Slacker and Steve - Strawberry Pizza 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st


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Steve. This is this path set a high end though this is probably one of the saddest things are all act blow it. So there's renewed debate out there where I ask you sound got to you've got time and you wanna jump in on this. Everybody knows that pineapple is a pizza ingredient that is readily available in the United States of America. We can say that it's it's a positive thing or negative thing but it's it's a sing now we've debated the heck out of that and it's it's not going away it's still Hawaii impedes its Canadian bacon or some chains will like hot sauce on it like a bacon with date. I find pork and pineapple together ham or bitter I find it a great combination. And I always say fruit doesn't belong on pizza would you explain tomato attacked Ruiz of fruit which entered into sausages on the yeah see you know I've. Steve is Steve is no longer willing to fight the fire. Cut our defense this fruit pizza guy you know I give read here is the question all of right now and we need you to sound DOS. Dawn is strawberries. Mary's. Alone on pizza. Here's this mean I'm a fan. Of pineapple on pizza I just I went through my and my logic its assaults from the pork shooter mixed in with the sweetness of the pineapple you'll all people should love it. Because they used DM canned pineapple that you. Now what did I went out and a fresh pineapple and I miss teen U would like. As the Jews dissolved like him pineapple drinking juice and just throwing the pineapple problem as I like well let's go to a bar and order a Greyhound to Oman and Mexico for a couple of my guys we see them but I like where I understand your pork to pineapple ratio how one affects the other but then you throw in the pizza sauce and cheese and now to go off no no I was salty I'll makes it more earlier so I do expect now strawberry. What I need to know is who the hell is putting strawberry on pizza and with what if you could convince me it's good. Then I'm Molly and I don't see. Oh no we don't do them then. Wait did you realize next week it's going to be the blueberries in the week after it's just going from one fruit to admit I strawberry has a place and only tell you why you had strawberry. On food. Or procurement shortcake sushi. Yes there's some weather. Drugs there has to be witnessed those other ingredients to the all work together a little bit like tons zoom. No and will you write about your dad this is a thin slices ultra serious crisis strawberry just brings out a list of targets so then I might be down with it. So the the tartan seduce robbery MPs would bring you know pepperoni. Or that's what I needed now. This little steam tunnels yeah Quist what are you put mr. everywhere so I will Google. 12 wanting I mean it's always a sell a friend who worked at a pizza place and I'm never gonna content convince you with this but. He totally turned me onto a cream cheese on people are all yes. Absolutely amazed and still and I got airing T strawberries and cream cheese on pizza. The way to go where would tomato sauce and cheese the eats I know it sounds crazy wow like I've I've had I've had pepperoni and cream cheese before and all it is one of the best pieces I've ever. Sort of like some of them like to restaurants Jews beyond. Cal's owns or whatever and they'll pull out its ricotta and don't ever kind of puts like cream she can't it's like Nat it's fake it's curious so. It's early it's got texture that awesome to see. Oh my god I can't the leader but didn't act. Cream cheese Solomon asked always the best chief factor you put that in your head on her moose. And so then. You would do cream cheese or strawberry. I just just supper leaves you would you cream cheese and pepperoni like on a pizza I would do a little bit of cream cheese yeah. So you just you've been introduced a mobile cream cheese isn't enough for the catalyst to bring those two things together for you is the million dollar question you know what was strawberries and cream now we're in desert mowed our youth for dessert toppings on the pizza yeah IO literally. I just wanted to already known we said this already. But two seconds before we turn the mics items like we're talking about this strawberries and and you and Steve resides. I have to I have to clean up it's like you know what I don't given effort you put on your ass and pizza. Just you know I used to slides are used to always try to stick up for got through a pizza now you'll just do whatever you wanted to I just close our core. What are your dream slide yeah. Yeah if you're literally given the slight accent dude you're too young to do about how happy I want you to try to do this for the I think there are so do you what do they couldn't wouldn't you know just gone regular pizza so strong regular topics and did sit chunks of strawberries. Yeah. Have you seen it just say no doubt try. It's got a real this'll do Sony guy you you accommodations of food like you enhance each other so what would the strawberry what's what are the pizza all say this I thought it sounded great until I saw a picture of it hasn't again and announced a good show on you know when you have like strawberry chunks in yogurt how like this strawberry colored runs out of it. Oh until you get in on the peaceably coexist strawberry and the pizza yeah. I'd almost put it on after I didn't. You guys we went to a restaurant recently. And we ordered be shut coterie whatever this means the plate. And what did you guys see. Let's talk about it there was troops on that plate yeah there was like chicken liver on that layoff there was also he may lose and you start to lose this really weird she's combined with Blake's dig in their combined with that. Late stolen from law. That was great I. Absolutely not sound like listening to ever hurt my life on. We'll know once literally get along great recruiting is she OK slowly it'll ever hurt their personal if it which he didn't. Cooks a pizza at menu would put them on their their insular not so hot I'm lean in that way. You like to like to throw pizza topping you that you guys I'm trying to bat hard boiled eggs actually it's. Unease is actually really gets one of the best since you could ever possibly things in their legs thanks Alan US bureau you just now are. US court you hard boiled eggs and they're just cold and then you like content you take your pizza out you've shoved that on there it's amazing. But we did you trying just try it and then. You might like it. I don't need this to you tried pineapple pizza I have yes and I hated it. But you're right I don't right now though I have I don't where you it's her right now I'm lobbying I know he's a kind of here did you did you like them and put a tiny little did I did. It's huge it's the the Kana. I Sharia pizza don't know now. I changed I do try each and my immediate trial and apple and she switched. And the travel accommodation at their bench are not in high. And YouTube apple and not a cheat. And you know what one of the pizza is little deeds all the times like pair Gordon Zola pero Messinger just right it's a stupid good and again I even moved and how. She Pete's teaching Gordon's she should know yeah it's no good there's auto San. Everybody okay I think what the plan news we are puts his brother and a pizza as soon booze and all too I'll try and we don't like order a pizza tonight or leave your pain blurred. Anyways I can't I don't know we are. Never gonna work ethic to try it tonight report back on our FaceBook page tomorrow.