Slacker and Steve - Stupid Fights 8/17

Friday, August 17th


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Staying on day. We talked about always what we're just really cool prize we talk about first W two tickets to the IEU mom so hard show it's come and appear in September per month theater and we saw they were on nine mused before affect these ladies are nationwide so Christina Hensley and Janice medley. They do that I mom so hard hash tag and it's they got a web series about it we do yet they also wrote a book their travel around doing my standup shows and I heard is a relief even if you're not a monitor right it's just hilarious stuff that goes wanted to show so we wanna send a cup a couple of view. To the Paramount to see this show. Com. Talk about Steve insights you out where everybody knows unless you've been in Iraq a recent sports Franklin died a little period. On apparently. That started a stupid site OK and two dudes in barbershop. Were arguing over whether or not it should be Halle Berry playing Aretha Franklin in in a myopic. Like a young reef we're I mean decide if I don't I I guess I don't I don't I don't know every interest and so. The fight started is just an argument like. Ought to reality prairie dog dog is our big. On. And then it turned physical they started beating each other up. I'll and then one of them got a gun and and shot Lou OK the other guy so how we got the park cemetery by Jennifer Hudson has been tapped to play itself. The queens of old folks show. Well. I'm just saying and. It's not even like you're in Hollywood and Europe the screenwriter. Pete you're a dude in a bar that's stupidest thing that Leach. Why are you. Georgia dog is a retrace a wreath drop while Richard if that's a part of the united. Come easy she Europe. Godmother or it's the Clinton global blade does this matter of time most of her auto. And you. Coble a couple. While just. I think Hudson will do agree yeah I think she'll look great China she belted out. Colosio depart via gunfire during times like yours I feel like we should we say that on the air summer's going to be waiting for a cell I'd Africa. She's doing now listen we don't want all the stories to involve gunplay beneath me it's like between. UN is some random to do if I between junior senior bring it significant other. Anything like that but we duet and ask one more fight than most can. In the season hasn't started yet but apparently 77 year old dude and Alabama named John Lewis Caver. Shot his son in the a shot sign over chicken wings. Watchers say the roll tide nuts. Actually over the it was a good they're working to run low on wings and they both wanted more or so John pulled out a gun and shot his son to make sure she didn't beat the wings that John Moore and that's one with a war of attrition yes that's one earlier. Anybody know. She eats I don't think so there's all gristle and bone anyway did you I mean I. I only likes chicken wings if you could come way beyond what they should be cooked on another chicken I don't. Deficits like this it's all bone and gristle I mean that you've come to my house someone make some chicken do you allow all asked do you go to tilts to bring that to nugget. Now I guess that's right do you make. Hi about dark here this hot. And here's a thing. I don't think I think chilies and so on acts and I don't sonic as I know Chile's does Applebee's maybe chief bar food type place. You can you can serve chicken wings got a better opponent and you say we have boneless chicken wings stopping it you have to call it it's. That's a good thing is not to chicken wings they have Boehner no no it's. And it's you just you may not use compressed some white meat or whatever but this lets you wick and light. Told the wing apart and then fried actors it would look different but you make it might patty shape so I think. I think we should no longer be allowed to call him boneless chicken went so sushi from renewal we JB and were back out there. She is still manipulated the process it's not actually a win. It's not a boneless wing. It's a chip it's that chicken tender. Here's what I wanna called wing Ted there's Bloomberg loads aren't so yeah Jason one they call it a buffalo chicken tender but it's not about knowing it is that. There are. To Chile's between here and my house down unstoppable since you're a good boy your mom walking at. Don't wines. They please speak like that I'm gonna ask him I don't. Act. I want I. You know McKenna might come back and coming democratic Kernen need to pay in cash on the Geico a friend made its. I asked. And then when he walks over the bulls when I'm not a matter and those aren't what it's. Or none it's and then I'll take my wings and get in my truck national figures into the next choice but her Eagle County is supposed to be doing even Europe are now seeing that I'm headed to that one right there on right five and hamburgers. I don't know what I would do with the you know attend shows over route. Packers coming in. So these three I still don't win this is an. I talked to Warner to different types of this with the cops guns or I'll I can see why putt. I. Stones. Are right on the right. It's not a industry experts it's not a winning but when I come over your house can you make now almost double Heidi Mitchell and I don't want all. I know why you're so tell me what you woody because I know we want to buffalo sought to law. You come over anymore it's what is edit yeah this is all atomic bomb hot irons is why wouldn't why don't want you want if you just want chicken. You should get out what it is if I wanted to chase the atomic bomb sauce how does buffalo wing ball is drink this song has not want to eventually gonna have a nice combination of both my other account she didn't meet Indian and look. What's sauce with Al gristle what's awesome mild one. When he beat. I know better. We all konduz central because you don't hear all yeah orange color you want it's a barbecue no because that stuff reminds me of the stuff that my mom used to put on cuts would heroics eyeliner. That's that's what this costs looks like I'm. My job that's what's your views he died died unique but not Hillary go to your rally at six or seven different fights just about chicken links are joining a government tiller and family. With all due respect I think Applebee's is wrong to himself. To be there is none of those swing later I house. But there's a BJ's or whatever the DJ is what they say all right. Due to wait right now you have the lawless ones always Stottlemyre tell. Neighborhoods they can't afford look at Chile's ago with a beat you are just killed. And I don't know Boris Steve only remedy these girls know is are not well do your talking about it Alameda into Tony fast but tactically that's internal. A it was real Illinois we don't want commerce city cast offs and Harbour town just say this commerce city doesn't have the beach it's so you're shaking worst free levels under that. That is Sharaud. Clearly aren't exactly how to. The defense. Sites if you Ben and his stupid fight we moved here a hundred IT Yana. Yeah I think it's stupid sites. You know I am and six so in order like that your old. And I'm like oh you know I wrote in the church and I rubbish you know I bet you pronounce that. 100. Parish. That like the current and I carried the carpet that he or she. Nursed each. I disabled people out of all please. Don't need it's even there. Her family. Or real I'd never heard endlessly. RSE. It's a bit right there's no T sleazy puts a tee opponent. Are you you got to do more sensible. Girl. Wrecked and I. Don't know. All we also she's mad you correct. Today hallway where yeah I use an error and would you like you're gonna look and say just you know like when you hear like to someone you care about mispronouncing the word and you don't see any bank and then they just seen it every time that I. Like all your family is like you buried in any. The bag a really good reflects back I don't know. Stop using they think I'm not down. Like I did hear me I may never know that I know you're doing it wrong so series superior. It's reasonably. We're sucking down carbon monoxide in our house is just him and on the correct him were good for this moment forward. He's getting nowadays he's not seeded Jie. Yes let another airline where he could skeptical all right Ari and started all over again. Arteries it's a variety of business. Social and you're a pretty our goals while yeah you might have to rethink battle thank you CNN. I've only got a dishwasher. I'm like aren't we want everything perfectly solid. The black gold and and I do you know kind of ran Vermont and I got there a dishwasher or grow through. Oh and he over braces for your taste. I'd like you need them critically cleans. Like you know when jamaat you know I don't ever really on the bottom of the dishwasher without the right. I it didn't stop left so what's the point of the dish washer. Yeah but yet this is I gotta fight going in my house not to do so sure it's about a recently it's loaded no sushi eaters a so my dishwasher when about the new one Susan. Arm actually had diagrams of where crowd wind might fall in May in this summer where I think it shows. The sport's going with you you I am the lives of on this overloading you close those in the new almost an individual compartments or 14 quarter when it. And it showed but the force in these ones and NS I saw that and I do it sold. And it's like she doesn't despite me I'll come in open the dishwasher and all the fortune stones are on the nice side to all upside down. There might know the manual and so I was there don't move the mall. And then just like later on and I don't come to like to put the thing in late to start the dishwasher I open it up and Merrill moved back so she is doing. That's why she decides. She wants to prove to me and she's right they'll still come out clean doctors are right in there. I'm doing the manual says. Does the right why does this is doing what are RTS after. But and the effort the only word I can't today at three. And you are over but Leslie. Guys do tonight. You know bit by Ira broke my guy I think you know I was driving I like now apps I need you all about. Or not Roy opt. You thought at the end of the world might that that he was greedy and he would LA and play and getting broken and over a little might actually that. Boy grabs a console is to say now. Not change is always a consult further. It's the adults already quit now lol yeah. No no news is I yeah I told you all did I told you that so you would put swords but it's also liquid. So it's it adds a day there is there's a dang it if I got this great. EUT know. Like I gotta. And I hatred for my come out chicken in the comfort there's none of sauce and you just need a little bit of the soil on the rice. You've just wasted fifty dollars on stuff because your missing. Adopts three patty why did you get the good lazy. And. Yeah it's. I would slot so what are your line.