' stuff she wouldn't rate. Well I'd lose. They emit certain allowing current split as change. Their label pretty well. Learned he'd if anything it doesn't have a label line and only just finished. Who got past nice. While I wanted to get to his list of triggers treating us. But now that I'm sorry to help quickly. You knew all the other. It's a it's a little girl and I know you.