Slacker and Steve - Stripper For Birthday 1/22

Monday, January 22nd


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And I. Did predict which cited this you're gonna come down on oh OK I thought I think guys go to rob. The mother writes that. If you haven't seen this there's a video going around I want it to be safe and how you say Egypt. Well the review of the data make him memories for his child or parents who spoke what like I'm just there are times when you talk that I adore you took. This is one I can tell. Because your your level of justification. Is like mind boggling it's not like he's changing his Ted did send way. See Rebecca cook but she. For the kid did you want to write more memorable. There's a video again seeing it I think we're poster put the video up on FaceBook. Are you sure. You faced a exceeded this is neat if it. We Grammy winner Graham puts us and we did anything and answer them. But here's an optical. Sensor and taken off the impact and we should just keep that. Your dad snapple and there's a snapping out of there. Does that tell you has been tempted to cut the tigers yeah you should look upper Friendster page it's still do yes that is active back and refresh your page is huge and if your really nice horse woman you are number one friend a MySpace yes. Sell his anyway this millionaire billionaire dude there it is has a son coups. Dude stuff well you know what you're doing why and you're gonna try to make this about class envy and it's not I think rich people should be able to buy stupid crap. Pay taxes on screen it's a couple of don't want to limit for my kid. Sign and the taxes are we all you have to do it dies you don't hit this million people are geared to. Or. He's jitters turning twelve years old. And he. Autumn strippers he did his dad bought his twelve year old son strippers but it makes sense though. Half because he's saying this is like he's he's going from he's going from a boy to a man there's tons of religions that have organize celebrations when a child. Goes from being a child to an adult there female in her. Organize celebrations if they offer up scantily clad. Highly paid hot women. Hey there. And his staff know Hondo. That was the piazza. Where this happened if you go to this I have nobody knows exactly where it's happened burden multiple news agencies around the world say it reportedly in the United States do the safety of their there is no way it's in the United States. No stripper would take her clothes off for the twelve year old. We said this was and safety of their home to dozens of you does a lot of them have really high morals. District nurse stopped let's not do under I dated strippers and they're great just you what they are. Or dare preying on the stupidity of men and go for kids men we don't have to go if you. Talked and you are they actually write all that but these Bruce. He's once it's. Charged them with the lake city. Dared dancing for this team in the millionaire dad do it comes around in the back a couple times and night for German cities you. Now losing now urging it he looks like one of those smarmy dudes with the overly tanned OU think UK did elect slick back hair and the guy. Hey guys it's really weird I I had not seen the video until just Google it and it made me super uncomfortable like birdies. These studies are not any yeah I am an eleven year old and they look there is this a steamy she's not. This isn't it transition in the meantime though she looks like a little boy. Except there are women. All around him taking their clothes off this morning the strippers puts her hands. On top of his hands and puts his hands on top of the other stripper off and of her mommy part slow cut guiding his hands too to. This is a twelve. Year old stopped looking. He swell that he's going to be thinking about this stuff anyways you be pursuing this stuff anyway one I just get out of his system instead of cash. Now resolutions go so much but what does provide a safe and nurturing environment for your twelve year old boy you. Then your own home and inviting dancers professional exotic dancers to his your house. To this and just cannot your system malice is a trip this is like celebrating a transition from childhood to resolve what are my favorite things about what's right. Sometimes when you don't have a leg to stand on you use a lot of superlatives the. A legend yeah completely safe and run. Yeah a good look at the dance tennis. I'm so cool with the she didn't even remember what prowess yeah sued once there's no way even you. It doesn't. It and this is to you noted does it takes you know what happened when I was twelve years old and I found that stack of magazines whoa I was curious. And then I found the magazines and guess what that I wasn't serious. I was hell bent a dying I suddenly my lone focus was to get more at bats to get closer to that. To make. That happening in my life completely you'll just. How kids who. Many like tiny little bits of testosterone and ripping out of whatever partly your actually let me come from everywhere come from what I liked the here's you know it was like. Yeah so testosterone track itself. He thinks about mixed. What do you think you went to school amber Denny what does like what is this war I want more strippers my dad is a millionaire team we do it. More strippers I think he prayed for his dad in the in the exotic dancers that's all we. Generally seen until I think this twelve year old will have a lot more self control we knew I see this kid be loom torture. Maybe like control. Saadat be all Yemeni superlatives. Or harass a fellow at the dude I would do it. I'm the guy who has bought and to the French thing where it's like yes you can make good wine that taboo. You can make alcohol taboo or you could offer my children. I have friends children who are like. Montana more cabernet and we're talking five years old they were saying that if I offer Al cause my children all the time they don't want it. I don't wanna not offer nice dude because it becomes a stigma and I don't wanna do it behind your back all the time absolutely accessing with this this is kid this is where I draw the line I don't think it's the same thing so you'll booze up your kid but you won't. I have like sharks eating it answers come over and do a native Dana this on the streets it's like god an original position and took a this it's their trailer park. And my mom taught me and my step daddy Lil. Susan mobile homes and lives shouldn't get to me yeah it has splitting you to tell me you're quick where you I don't mess. All of my gut and as we get here I am gasoline on the fire. Even when we got to Dubai and the whole Mike arched at this point speculated that. They get about it BP about the possibility of big east in one day expect I didn't know it all that he got to expect we get the right fourteen to 150. Vicki when you see this video there's a point where he's got a assured us and he looks like an eleven year old boy a twelve year old boy. They're dancing around him and he's got like he's doing that. Awkward prom dance we don't know where it had to. Get him from awkward from which was my first into the girl except she. And our top line she started and smoking hot. It's. Ridiculous my but it twelve somebody did that vitamin a straight oh my goodness he's not remotely thinking about India that right now what do you think it a little. Guys his retirement they're rich. So you're forgetting attack comes in the money just money solves everything moves Steve is right.